Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kiwi Atheists are far too nice.

For the benefit of overseas readers, and to bring some context to this article, this is one of the highly visible ‘Yeah Right’ billboards/signs, marketed by DB Breweries here in New Zealand:

This is the controversial one currently residing outside a Tauranga church:

This is mine:

Now as far as I’m aware there has never been a deliberate piece of vandalism in New Zealand by atheists targeting ‘you are going to burn in hell’ signs like this - or for that matter any religious signage.

Christian Churches such as ‘Bethlehem Community’ tend to forget, that Atheists by their very nature, don’t believe in their megalomaniacal and cruel god called Yahweh.

So local non-believers are hardly going to fall to their knees with fear, at the altar of this, or any church, when confronted with thinly veiled threats of Yahweh’s wrath.

Frankly most Kiwi atheists don’t give a fuck about church signs and ignore simply them.

What up-sets Kiwi atheists, myself included, is when ‘we’ unify as a group and want to place our own signs on public display, we face overwhelming objections to our right to free-speech – by the very group that trumpets their own supreme right to do so – even when it breaks copyright laws.

Christians see it as their right to say what-ever they like, hate minority groups via law exemptions etc but when they feel threatened they get cry-baby-like and gnash-teeth when presented with a counter arguments.

Christians in New Zealand then do what all religious groups do when threatened – they attack!

Christians even attack other Christian messages, as we saw occur in Auckland at Christmas, again over church signage.

Christians threatened those that would air the atheist signs – which just happen to be the local bus companies – forcing them to back down from their commitment to display the same signs that were run overseas.

So here we have Reverend Jim Wallace from Bethlehem Community Church now accusing DB Breweries of being “bullies” when they asked for the sign to be changed due to breech of copyright.

On the Radio Live interview this morning Reverend Wallace used the term “bully” no less than three times in two minutes and ironically drew-comparisions with the atheist bus campaign - which never got off the ground.

Well Reverend Wallace here’s a message for you.

Were the atheists of New Zealand to act in the same dogmatic, angry way the followers of your god behave – then your juvenile sign would have been ripped-down long ago.

You need to thank your vicious and cruel god, that thankfully Kiwi Atheists are more civilized and nicer people than his followers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Power to the Mighty Dollar: Leo Schreven hits our shores with tales of impending doom.

In his overseas publicity, amongst some of the numerous titles employed, Leo Schreven likes to be known as ‘The Energiser Bunny’ and ‘Master Zenith Trainer.’

Don’t ask me what a ‘Master Zenith Trainer’ is either?

Schreven has dropped both those titles for his New Zealand Tour and resorted to the Hollywood style “ Exciting teachers of life mastery” instead.

Nor does Schreven want the New Zealand public to outwardly know he’s a bible-banging, vehemently anti-Sunday worshipping, evangelical, and author of the worlds most corniest book-title ‘Rich God Poor God’.

The New Zealand public are being told simply that you can ‘Master Your Life in One Weekend’, ' Turn fear and failure into your friends' and ‘Find physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial success in a principle based motivation seminar’ etc.

These personal development seminars, coming to a Kiwi town near you, are being marketed by a company called ‘All Power Seminars.’ – not to be confused with ‘Free Go All Power’, ‘Goal Power’, ‘All Power Columbus’, ‘Master Vision Connections’ , ‘All Power Kids’ or ‘All Power Thinking’ which also happen to be part of Schreven’s empire.

Back home in Washington, Schreven is up-front advertising the company he heads as ‘All Power Ministries’ – but here in Kiwiland, Leo has conveniently dropped the God stuff from his front-line publicity – in order not to scare away the natives.

What would further scare the South Pacific natives back into the bush, would be a quick read of Schreven’s 1994 book "Now That’s Clear!" , in which he outlines that anyone who worships on a Sunday is in-fact worshiping the Beast and received his mark ($50 says it's 666) - doomed to burn in hells fires, along with your garden-variety atheist.

Yes indeed New Zealand, underneath the mask of being a motivational speaker of international repute, Schreven is a leading ‘end of times’ dooms-day propagator (refer You Tube Video below , go to where you’ll need to have your credit-card at the ready, or if you want a giggle, rather than renting ‘Mad Max’ tonight - why not google: ‘2300 Days, Tribulation and Judgment Hour’?)

But a filthy-rich speaker - it has to be said.

A globe-trotting millionaire which according to the public-record, runs many-of the numerous on-line entities he fronts – tax-free.

Big on ‘the end is nigh’, Shreven has toured The U.S Bible-Belt, telling the hicks about the impending dooms-day, and why they should immediately go into the lobby and buy his $49.99 tapes for the car, in-order to saved being burned in next Tuesdays apocalypse.

Revelations about raptures, plagues, Satanic councils running the world also appear at first glance, to be off the subject-matter for his New Zealand Tour – but given his pedigree they can never be far from the surface.

I’m almost tempted to attend one of his gigs and ask him if he does horoscopes as well?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life: God has lost his monopoly

“We can only reach the conclusion that we need God, the origin of life”.

The Catholic Church has always been a bit-slow on the up-take of scientific and medical discoveries.

It took till 1992 for The Vatican to agree with the proposition that the earth was not stationary & in-fact it revolves around the sun (apparently no one there bothered watching the lunar missions or got hold of satellite photos)

So it’s hardly surprising reports heralding of a new era of era of science – synthetic DNA - were meet with disdain by this backward group.

