Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Less than gentle reminder: Christians, Jews and Muslims all share the same God.

Nothing gets your average garden variety Christian and Muslim’s ‘knickers in a knot’ than kindly reminding devotees they revere the same God.

In-fact the ‘Abrahanic threesome’, comprising Jews, Christians and Muslims, all happen to worship the same supreme-being.

Yes indeed ladies & gentlemen, at the core of all three of these monotheist religions is the same God.

Muslims, Jews and Christians may well give this supreme-being differing names, different interpretations, different off-spring who came to earth, customs etc - but the basis of all three religions is the reverence of the same megalomaniac sky-daddy.

Call him Elohim, All Haqq, Yah, Messiah, Allah, Everlasting Father, Jehovah, Al Basir or any other derivation - make no bones about it – this is the same invisible geezer generically called God and theists of all colours need regular reminding of less than palatable fact.

So when the September 11th hijackers praised God as they crashed their planes causing the deaths of 3,000 innocent victims – the God they exalted is the same one worshipped at your local Baptist or Catholic church.

Bin Laden and The Archbishop of Canterbury adulate the same God.

Glenn Beck and The Taliban exalt the same God.

The Pope and wacko Mullah Omar pray to the same supreme-being.

When you put it in this context it’s easy to see they are all bonkers!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Calling-on all Atheists: Let’s stop the baby slaughter!

Between 10 to 50% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (better known as miscarriages)

God (a,k.a Yahweh and Allah etc) clearly wants these embryos and fetus’s to die.

God therefore arbitrarily slaughters millions of unborn humans every week of the year and does so with some relish.

God is pitiless in his blood lust.

Natural abortions occur at the same rate in the pregnancies of his devout followers and the population of non-believers.

More disturbingly Gods followers see nothing wrong with this mass-murder and still fall to their knees in homage to his megalomania.

I’m calling on all atheists to take a stand against this pathological baby killer by protesting outside your closest church or mosque.

Let’s show these theists we don’t accept their God’s baby-slaughter.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catholic Church harboured Priest at centre of Terrorist Cell

In July of 1973 three car bombs went off in the sleepy Northern Ireland village of Claudy.

The death toll was nine, including children.

Hundreds were injured.

The mastermind of this atrocity was a Northern Ireland Catholic Priest and IRA sympathiser, Fr James Chesney.

In the just released Police ombudsman’s report, 38 years after the terrorist attack, it has been revealed The Catholic Church on both sides of the Irish border knew of Chesney’s murderous role and further-more protected the priest from prosecution.

In damning revelations information has come to light that explosive traces had been found in the boot of Fr Chesney's parish car when he was stopped at an RUC checkpoint in September 1972.

When implicated Chesney gave false testimony to cover-up for himself and his co-conspirators. Similar to cases of pedophilia once ‘the heat went on’ The Catholic Church, under the auspice of it’s then head Cardinal William Conway, conspired to spirit Chesney south to a new position and out of the reaches of the authorities and justice.

The report also reveals that Chesney continued his ‘IRA activities’ in his new diocese - all with full knowledge of those in authority of The Church – who did nothing to stop him or turn him over to Police.

Not unsurprisingly The Irish Catholic Church have long refused, much to the chagrin of victims families, to release its files on their role in harbouring and aiding this terrorist in their midst.

Further proof the Irish Catholic Church knew and abetted in the deaths of eight people and their tacit support of IRA aspirations.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 of the Gayest Photos of sexually-confused old man

This is but one sample from a selection of 15 photos of Bene-dick.
An elderly man clearly confused as to his sexual orientation who has found an outlet to his natural desires (not involving the exchange of bodily fluids) that involves dressing flamboyantly using the wardrobe off ‘Priscilla Queen of The Desert’
The other intimate photos can be found here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The case for Open-Minded Parents

A few years ago one of my daughter’s mates asked if she would accompany her to a ‘Holiday Camp’ over an extended weekend.

This ‘Holiday Camp’ was run by a local church and there would be a modicum of indoctrination occurring in between the outdoor activities.

This was spelt-out on the info sheet my wife and I were handed, along with a form to sign.

The prothletesing we are talking about here was along the lines of happy-clappy dancing and singing praises to a god of which my daughter was totally unfamiliar. Colouring-in pictures of Jesus and listening to Bible stories etc. Strange as it may sound, these are not the sort of everyday activities that go-on in our household.

