Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family Planning in New Zealand under attack from Christian Extremists.

“The philosophy of Family Planning is alien to a culture of life.” (Right to Life NZ)

Every day literally hundreds of thousands of New Zealand women take ‘the pill’ for contraception.

In 1995 the percentage of women in this country taking some sort of contraception was put at 75%, males/couples using condoms at 12%.

Few if any adults consider ‘the pill’ to be a form of abortion.

One of the rarest forms of contraceptive methods practiced (4%) happens to be what has been dubbed by its advocates as ‘Natural Contraception.’

Natural Contraception relies on the couples avoiding fertile days of the monthly cycle and the male pulling-out prior to ejaculation.

It was known as ‘The Rhythm Method’ and prescribed for decades by The Catholic Church.

The chances of a female falling pregnant using ‘Natural Contraception’ is about 10% - or one in ten times intercourse takes place – so the jokes about large Catholic families are based-on more than school-yard innuendo.

The chances of one falling pregnant taking ‘the pill’ is about 1 in 200.

Given these stark differences in effectiveness and the relative ease of use, the preferred contraceptive method for Kiwi’s is ‘the pill.’

To the conservative Christian movement in New Zealand all the forms of contraception are evil, products of The Beelzebub Corporation and peddled to 10 year olds in parks by Labour voting lesbians - in particular ‘the pill’ is top of their hate-list.

They consider ‘the pill’ to be what they term ‘a chemical abortion’ and the chief peddlers of this death The New Zealand Family Planning Association, is in their sights.

The Stop New Zealand Family Planning group - a loose collection of anti-abortionists, far right conservatives modeled-on similar and dangerous groups in the U.S, Family First, Catholic Church, religious ‘end of times’ nut-cases with nothing better to do – is out to deny New Zealanders the right to decide their own contraception.

They fervently believe sex is only for procreation between married couples and any other forms of contraception is an abomination in the eyes of their god called Yahweh.

Stop Family Planning want the Government to close down family-planning clinics and for schools to teach teenagers that sex is dirty and can only be practiced by those who have undertaken an ordinated wedding – never, ever between any other form of consenting adults.

Don’t get them going-on on gays, either - they hate homosexuals with a passion - get all giggly at the thought of them burning in hell.

Stop Family Planning wants Kiwi’s to know chemical contraception is a form of child abuse and women should feel guilty using its deadly cocktail to stop eggs ovulating.

The very principal of Family Planning and free access to contraception is in-fact killing the countries future!

Seriously, have any of these guys ever had a root?
What is going-on in the heads of these eccentric loons?

The Sordid Life of ‘The World’s Greatest Atheist’

Yesterdays Christchurch Press ran an article entitled ‘The Greatest Atheist on Earth’ to publicise the impending arrival in town of one: Richard Dawkins – here to promote his latest book ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ - the week after next.

As the world’s greatest-known-living person espousing the virtues of living-a-life without belief in gods and the absurdity & dangers of religion, Dawkins must naturally by right, display in abundance all the attributes attributed to atheists.

That’s to say he’s must be an ungodly low-life in need of saving himself from himself.

One would expect the life of Planet Earths Greatest Atheist to be littered with ribald tales of his personal life, drug abuse, violence, brushes with the law etc.

But instead anyone who knows anything about Dawkins knows he is man of integrity and a powerhouse intellectual.

There is no dirt on Dawkins – no scandal.

In particular there’s nothing in his past to titillate the tabloids and for theists to scorn.

The World’s Greatest Atheist is instead a role model - a man whose intellect and contribution to the betterment of mankind’s knowledge is something to envy & behold.

His work in the field of evolutionary biology & evolutionary psychology makes him a world leader.

Here’s something for you to ponder.......

Over the entire history of mankind - name me one Church leader that has contributed to the knowledge of where we as humans came from & what makes us human - in same manner and with the same veracity as Richard Dawkins?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anti-Semite’s Business Goes Under!

Remember that arrogant Muslim Café owner from Invercargill who this time last year booted-out two Israeli women from his premise, due to their religion/nationality?

Well, the news just-out of Southland is Mustafa Tekinkaya’s café has gone bust.

You bloody beaut!

The doors and closed and the liquidator has been called.

One only hopes he now heads home to Turkey.

Hate mongers like him are not welcome down here.

Bus Company Bows to Theist Threats – Secular New Zealand? Pigs Arse!

