Monday, December 30, 2013

Nothing says “I’m a loser” more than a neck tattoo

Over-all most people that get tattoos realise they cause offence to certain sectors of society. 

It is bleeding obvious to anyone with half a brain-cell tattoos are synonymous with criminal fraternities, mostly follow trends that render arguments “It’s an individual thing” baseless.   

Cutting to the chase: great leaders and inventors with coverable tattoos are few and far between.  

Most people who opt to get a tattoo are bright enough (room temperature?) to place it in a location on their body that can be hidden from public view as the situation dictates. 

Like say if you had a decent job, have to interact with customers who weren’t part of a sub culture and greater society.    

Following the thread that tattoos are symptomatic of outside trends e.g. some numbskull bass player from their fav band has one, invariably we expect to see sheeple follow what they perceive as fashionable or cool.  

So like day follows night, over just the last decade we now have people – not individuals – adorning themselves with neck tattoos as spotted on a music video, internet, mag etc.   

Until recently neck-tattoos were the defiant F.U badge of street gangs.  

Tragically we now see middle-class kids with them.  

These trend-seekers, attention deficit sufferers think they look cool or tough with their neck tattoos when to the rest of society it yells, via a large megaphone “I’m a loser.”   

Let me prove this brutal statement succinctly. 

Tell me one great person from the 7 billion on this planet that has a fucking neck tattoo?  

Taps fingers on the table await an answer he knows will never come.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nelson Mandela’s legacy means 1 million S.A children now live with HIV/AIDS.

South Africa is riddled with AIDS.  

The term epidemic doesn’t do justice to the scale of HIV infection in South Africa. 

18% of the population is infected, a figure that isn’t falling.    

When apartheid ended and Nelson Mandela and his ANC Party gradually took power in 1990,  AIDS/HIV infection levels were at just 1%.  

When he ceased to be SA’s leader (1994-99) it was 10%. 

No one is prepared, even today; to destroy the image of ‘Saint Mandela’ by pointing-out 500 people died every day of a preventable disease with him ‘at the helm’.  

The first time Mandela even mentioned AIDS publically was in a 1997 speech, given not in Johannesburg - but Switzerland.  

Mandela left office in 1999 and became an AIDS campaigner, swooned over by sycophantic western media who failed to look at his motivations, nor his appalling record in stemming the disease when he was a power broker.    

On World AIDS Day in 2000, Mandela pronounced; "Be faithful to one partner and use a condom... Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS." 

Mandela himself was a serial philander, hardly a poster-boy for chastity. 

One of his own sons, Makgatho, died of the disease – not that Mandela was ever really a real father to him, preferring to up-grade his women like cars. His last wife was 28 years his junior.     

To quote his daughter Dr Makaziwe Mandela “He was an absent dad.”  

It was his son’s death, not those of thousands of other fellow South Africans, that belatedly drove Mandela to tackle AIDS. 

But by then the disease was so endemic his efforts were futile.  

When he has the chance in Government to stem the spread of AIDS in its infancy: Mandela did all but nothing.   

Instead of giving the monstrous disease enveloping his country priority along with building hospitals, schools and roads etc the ‘peace and love’ new leader of a ‘New’ South Africa went out and spent billions on new jet fighters and tanks!  

Budget for up-grading South African military forces in 1998: 38 Billion South African Rand  

Budget for AIDS education: next to Zero.   

AIDS along with crime and poverty has blighted Mandela vision of a new South Africa. 

Mandela’s legacy means 1 million S.A children now live with HIV/AIDS.   

Most of them are black South Africans.     

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela was not a Great Guy

Brazen philander: His first wife Evelyn had to endure him coming home with the office secretary and them both retiring to their marital bedroom to do the business. Abandoned his first wife & four children to marry his mistress.    

Wife Beater: Evelyn Mandela went to the police after being threatened with an axe, but her complaint was withdrawn as the pressure went on her from his activist circles. Not a good look from a lawyer. Evelyn's claims of beatings continued to her dying breath.    