In short - I had no problem with her attending this Camp and filled-in the section on the parental permission form under ‘religious affiliation’ with ‘not applicable’ and off she went.

As far as I’m aware she enjoyed the experience.

There was certainly no discernable change in her personality on her return, nor did I question her as to the goings-on other than a cursory open-ended “How did it go?”

Now picture this same scenario in a different light.

1.)The parents of a Muslim child are given the same invite
2.)The parents of Christian child are asked to attend an openly atheist camp

What do you think the chances are of their child attending would be?

How do they explain to a twelve year-old the reasons they can’t go is “these are not people we want you to mix with.” and “we are X and they are Y”?

Why didn’t I feel threatened and yet a Muslim and Christian given the same circumstances would?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Does Christianity flourish in America because Americans are simply more ignorant than the average Westerner?

I know this heading will attract vitriol and I’m not posting this to be deliberately inflammatory.

So don’t take it personally.

I live in a small remote country called New Zealand. The standard of living, average incomes etc of the average Kiwi are way less than in The United States.

However what we lack economically when measured against the largest economy in the world we tend to make-up in education, ability to adapt and a high degree of worldliness.

By in large New Zealanders know what’s going-on around the world and try to assist as best we can.

N.Z cares say about disasters happening in remote places.

N.Zers can even place these remote places on a map.

I think we ‘box above our weight.’

Cutting to the chase - in all my considerable travels I have yet to meet a more insular people than your average American (the states I’ve visited include CA, WA, CO, OH, IL, MA, NY, NJ and TX) I can say this hand-on-heart.

In my experience most Americans could not place New Zealand on a map nor for that matter answer a basic general knowledge question like “name a famous Englishman?”

I would more likely have more luck getting an answer to that question from a person from China or Brazil than I would a so-called educated American.

Americans only care about America and their own little myopic world.

The result from the Eastern Conference game would mean more to the average ‘Joe-Bloggs’ than the current humanitarian disaster in Pakistan.

This “don’t ask questions” and “never get outside the square” environment is the breeding ground and bedrock of all religions.

Religions flourish in countries where ignorance is endemic, the peoples never get to meet anyone else and see other perspectives on life.

This explains why America is still so into God, when in other comparable countries the populations are leaving churches in droves.

I rest my case with these two 'classic' videos - which never fail to amuse me:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christchurch Church Charity bans Atheists!

Struggling to keep-up with demand from Christchurch’s poor to deliver food parcels, Kerry Bensemann’s (above) quasi-church charity ‘0800 Hungry’ has appealed to fellow Christians to assist the group.

These appeals to local Christians to become volunteers have largely fallen on deaf-ears and Bensemann is appalled at this apathy.

So without prompting sympathetic ‘non-Christians’ have stepped into the breech and said “Kerry we’ll help you sort out the food parcels and deliver them and we don't need God to talk us into it, like you."

But the pig-headed Bensemann is openly refusing to accept any volunteer who will not adhere to his dogma stating “I know it sounds really, really stupid, but you’ve got to understand how we’re set up.”
'Set-up' means the voices Bensemanns head commanding him to do Gods bidding's, in much the same way David Berkowitz heard his neighbours Labrador command him to go on a killing spree.

This stunning-refusal by the 0800 Hungry to accept help from the non-religious, was exposed in last Saturdays ‘Press’ newspaper & will in-effect all-but signal the end of Bensemann’s charity in its current form.

Naively Bensemann’s stand to prevent non-Christian participation, has signaled the beginning of the end of the charity.

He and his team have seemingly forgotten that 0800 Hungry relies on donations from the entire community.

The public can now see that 0800 Hungry is little more than a front for Bensemann’s church to recruit membership, from both with-in his circle of volunteers who arrive from other churches and the recipients of his charity.

The reason why other churches have largely ignored his appeals to help is they see 0800 Hungry as a rival & for good reason.

Atheists and non-Christians now see 0800 Hungry as a bunch of born-again bigots more interested in self-serving recruitment than genuine assistance to the needy.

More-ever Atheists as a group are incapable of charity according to those behind 0800 Hungry who are in regular contact & first-name basis with God.