The Atheist Bus Campaign in New Zealand has literally ground-to a halt with N.Z Bus Limited backtracking on earlier approval to display the adverts – identical to those used overseas.

This change of mind was brought-about after N.Z Bus received threats to boycott its services and complaints from some of its staff who said they would refuse to drive any bus donning the signs.

The duplicitous N.Z Bus saw no problem running ads for the superstitious, whilst in the next breath refusing those of from the growing numbers of non-superstitious who also happen to occupy seats on its services.

Theists it appears require censorship to defend their position, which weakens generation by generation, rather than open debate on religious role in modern society and the existence of thousands of invisible entities dubbed gods – they claim without a shred of empirical evidence are true.

The weak-minded squawk whenever their own freedoms to practice their chosen superstition are threatened, but see no problem denying others the exact same freedoms they see as sacrosanct.

The moment anyone dares suggesting there is no Yahweh, Zeus, Maui, Shiva, Bacchus etc etc, watching over humanity, creating planets in less than a week, saving people from burning buildings etc they are reduced to attacking the medium – rather than it’s message.

Needless to say The Catholic Church, historic world leaders in repression, bigotry & censorship, has come-out to congratulate N.Z Bus’s actions.

The idea New Zealand is a secular country is a fallacy – a total sham.

New Zealanders should take a look at themselves and the orchestrated suppression of free-thought by groups who bask, fat and bloated, in their ‘tax free status.’

A sad day in our history.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There are some funny bastards!

Pope reminds all heathens ‘Hell Is Real’

Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, the horned-bogey-man reigns, and not merely just a religious symbol designed to galvanise the faithful, the Pope has said. In his puerile address to parish gathering in a northern suburb of Rome, Nazi combatant Benedict XVI said that in the modern world many people, including some believers, had forgotten that if they failed to “admit blame and promise to sin no more”, they risked “eternal damnation — the Inferno”. Hell “really exists and is eternal, even if nobody talks about it much any more”, he said.

The reason why no one talks about a medieval hell any-more is people nowadays can normally read & write and cage-rattling like this doesn’t scare the natives like it did in the hey-days of the 1500’s.

The sad & abhorrent aspects of this doctrine is the practice of using hell, the devil and his minions etc to scare the living-crap out of children in their care.

The Catholic Church exists largely by employing childhood indoctrination, exactly like this.

Psychological threats of this nature, exposed by its leader, on innocent & receptive minds form one of the churches pillars.

So let the children and heathens know regardless of what happens during your life, good and bad, be aware that unless you are a Catholic and atoned for your sins – your punishment is eternal torture.

Fire, disemboweling, ripping of flesh from bones, impalement – every heinous torment is your punishment for not taking ‘the’ church and Popes threats seriously and by the way children “make sure you hand your homework in at the end of class.”

To save Lucifer the trouble I’m planning to be basted in napalm before being cremated.

Nutty Christian Pressure Group wants N.Z Family Planning Closed!

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the western world. By the age of 21 one-in-four Kiwi woman have been pregnant at least once.

The Family Planning Association is the governmental agency that is empowered to educate and give advice on sexual health for all ages. Family Planning is free to access and provides free contraception to those that choose to avail themselves. They also test for STD’s, cervical cancer, AIDS etc.

In short they provide an invaluable & needed service in New Zealand Society.

Ominously there is now a pressure-group, inspired by the literal word of their favourite book, that wants Family Planning closed altogether.

Their name states their explicit mission: STOP FAMILY PLANNING.

In a scene closely reminiscent to Monty Pythons ‘The Meaning of Life’ Stop Family Planning believe the sanctity of human life begins literally “the moment your dad came.”

The spilling of ones seed, Onan style or otherwise, is an abomination in the eyes of their god and New Zealand society must be educated that sex is only for procreation.

Putting rubber things on ones diddle is pissing Yahweh off and must stop!

Sperm and egg-cells are people too and have rights!

Alarmingly their fringe Old Testament views of the way modern-society should treat the sanctity of male ejaculate and females fallopian tubes, managed to attract two hundred supporters, who marched to Parliament Building (Wellington) last week.

Not un-surprisingly Family First members were prominent in their ranks.

One part of me wants to burst in-to laughter at this group’s Victorian antics – but this group is not to be taken lightly.