Terrible Father: His words not mine. One of his daughters Makaziwe Mandela wished her father could have been a father to her rather than ‘the country’.   

Terrorist: Attended a training camp in Ethiopia. Was behind bombings against government buildings, homes of government officials and public places like railway stations, banks for which he was convicted and imprisoned. Note: He pleaded guilty at his trial. Included in his death toll were innocent mothers and children.    

Communist: Sort aid from both Russia and China to fund the overthrow of not just the apartheid system but also democracy in South Africa. Was a member of South African Communist Party.  That's him (above) 'front and centre' at a Communist rally in 1990.  

Advocated Social Change via Violence: Founded the militant wing of ANC that rejected political change via peaceful means.   

AIDS: Twiddled his thumbs whilst in power when the number of AIDS/HIV cases went from 1 per cent to 10 per cent. It's now closer to 20. The 'rot set in' when he failed to address the burgeoning infection levels. Mandela only became an anti-AIDS campaigner after his own son died of the disease.  

Idolised Numerous Dictator Despots: Charles Taylor, Arafat, Castro, Charles Taylor, the list of despotic dictators Mugabe Mandela swooned over goes to double figures. He loved Muammar Gaddifi so much he insisted one of his grand-sons was named after him. Only a twisted mind would name their blood line after the orchestrator of the Lockerbie bombing.  



Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Conservative Party in New Zealand is a Christian political front-group

There are six things that the LORD strongly dislikes, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.[Proverbs 6:16–19]

Opening on the front foot here, The Conservative Party are a bunch of religious zealots that haven’t bothered to read-up on the recent failed attempts by similar ‘morally based’ political parties in New Zealand, that have tanked. 

Future New Zealand, Christian Heritage, United New Zealand, United Future, Peoples Front of Judea (just taking the piss), Christian Democrats, Kiwi Party: all toast at the ballot boxes over the last two decades.    

The Conservatives membership base, like their candidate for the Christchurch East by-election (Bi election?) Leighton Baker largely comes from the ashes of these failed parties.  

So who is Leighton Baker, builder by day and moral crusader in his spare time? 

In cases like this Google is a true ‘blessing’.   

This is Mr Baker’s god-bothering rant/submission to Parliament against same-sex marriage.  

Here are Mr Baker’s predicable opinions on Stem Cell, Abortion and Contraception.  

That’s right Mr Baker was then with the Kiwi Party not so long ago.    

So Leighton Baker is a ‘template’ for what a Conservative Party Candidate should be. 

There is only one reason why the Conservative Party exists in the first place.  

His name is Colin Craig and he has a lot of money.   

The Conservatives are the vanity project and the public voice for millionaire Craig.  

Mr Craig believes in compulsory military training, looney chem trail conspiracy, doubling tax on alcohol and modelling his political career on Sarah Palin. 

Oh yeah silly of me to leave out Mr Yahweh from Mr Craig’s eclectic mix.   
Gods book says beating kids is fine: so it's okay by him.  

Craig clearly didn’t earn all his dosh by making stupid decisions.  

He knows to be tainted as a ‘Christian Party’ in New Zealand is the equivalent of endorsing Graham Capill as deputy leader.  

So let me spell this out clearly for the punters, just to piss them off: The Conservative Party in New Zealand is a Christian political front-group.  

So why not be brave, honest enough to say so Mr Craig?     

Which Countries still use the Imperial Unit System in 2013?

Answer: United States of America, Burma and Liberia  

Here's the reason why everyone else uses Metric.

Trivia: N.Z started the Metrication process in 1969 and it was officially completed at the end of 1976.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Despite the list of countries still embracing communism being in single figures there is still a yearning in some quarters for the good old days Maxist-Lennism.   

Socialist paradises like Albania and Romania.  

Leading the charge to rid the planet of the evils of some people making more money than others is none other than Pope Francis.  

I personally don’t give a flying-fuck what a bloke with a chicks name, whose only meaningful ‘job’ is to cover up the global paedophile ring he heads, has to say.  

But the sheeple of the Catholic Church can’t simply dismiss the words of a man they consider Gods emissary on Earth.    