In this piece of vitriol quoted in the paper Bensemann sums ups his group low opinion of Atheists using this analogy “It’s like sending someone who plays ping-pong out to play for The All Blacks.”

The losers will be the poor.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Afghanistan is fucked-up and always will be.

Last night New Zealand lost its first Serviceman in Afghanistan.

This is a sad day for all New Zealanders, and my heart goes out to the family.

Our countries role in Afghanistan is largely confined to reconstruction work – building roads, bridges and schools etc all of which comes at a cost to the New Zealand tax-payer.

Humanitarian assistance supplied to a country that lacks a shred of humanity.

Similar to every brave soldier who has been killed in this despotic, shit-hole of a country – the death of Lieutenant Timothy Andrew O'Donnell was a needless loss.

That’s him pictured above, the photo was taken-on the day he was decorated for bravery in Timor.

History tells us Afghanistan is an inherently corrupt. fickle and dangerous country.

It always has been and always will be, with or without overseas troops.

Afghanis live largely a patriarchal & superstitious existence - conditions that more resemble medieval times than a modern society you and I would recognise. One village hates the next village in the next valley, xenophobic tribes hate anyone who doesn’t share their gene pool, and to this heady-mix of hostile benevolence – you add the war-like, sexist teachings of Mohammad.

The way Afghan society is set-up perpetuates this system and a change of government here and there changes nothing at ground-level.

New Zealand has learnt, in the harshest fashion, the endemic problem of operating in Afghanistan.

Finish building a hospital in a township one day, and then have the recipients of this charity try-to-blow your brains-out the next.

Basically Afghanistan is a basket-case.

It can only change when its people show a will to do so, and to this date there has been scant indication this will happen in your or my life-times.

The best thing our respective Governments can do is contaminate Afghanistan’s borders with nuclear waste and prevent anyone entering or leaving the place on foot.

Patrol its mountainous borders at arms-length with a massive fleet of airborne drones with specific instructions to ‘shoot to destroy’ anything that moves.

Afghanistan is fucked-up because the people who live there are fucked-up.

Monday, August 2, 2010

10 Reasons Why Ghosts Don’t Exist.

Only the gullible and those that have mandates to substantiate the after-life believe in ghosts and the paranormal.

Ghosts are simply wishful thinking and a convenient excuse for explaining ‘what goes bump in the night.’

Proving ghosts are a man-made psychosis is in-fact very simple.

1.) Ghosts come in one form – that just happens to be human - which is conveniently what we bipedal-chimps want to see, and not say a dead cow hovering at the end of ones bed. Have you ever heard of the legend of oceans being haunted by ghostly plankton?

2.) Ghosts just happen to be nocturnal, preferring night-time to ‘do their thing’. So when you die you suddenly become adverse to daylight – right?

3.) Like the popular bug-eyed Aliens, modern ghosts are all stereotypical, with the same looks and characteristics. The standard ghost or spectre in China is that of a Chinaman. The standard ghost in an Inuit community resembles the locals and not a six foot six black-man.

4.) Purportedly ghosts have the ‘magical’ capabilities to travel through walls, levitate etc. Powers they didn’t have when they were alive. They move objects all the time – but never get behind the wheels of a car and drive, type a letter on a computer or light-up a Bensons and Hedges. When it comes to interacting with humans all ghosts want to do is scare the shit out of the living in the dead of night or flash their tits at us in photos. Aimless activity, no-one has been able to detect with any surety.

5.) Ghosts are allergic to large crowds. ‘The Ghost of Super Bowl’ or ‘The Ghost of F.A Cup’ – I don’t think so.

6.) Ghosts love hotels and pubs. When you die you head immediately to ‘your local’ for a pint. How else could you explain the disproportionately high number of pubs that are haunted? And it’s always old pubs that act as magnets to the living dead, rather than a Five Star Hilton.

7.) If you can walk through walls why don’t you simply drop through the floor as well?

8.) Why aren’t all ghosts totally naked?

9.) Seeing that potentially we living-humans share the planet with 60 billion spirits, comprising all of humanities dead – where do these hordes of living-dead spend their time? I mean where do they live? Caves? The bottom of the ocean? The stratosphere? Six to a house?

10.) Last but not least – there is not a shred of evidence.