The death of one sperm is murder and child-abuse!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Deranged Baptist Missionaries charged with Child Kidnapping

“When God calls you to a certain mission and a specific action he’s not going to let it fail,” [father of one of the detained Christian kidnappers, Mel Coulter]

Imagine you come across a child wandering, lost and distraught.

The natural inclination is to protect the safety of that child and then to re-unite him/her with their parents.

That is what I would call a basic human response – one that is innate & contained within the make-ups of all homo-sapiens as part of our common ancestry.

A universal trait we are born with, to protect the young and vulnerable, but one which through indoctrination can be wiped-out and replaced with a more sinister motive.

The American Baptist movement has for a couple of decades become the Christian equivalent of the Taliban. In the Indian province of Tripura their members have supported and funded terrorism. Their rabid members wander the globe, foaming at the mouth and thumping bibles, on a mission from God to convert everyone to their cause – even if it means ripping young children from the arms of their parents. The laws of human-decency mean nothing to them. The end always justifies the means. In the twisted and dangerous minds of these zealots, it is in the child’s interests to be taken from their godless parents and re-educated.

And when I mention abstract terms like ‘mission from god’ this is not just a journalistic liberty on my behalf to make these people look deranged. They do this quite well themselves.

They literally believe god, the big Santa in the sky, tells them telepathically what to do – thus somehow justifying their actions – even when unlawful.

Their latest sickening and disturbing mission on behalf of their god (I’m guessing Yahweh?) is to seize children from their parents in the ravaged countryside of Haiti and take them across the border to the neighbouring Dominican Republic – where they would be put up for adoption to ‘nice white American Christian households.’

Fortunately these child kidnappers underestimated the Haitian authorities who arrested the ten involved in stealing 33 children (aged 2 to 12) at the border.

Freed from her captors one nine-year old girl was crying, and telling authorities that “I am not an orphan. I still have my parents.”

Shortly after that local police said the Dominican orphanage where the children were to end-up charging adoptive parents USD 10,000 a child.

A nice little earner for someone – who I wonder?

The missionaries now face a trial for child-kidnapping and criminal association – the later being an apt description of this literal ‘mission from god.’

These ten missionaries are going to need more than just faith to survive in a Haitian prison and it would be a brave god to enter through its gates.

Friday, February 5, 2010


New Zealand is in 15th place, with a score of 73.4. Iceland is top at 93.5.

Sierra Leone is bottom at 163 with 32.1.

The results are a damning indictment on the locations around the globe which are inhabited largely by those who believe in superstitious intervention.

The naïve people who believe it will be God who will come and save the planet – so who the hell cares if we crap in the local river and decimate the local forestation & wildlife?

The statistics don’t lie – overall compared to heathens religious inhibitors of Planet Earth don’t care about the environment, more-about getting to heaven and appeasing their God than providing a sustainable future for their children.

Christians and Muslims embrace an apocalyptic end for human life anyway and millions of humans dying due to environment catastrophe fits-in exactly with their beliefs.

This ‘End of Days’ is something they embrace, their chance for salvation, as they drive to Church in their Hummers and watch the burn-off from oil-drilling rigs waft into the atmosphere.

Breaking the Yale study down further we see it’s Hindu and Buddhist countries in particular who were the worst offenders in their treatment of the environment.
At the other end of the scale the statistics prove it was mostly the atheistic countries – the ones that embraced science over superstition – that overall came-out as the communities that cared the most about their local environment and the planet as a whole.

The report is a stark reminder that it’s up-to the Atheistic peoples of Earth to lead the battle for environmental survival.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catholic Church rallies against Equality.

The creepy-looking resident Pope (take a look at that photo – it looks like something from a 1920’s German horror film) with the perfect CV for a man running a fascist dictatorship – Hitler Youth Member and Wehrmacht combatant – is wading into the political affairs in The United Kingdom.

In an effort to interfere in the politics of a sovereign nation RATzinger has asked his bishops (think German generals) to start a campaign (‘Battle of Britain’ seems an appropriate title given the subject matter and those involved = forces of light versus the forces of darkness) against forthcoming legislation in the U.K which would mean that all employers have to treat their employees, current & prospective, as equals.

The issue for RATzinger is The U.K Government’s ‘Equality Bill’ has extended the term ‘employers’ to include business’s like Churches.

Not surprisingly The Catholic Church rejects the notion of equality – it goes against everything they stand for.