Pope Francis reading more from a page of the ‘Little Red Occupy Book’ as opposed to say ‘Letters to Paul’ wants the “current prevailing economic system” over-hauled. 
What say bludging Churches in New Zealand pay their fair share of tax? 
Orders from Pope Franny need obeying.  

Capitalism is evil.  

Worryingly New Zealand’s own Minister of Finance is a devotee of Pope Francis’s and Bill English has a litter of kids to prove it.  

PS: The ‘good oil’ is this is Pope F’s favourite song.    

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Australian Child Abuse Enquiry quantifies sickening rates of Catholic Church Abuse

Good on the Australian Government undertaking an enquiry into Clerical Abuse on Children in that country. 

The results of this just released are damning for the Catholic Church. 

To quote the report:   

"The levels of abuse in the Catholic Church are strikingly out of proportion with any other church, and that is the reality," 

"a reluctance to acknowledge and accept responsibility for the Catholic Church's institutional failure to respond appropriately to allegations of criminal child abuse". 

"Rather than being instrumental in exposing the issue and the extent of the problem, the Catholic Church in Victoria minimalised and trivialised the problem, contributed to abuse not being disclosed and ensured the community remained uninformed” 

Nothing new here. 

What this ground-breaking report has done, is finally put a figure on the rate of abuse amongst Catholic Clergy versus any other ‘man of the cloth’ (in Australia)  

Using fifty years of stats they concluded…. 

“Catholic clergy in Australia are responsible for six times more child sexual abuse than all the other churches combined”   

Pity they couldn’t recommend the rotten edifice be closed with immediate effect.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Golf is Nature’s way of Saying “It’s Time to Die”

Golf is a game that bores me to tears: ponderously slow and archaic.     

The terms ponderous and archaic are a nice segway into my two main criticisms of the game. 

I am loathed to use the word sport here in the same sentence as golf.   

How can it be a sport when we see morbidly obese golfers puffing away on fags? 

And these are the pros!

No top athletes play golf.  

Just, beer bellied blokes with double-barrelled names dressing like extras in a tacky rap music video.  
If golf is a sport then so is Play Station!   

Golf is not a fucking sport.

Golf is a game for the indolent rich, elderly and physically infirmed to allow them time to compare bank balances, European vehicles and swap stock-market tips.     

Golf is played by those that have lost the will to live and don’t have, never had, enough testosterone pumping through their veins to play a real man’s sport.  

Golf is Nature’s way of Saying “It’s Time to Die”.



Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fat Parents Fat Kids

I have been on a radical get fit program. 

Walking, swimming and weights.

I have lost 4 kilos and plan to lose 3 more.  

One thing is apparent to anyone who goes to a swimming pool… 

Fat parents breed fat kids.   

The offspring of fat parents are virtually all obese, in-line for ill-health.   

According to my failing eyesight there is no such thing as thin parents and fat kids.  

Why are we beating about the fucking bush here peoples? 

If I was to repeatedly inject a substance into my children’s bodies that would reduce their lifespans: I would be arrested and the children taken into care.   

Why do we allow parents who have no respect for their own health to inflict their own detrimental lifestyles on to their children?   

We don’t allow parents to shove a smoke in the gob of their kids, now do we?  

But it’s fine to serve KFC and Maccers to a 3 year old breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

You can feed a baby Coke and nothing will happen. 

In closing remember my mantra… 

Evil Pedo Catholic Priests Exposed Yet Again

Project Spade, began in October 2010 when undercover online officers from Canada made contact with a local sicko who was sharing graphic images of children being sexually abused.  

Fast forward to last week when 348 people were implicated in this global child porn ring. 

Little surprise that front and centre amongst these vile pedos were Catholic Priests.

Eight in total: three from Australia alone.

Incidentally another four pedos caught in this bust were listed as pastors.  

You do the maths, priests are way over represented.  

Time and time again we see Catholic Priests abusing children. 

I suppose it’s a blessing they don’t have children of their own.

