Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bodybuilders are killing themselves to look good in a mirror + Is your Personal Trainer Killing you?

It’s been widely known for decades, if not centuries Inuit Indians don’t tend to live long lives due to their restrictive food sources, the same with the Massai on the African plains. Too much meat is bad for one’s health, produces higher rates of cancers as well.

Little surprise therefore in the results of adopting a high protein diet from studies undertaken by University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre and University of Southern California.  

People on high-protein diets are likely to lose years of life along with the weight they shed, according to these two recent studies. 

The results of adopting a high-protein bodybuilding diet should send shivers down the spines of the personal training fraternity, gym bunnies.    

Those who consume just 20 per cent of their calories from protein were four times more likely to die of cancer or diabetes than other people. 

The risk of cancer adopting a high protein diet is as much as smoking 20 cigarettes a day!  

Surprise, surprise a balanced diet is a key to a long life. 

The bodybuilding, gym industry is massive and pervasive proponents of consuming excess protein – all because there’s a buck in it.  

They point to the market muscles as a positive sign of a person being healthy gulping down protein shakes when the ripped magazine model is just as liable to develop cancer as a result of their unbalanced diet as a person smoking a packet a day.     

Shamefully they are not telling consumers the detrimental effects of undertaking a bodybuilders diet e.g. increased risk of diabetes.      

Personal Trainers concept 'looking better, weighing less' with high protein diets is the key to good health has been shown not only to be a profit driven sham but dangerous advice.

Any gym that cared about their clients should strip the shelves of protein powders and encourage customers to eat more fruit and vegetables.   

Mums, middle-aged office workers etc wanting an extra push in an attempt to lose weight should avoid personal trainers who have bulked-up on protein, since clearly they have no interest in their own health, so why should they care about yours?  

Na├»ve eve fools that uses a personal trainer that is involved in bodybuilding events in the deluded belief they are fit when they are just the opposite may as well employ one that smokes for what it’s worth.  
Besides most bodybuilders are gay men and I wouldn't want one getting too close to me if I could avoid it.    

So gyms that employ bodybuilders as personal trainers, push sales of protein should be shunned since medical research says  they haven't a fucking clue what they are doing when it comes to people’s health.  
For someone to undertake a hard-core bodybuilding diet with the full knowledge they are harming themselves best exemplifies the narcissistic nature of bodybuilding. 

Systematically killing yourself to look good in a mirror, appeal to gay men is outright disturbing.   

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stop helping Pacific Islanders get even fatter and smoke themselves to death

I am sorry - poor people aren’t obese and they certainly can’t afford smokes.  

Let me re-phrase that statement to emphasis my following points. 

Truly poor people, like those up in Polynesia, shouldn’t be the fattest people on the planet, with an unhealthy perchance for smoking and still receive aid.     

Truly poor people in need of aid from countries like New Zealand don’t, for example, run symposiums focusing on the evils of soft-drink (google: Fizz, Auckland)   
Around 70 per cent of Western Samoans are obese. 

65 per cent of Tonga is obese. 

In basic terms you get fat by lack of exercise and eating/drinking too much.   

New Zealand gives both Samoa and Tonga close to NZD 20 million a year.  

Without this overseas aid all the countries of Polynesia would collapse.  

For example 40% of Samoa’s revenue comes from overseas donors.       

Governments like New Zealand like to point to tourism, education, infra-structure projects up in the islands being the core recipients of taxpayers money.   

What is conveniently left out of any sanitised Government report on aid are the crippling costs to the island economies having the fattest people, on the planet.

And stop blaming genetics.

Genetics doesn’t force a person to drink shitty soft drinks, eat canned corn beef in favour of more healthy traditional foods.  

Genetics doesn’t make you buy Pall Mall ciggies.    

Compare photos of Samoans, Fijians in the 1800’s with today.  

Since between 10 to 15 per cent (figures I found varied) of the Samoan population have  developed diabetes, these treatment costs alone are the largest part of Samoa’s health budget.   

Then add to this burden heart-attacks, strokes etc.   

Staggeringly only 16% of the Fijian population is aged more than 55 years due to premature preventable deaths.   

62% of Tongan men smoke. 

So much for Tonga ‘needing’ New Zealanders help. 

What for? 

A free carton of Bensons and Hedges for every family?    

And if you are buying smokes it’s way better to grab them off the shelves in say Tonga and Samoa where they are half the price as N.Z because they both don't impose taxes at a level anywhere near  necessary to cover the adverse health effects. 

The Island governments know ‘muggins’ New Zealand will cover the shortfall in cigarette taxes when the smokers end up in their hospital beds.

Being overweight and smoking is a death wish.    

What’s necessary is for New Zealand and other benefactors to employ some ‘tough love’ when it comes to aid in the islands.
Give their respective Governments targets to address obesity, bad health decisions or lose funding.