The Catholic Church still wants to retain the centuries-old right to practice discrimination under the guise of ‘freedom of religion’.

‘Freedom’ to The Catholic Church (Vatican City)Incorporated means the freedom to treat women as second class citizens and little more than breeding-ewes, walking-wombs to inseminate. Homosexuals are nothing but sodomites, who will ultimately burn in hell - but why not make the faggots mortal-lives as close as the imaginary view of hell can be in the mean-time?

This piece of legislation has the potential to paralyse The Catholic Church as it would allow disenfranchised homosexuals and women to litigate via Employment Courts and The Catholic Church already has had it soiled-hands full, paying-out billions in compensation for the physical/sexual/mental abuse it’s employees perpetrated against tens of thousands of innocent children in every-part of the globe. Abuse, The Churches hierarchy and RATzinger personally did their best to cover-up.

Here’s hoping ‘The Equality Bill’ becomes law in The U.K sooner rather than later and that New Zealand has the fortitude to follow-suit with similar legislation that currently allows religious groups to discriminate against individuals based on their sex/sexuality.

Catholic School Headmaster admits Religious Education fails to make better citizens

Many, if not all, parents who send their children to religious schools in New Zealand, do so justifying their positions, outwardly at least, not as being some intergenerational subservience to their own childhood indoctrination with said religion – but that such educational facilities give their children a better ‘grounding’ than their secular counterparts.

In the minds of these parents and advocates, religious doctrine and the Christian principals imparted, at what are little more than tax-payer subsidised private-schools, provides children with a better ‘grounding’.

This presumption is rubbish according to, none other than the head-master of Christchurch’s largest Catholic Boys high-school, St Bedes College.

Its good parenting that counts – schools have little meaningful influence – except for when the student is enrolled and in class or running around its sports-fields.

Asked why a large contingent of current and ‘ex’ pupils of St Bedes were involved in a mass-brawl outside McDonald's in Merivale on Saturday night, one that left one victim in hospital & one facing assault-charges, the rector of St Bedes, Justin Boyle, had this to say in yesterdays’s Christchurch Press newspaper:

"We have got no jurisdiction over what happens outside of class time, but we can have an influence on – and certainly are not shy of speaking to – individuals concerned, or making a general plea to parents or the boys that this type of behaviour is not appropriate,"

"Really, the parent is the first educator ... but we are not going to wipe our hands of it."

Rector Boyle may wish to therefore change his schools web site which blabbers-on about warm & fuzzy things such as:

“we take responsibility for our own development”.

“values and goals from the life and teaching of Jesus”

“ to have respect for God and others”

Had of course it have been mostly current and ex students of St Bedes that had have been involved with pulling an injured family from a burning-car that night, rather than street thuggery involving some 50 teenagers, I’m sure Rector Boyle and Catholics around town would be trumpeting how it was ‘their schooling and faith that made them better citizens.’

But in cases of adverse publicity such as this, we have merely encountered similar public-relations tactics used globally by Catholic institutions in pedophile cover-ups – in other words St Bedes College goes into ‘damage control mode.’

Don’t worry about the innocent victim who was knocked unconscious (not an Old Boy of the school by the way) who is lying in hospital after trying to intervene to save his friend from receiving a prolonged beating.

Rule One: Care about protecting the Churches ‘good name.’

Rule Two: Then just care about protecting the Schools ‘good name’

Rule Three: Never take responsibility – blame someone else (parents in this case)

Tell the Christchurch public 'none of this is down to what we taught them at school' – all those years of the so-called ‘religious education that moulds young men.’ is ineffective.

Above all protect the name of The Catholic Church and the school - even if this is tantamount to admitting St Bedes Colleges so-called ‘special character’ actually counts for jack-shit.

St Bedes religious education was wasted on large tracts of its student population.

Why didn’t Rector Boyle simply not come-out and tell The Press - when the school bell-rings at the end of the day at St Bedes – it’s every man for himself?

Footnote: If memory serves me right Mr Boyle was himself a victim of a random attack a couple of years back – the perpetrators of which, if my recollection is again correct, were never caught. So if Boyle was serious about ‘values’ and ‘respect’ amongst his charges – he now has the grand opportunity to show Christchurch he treats crime such as this seriously. That means suspending the guilty and not merely “speaking to them” and hoping over time the actions of his prodigies will be forgotten.