Yet again, The Catholic Church and is exposed as being little more than a front for pedophilia.   

Surely there is a case to outright banning priests?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

N.Z Parents are not being told by doctors “Your Kid is a Slob” so not to offend them!

More than 80 per cent of parents with overweight children in New Zealand do not know they are overweight and health professionals hold back from telling them because of the risk of getting parents' backs up, said Rachael Taylor from Otago University's School of Medicine.  

It’s only the parents of the extremely overweight that are being are told if there is a problem.  

All these parents of fatties must be fucking stupid, unfit to have children in the first place, if they can’t even see their own offspring are fat.

My bet is most of these parents are overweight themselves. 

The reason the child is obese in the first place is because the whole family has an unhealthy lifestyle. 

"There is a huge sensitivity this will trigger an epidemic of anorexia, and there is no doubt it is a sensitive issue, but it is much-needed information." say the officials as an excuse for failing to tell parents the bleeding obvious.

Unless the whole country undergoes a famine and KFC and Burger King shut their doors, these kids stand about as much chance of striking first division lotto, than developing anorexia after being told to “eat healthy and exercise more”.  

PC scared Kiwi clinicians found parents responded positively to the use of a traffic-light system, where children were plotted as either green (OK) orange (some issues) or red (definite health issues). 

These parents don’t need a doctor they need an optician!  
Oh yeah, some bathroom scales and an odd mirror around the house would be a fitting prescription.

And the result of this Otago study came to the predictable 'namby pampy' conclusion: the Government should tax fatty foods, labelling etc. 

In other words: the broad brush approach to penalise all New Zealanders for the inability of others to eat well and exercise.   

If Government control is what academics are advocating then a far more effective ‘blunt force’ method is to charge parents of fat children with dereliction.  

In the ‘red’ cases drag parents off to court and give them say six months to get their child into shape or risk losing him or her.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013


More fool those who want to pump carcinogenic chemicals into their system in the name of ‘individual pursuit’ and ‘temporary fashion’.   

The inks used in tattoos contain hazardous substances such as cobalt, benzoapyrene and mercury.  

Two thirds of all tattoo inks, used chiefly in commercial paints, contain these chemicals.  

Small particles called nanoparticles from these chemicals, enter the bloodstream and accumulate in organs such as the spleen and kidneys, reducing their function.  

So tattoos now join obesity, smoking etc as modern lifestyle choices that could potentially cut an individual’s life short.     

People can make their own choices.

Pumping carcinogenic chemicals through your veins to attract fickle and fleeting attention doesn’t seem the brightest thing to do.  


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pacific Islanders in New Zealand eat too much shit and exercise too little.

The official figures released by The N.Z Ministry of Health say: 62% of Adult Pacific Islanders in New Zealand are obese.  

This we all know, but no one dares state ‘the bleeding obvious’ for fear of being labelled a racist.  

Just walk the street and you’ll see Pacific Islanders are ‘huge’!  

You don’t need tape measures and BMI callipers.   

The excuses for this chronic and growing level of obesity amongst the predominately  Samoan, Tongan community, invariably beats around the bush. 

“It’s too easy to buy a pie” 

“It’s a cultural thing to celebrate with food” 

“Traditional foods are full of fat”  

“We don’t understand the language” 

This is all politically correct crap. 

I could go to any school in Otara and ask a class of 5 year olds “Hey, troops which is healthier, an apple of an ice-cream?"    

Are there no mirrors in P.I households?   

This isn’t fucking hard.

Pacific Islanders in New Zealand eat too much shit and exercise too little. 

I’ll say it again since it’s a bloody fact, not the ramblings of Kyle Chapman.  

Pacific Islanders in New Zealand eat too much shit and exercise too little.  

The Ministry of Health stats say it’s a fact, but can’t offer a solution to sorting out the epidemic because they can’t say the bleeding obvious.     

Sure, it is easier for Pacific Islanders to get fat via their genetics, but that’s even more reason they should take care what to eat, more reason to get out to the gym.   

An even greater reason they need to take more care what to feed their children who, shockingly, are 25 per cent obese as well.   

