Thursday, October 23, 2014

Glassons back down to more social media hostage taking

In case you missed it [more below] N.Z chain-fashion shop Hallensteins Glasson’s recently backed-down to pressure, similar to the one exerted when fat arses hit a chair, over a shop-front mannequin that in the opinion of fat people didn’t represent their unhealthy body-shape.  

Put simply: to achieve the build of the teen model they would have to exercise and stop eating KFC for breakfast.  

Being the same build as an N.Z Olympic female runner, triathlete, rower, cyclist etc. is suddenly offensive to this group who consider they are the epitome of ‘Real Kiwi Women’. 

‘Real Women’ are the ones that have their own ‘red-line’ ratio on the BMI scale.     

Well low and behold Glassons gutless backing in to the ‘fat pride’ contingent has seen them now face complaints by animal rights group SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) in N.Z because it features – horror of horrors – a rodeo. 

Yes, this is the same SAFE that is, in their words, affiliated with international animal advocacy organisations PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

That’s the same PETA that is labelled by U.S Counter Terrorism authority as being “# 1 Domestic terrorist group in America.”   

When militant groups hold hostages, the golden rule is to never pay the ransom. 

So when Galssons backed down to one group they were seen as easy prey to push the causes of other radicals, in this case the N.Z affiliate of a group that engages in terrorist activities.  

Next thing the clothing chain will see complaints from the colour blind they can’t see the ‘reds and pastels’ in their spring collection.

The Nepalese community in New Zealand, Kiwi’s over 7 foot who demand want more mannequins to look like them. 

This is what happens when you back down to what is in effect: social media hostage taking. 

Friday, October 17, 2014


This week it became official in New Zealand: being skinny is not considered normal.

Fat-rights campaigners have managed to pull from the shop fronts of one of N.Z’s largest fashion retailers mannequins it considers ‘too skinny’.  

For the record my daughter is the same size as one of the ‘offending’ mannequins.   

She is blessed with good genes – mine- plus exercises about 10 hours a week.  

Now let’s turn this travesty of political correctness around to the point the faux logic eats itself. 

The whimpish Hallenstein Glassons decided to put out obese mannequins in their place, fat being the new normal. 

Would they bow down to pressure from a petition from skinny girls “these body images are unachievable”? 

No fucking way. 

The skinny girl who watches what she eats, gets out and exercises is considered to be abnormal in this country.   
Doing rowing and triathlon, eating health could lead you to being.....OMG.....skinny! 

In what must be the most absurd health advice ever issued being skinny “sends a potentially dangerous message” according to so called experts, who should have their medical licences terminated for being incompetent and deluded.    

The fat bimbo teen already with an arse the size of a Cook Straight Ferry and thighs any All Black would be proud of is considered normal.  

Let’s be open and honest here. 

Being fat is always unhealthy, not being skinny - except in the extreme of cases where there is an eating disorder.   

It is possible for 90 per cent of the population to get down to a normal build for their body shape. 

Sometimes this normal will even be skinny in the eyes of others. 

The pro-obesity group, fellow fat arses behind the petition to get the mannequins pulled should have asked some doctors “What is healthy build”? 

Being skinny like this plastic doll or being fat at the age of 18?”  

The answer is clear to anyone except those that most need this advice – the fat bastards and their advocates!     

Shame on Hallensteins demonising teenagers who are skinny and live active, healthy lives.

I will never shop there again.

                  These skinny chicks really need to put on some weight, they are so unhealthy.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Netball is a fucking stupid game.

This point seems to have escaped netball devotees and officials?  

That’s all 10 of them, the global sporting oddity on par with cheese rolling.    

Netball is a fucking stupid game. 

So the prime reason netball remains a chicks sport isolated primarily to the antipodes is again: it is a fucking stupid game.  

No other sport I can think of ‘super glues’ players to 1/3 of the pitch. 

No other sport I can think of makes it illegal for certain players to score. 

No other sport I can think of makes it illegal to even make a spectacular long-distance scoring attempt.  

No other sport makes it illegal for some players to attack and others to defend. 

No other sport I know of makes you stop the moment you get the ball like you’ve been stunned.  

No other sport I know of lets a play have a free shot, unopposed goal attempt in open play.  

Just how many fucking stupid rules and regulations can you put in to one game?  



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gyms are a largely a waste of time and money.

The reason why people get overweight, unfit is not going to be solved in a gym.   

People don’t need gyms to lose weight or get fit. 

They need motivation. 

Motivation is individual pursuit. 

You can get a small initial boast from outside influences like a mate, doctor’s report but ultimately it boils down to the drive of the individual.    

Exercise makes you fit not flash gyms with rows of expensive machines you are ultimately paying for. 

Even the ones you don’t use!   

Let’s say Person A decided to spend money on a gym membership and a trainer for the first initial 10 attendances. 

Person B decided to invest in a good pair of running shoes, waterproof jacket, a punch-bag and gloves. He also joins a social indoor soccer team.   

Both want to lose weight. 

Let’s also say the gym is 20 minutes away for our guy A.  

Ultimately the winner in the race to lose weight will be the most motivated. 

But B has a huge advantage.  

His training ground is the pavement outside his house, his garage where the punch bag hangs.  

The outdoors is free. 

You are not covering the gym owners rent.   

B also gets to bond with his soccer mates, target the odd 10K run rather than training ostensibly for nothing. 

In the time it takes A to get to/from the gym B can run/walk for 40 minutes. 

Do a 30 minute intense session on the bag, have a shower before A has even swiped his membership card.   

I can hear people say “I need to get away from the distraction at home” 

People like you are doomed to fail. 

Gyms around the globe survive on ‘churn’ like you.    

Being in the outdoors that exists just outside your letterbox, playing in a park, running in a true gymnasium with a wooden floor is always going to beat the static sterile atmosphere of a gym.  

If the weather is adverse use the punch bag in the garage.

Wind-up the stereo with your favourite music not the middle-of-the-road tripe they pipe through gyms.    

Mix it up a bit. 

If you want to use weights buy a cheap set off e.bay.  

On the weekend go for a long walk, run.  

To me gyms are like own a batch/holiday home. 

Ultimately they are expensive for the time you use them, have debatable usefulness, are expensive and commit you to something that one-day you’ll decide isn’t me.  

For 90% of people that join gyms this ‘it isn’t me’ realisation happens within a few months. 

Gyms are for suckers.