Since all Kiwis contribute to the health system via our taxes – it’s about time we named and shamed the approximately 175,000 Pacific Islanders who are too lazy to take an interest in their own health nor, for a quarter of that grouping, that of their children.    
It’s time we stopped making excuses based on ethnicity.   


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Attention Professor Joel Hayward: Islam is NOT beautiful but outright dangerous in the wrong hands

Christchurch-born, war and strategy Professor Joel Hayward has recently won a bundle in  damages after suing British media company Associated Newspapers, which runs the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday print and online publications. 

"I can only hope that it and other cases like it will result in a more balanced and fair portrayal of Muslims and the beautiful Islamic faith in certain sections of the press in future," he said.  

I have never read or heard Islam being described as ‘beautiful’ by anyone in New Zealand.  

Hayward can live in the cotton-wool led, cloistered community of  academia but out there on the streets of New Zealand we all read the newspapers, scour the internet.

Kiwis see members of ‘the beautiful religion of Islam’ perpetrating crimes against innocents every day of the week.  

Hayward has fuck-all chance of ‘anti-radicalisating’ his fellow Muslims.  

Surely he is bright enough to see that attempts to stop ‘home grown’ Islamic terrorism has failed in every country it has been attempted? 

Including his adopted home: the UAE.  

All you can do is reduce and detect it, never stop it.    

Hayward thinks the media “routinely portray Islam in a highly negative fashion."    

Well how the fuck do you think The Christchurch Press should report The Kenyan Shopping Mall Massacre? 

The Boston Marathon bombs were of course another Western media beat-up.  

Those limbs going left, right and centre the Jewish run Hollywood would like us believe were real and not special effects.  

Similarly, the train bombings in Mumbai that killed over 200 were Hindi propaganda.  

September 11th was a Jewish plot, similar to what detractors of your Holocaust thesis implied , where in a full-circle grand-irony ironically, you tried to apply the rights of an individual to free-speech in your defence.

Grow a fucking brain Professor Joel Hayward : Islam is the most violent doctrine on this planet. 

Islam, the religion you, a Jew, has embraced with zeal, is the leading cause of random terror.  

You may gloat over your win in the British courts, but you’ll never change the minds and hearts of Kiwi kin.  

So make a poem up about that!  

The “certain sections” of the media is actually the mid-set of every Kiwi you pass on the streets of your hometown, encountered in the halls of Canterbury University.   

Journalists report what they see and hear.  

I pity the students that have this turkey.  

Naivety breeds fools like him.  


Monday, October 7, 2013

The Majority of Tattoos produced in New Zealand are Unsafe!

Shit, 50 per cent of the inks supplied by established manufacturers, recently tested by N.Z Ministry of Health, were non-compliant. 

That’s an appalling record.  

That’s an appalling testament to the lack of professionalism, care taken in the N.Z Tattoo industry.   

It’s also an indictment against the recipient of tattoos. Don’t they care that their tattooist is using just printer ink, pumping unsafe levels of toxic metals into their body? Don’t they question, even consider the hygiene standards of their chosen tattooist?  

The Government introduced new standards in 2011 through the Environmental Protection Agency which placed controls on inks and set voluntary guidelines for managing and storing tattoo materials.  

Self-regulation in the N.Z Tattoo Industry is clearly not working – it’s the Wild West.  

And that Ministry of Health study only went to the corner-shop tattooist, didn’t get to the back alley practitioners. 

So it’s self-evident the majority of tattoos produced in New Zealand are unsafe    

Relying on personal responsibility, consumers to police hygiene standards is also not working. 

And you know what? 

Frankly, I don’t give a rats arse. 

If you are stupid enough to get a septic tattoo, don’t care about the ramifications of tattoos on your employment opportunities, dismiss the long-term effects of dodgy ink, pick a provider with unhygienic practices, that can’t spell let alone draw – you deserve what you get.  

The Government can’t protect people from their own stupidity.


Friday, October 4, 2013


When your fifty-something’ wife agrees with your proposition, during a trip to Paris “the local chicks are hot” you know you have the mark of approval. 

It’s not just that women from France look after their diets and exercise patterns in greater numbers than New Zealand women – they dress way better as well.  

What is frightening is the large numbers of obese teenage women in New Zealand.   

They don’t do themselves any favours either by covering themselves in ugly tattoos, dressing at fashion outlets, possessing a wardrobe with at least five pairs of tracksuit bottoms and donning rugby jersey’s for social occasions.        

It’s got so bad around these parts that a young local Christchurch woman, Sarah Greig, didn’t even know she was pregnant until the contractions started!  

Her partner – who was presumably still banging her for 8/9 months, saw her naked on the odd occasion – didn’t know she was up the duff either!  

Greig claims she had no obvious pregnancy symptoms, believed her contractions to be just a bad stomach ache. Leading up-to the birth she had felt more lethargic than normal tired and surprise/surprise, had developed food cravings.  

I may be a wee bit old fashioned here but some of the obvious signs one is pregnant are your period stopping and the ‘bump out front’.  

Short of dressing in a kaftan, retreating to a cave how could you disguise a pregnancy?   

The politically correct media have been all-over this story without actually mentioning the ‘elephant in the room’ (pun intended) nor bothered to include a full photo of Ms Greig.    

At just 22 Sarah Greig must have been really, really fat.       

Popes can cure Parkinson’s

Its official The Vatican, of all places, has made the break-through in finding a cure for the degenerative disease Parkinson’s. 

The cure is simple, forget what doctors have to say, just have the sufferer pray to a nominated Pope e.g. John Paul II and hey-presto all your symptoms will disappear.  

Yep, this is the same John Paul who himself suffered without any miraculous interventions from Parkinson’s. 

The same dottery John Paul whose obvious suffering was kept secret for as long as possible, least it scared the sheeple.   

But wait this ludicrous situation goes way-off the weird scale. 

John Paul II is about to be made a saint based on his purported healing powers of two Parkinson’s sufferers, one a nun, when he himself was powerless to rustle-up any magic to aid his own predicament. 

Catholics in the year 2013 should be embarrassed at this medieval farce.   


Sunday, September 29, 2013

The day has come for the U.S to get its own language.

New Zealand, Australian, Irish, Scottish, and even to add insult to injury English, accents are so unintelligible to Americans that television programmes are being subtitled for the benefit of U.S audiences.

All in misspelt AmericaniSed English! 

What a sad indictment English is being ripped apart by the Discovery Channel and trashy American movies.  

Historically Americans have adopted the Queen’s English and then systematically set about destroying the world’s most popular language by bastardiSing ‘pigeoning’ it into the gutter.  

Even words like ‘centre’ and ‘metre’ adopted from French get fucked-over by Americans.  

Latin words like sulphur cheapened to sulfur.

All the other countries where English is spoken are happy with its phonetic construction – except for the US which thinks it now owns the language and arrogantly dismantling it word by word, gutter Hollywood movie by gutter Hollywood movie.    

Americans are now so far out on a linguistic limb they are unable to even grasp English’s nuances when it comes out of the mouths of another speaker.  

The historic divergence from the root means Americans can’t even understand anyone else with an accent they aren't use to!  

I certainly have no problem hearing what other English-speakers have to say, this is reciprocated in listeners when the words come out of my mouth, spaced vowels and all.  

Television series from the U.S do not have subtitles here in New Zealand.      

If the Queen’s English is increasing now a foreign language to Americans, requires drastic subtitling - why don’t they simply drop-it altogether and create their own language?  
That would do us all a favoUr.  

The U.S can then be stuck with backward Imperial Units and its own pigeon language which no one else cares about, similar to its myopic sporting pursuits.  

If spoken English the rest of the planet uses isn’t good enough for the U.S public to grasp then stop employing it.
Stop dismantling its roots and come up with your own bloody language!  

A hybrid lexicon of gangster, Hispanic, Texting and a sub-branch of bastardiSed English that is  ironically already being spoken on the streets of Crompton this very day.