Nothing pisses-off theists more than when the foundations of their chosen superstition are yet again proven to be rotten –using the most cutting and effective ‘sword’ possible – fact rather than fiction.

This time the venue for these historic revelations and the further debasement of religious teachings, was genome-mapping pioneer, J Craig Venters laboratory.

His team’s project paves the way for designing organisms that work differently from the way nature intended for a wide range of uses.

God has officially lost his monopoly when it comes to creating life.

Ironically, his competition happens to be his pet-creation.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The time has come for the New Zealand news-media to close-down Family First by starving them of publicity.

Imagine if every week or so, you produced a ‘Press Release’ and sent it to the varying media-outlets, and then ‘hey-presto’ automatically they went ahead and published your pet-subjects & musings.

No questions asked, nor justification needed – the fact you think you are right and someone-else happens to be wrong - is enough for these releases to see day-light.

Your fringe pet hates & loves don’t need to be of concern to the vast majority of New Zealanders either – they will still turn-up on page four of most daily newspapers.

It could be something as trivial as an advert for Viagra that get’s up your nose, or the promotional activity of a Pizza company.

As ridiculous as this scenario first appears, it happens to be the current reality of the forth estate in New Zealand.

Hardly a week goes by without the irrelevant, evangelical pressure-group Family First issuing a press-statement of some-kind – all of which are published, mostly without critical review and ‘of right.’

Last week it was promoting a return to corporal punishment in New Zealand Schools.

On receipt of the latest release, not one journalist asked pertinent questions like “will this mean the return of the days when 5 year-old Kiwi’s were strapped by teachers?”

Instead of facing critical analysis the ‘release’ and its predecessors were published all but verbatim.

Here is a brief ‘Readers Digest’ list of the sort of narrow-minded, predictable stuff pouring out of Family First, that has managed to garnish both air-time and type-set over the years since the group set-up in 2006, largely as a result of the former champion of its causes, Graham Capill, being imprisoned for child rape and indecencies.

Return of corporal punishment in schools, making prostitution illegal again, ban on abortion, leading advocates for the right of parents to smack their children, banning in-flight movies which are not G rated, banning the TV Series Californication, wanting Gays to be prevented adopting children, promoting abstinence for teens, encouraging mums to stay at home and look after their kids, banning Boobs on Bikes, preventing brothels setting-up in residential areas, chastisement of Broadcasting Standards being too liberal, fighting the right for people to die in dignity, wanting cervical cancer vaccine distribution to be banned, continuing a ban on Easter Trading, placing the rights of married couples above those who choose a civil-union, varying attacks on The N.Z Family Planning Association to do with the distribution of contraception and access to abortion to the point they have even formed a splinter-group dedicated to the closure of Family Planning , fighting the right of parents to choose the sex of their child where there is a medical reasons like a genetic predisposition to a deformity, banning the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’, highlighting child sexulisation e.g., pretend bra’s for 10 year olds, demanding the judge who let a naked-cyclist off with a warning should lose his job, wanting a Wellington’s shops adverts for sex-toys and bondage gear banned, fatherless families leads to more crime, wanting the internet to be censored, demanding a controversial Church bill board be removed last Christmas, denying Gays the right to marry or have a civil-union, wanted radio adverts for ‘the morning after pill’ to be banned, banning adult magazines in petrol station, banning The Atheist Bus Advert Campaign, getting a ‘clothing optional beach’ closed etc.

The list goes on ad nauseam, but you get a fair idea of the type of stuff Family First are all about & the New Zealand media can’t get enough of this sort of crap.

‘Banning’ and ‘prevention’ are high on Family First’s agenda.

Who takes seriously a group, with less membership than my suburban soccer club, who want to ban on one of the world’s most popular video-games and censor the internet so we can become like North Korea?

A sad minority, group that wants homosexuality to again be outlawed in New Zealand and nationwide cancer-prevention and birth-control policies scrapped.

A petty-minded bunch of bible-bangers with nothing better to do than complain to BP and Shell about girly-magazines on the shelves of their outlets.

An indication of just how out-of-touch Family First are with mainstream New Zealanders - they would rather a couple had a child live with birth-defects than allowing them access to medical-science that could prevent these defects occurring in the first place.

These Old Testament zealots even see it as their ordained ‘right’ to tell other Christians what they can and can’t have outside their church!

The New Zealand Media should treat any sort of broadcast coming from Family First with the derision and scorn it deserved, by placing it straight in the rubbish-bin.

Above all the media should stop giving these bigoted, creationist, flat-earthers, ‘the oxygen’ they need to exist – publicity.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

God's honest truth: The Fall from Grace of Graham Capill.

The fall from grace of United States evangelists Ted Haggard and George Rekers, are well known around the globe and bring a smirk to the face of any self-respecting secularist.

In 2005, New Zealand experienced a similar case of the Christian moral guardian ‘life of lies’ being exposed, and in this case his plummet from the moral high-ground, resulted in a ‘crash’ more spectacular than both Haggard and Rekers put-together.

'He' was Graham Capill, and for twelve years prior to his imprisonment for 12 years he led the fundamentalist Christian Heritage Party. At its peak, his Christian Heritage Party fell short of getting into Parliament by only a fraction of a decimal point at the 1996 general-election.

Four years later the parties support had dropped to 1.4 per cent – a decline Capill put down to a plot within Television New Zealand to deny him adequate coverage.

Frustrated at their lack of political success Christian Heritage/Christian Coalition had for some time sought for the threshold of 5 per cent (of party vote) to be reduced.

Over the years Capill has railed against erotic art, prostitution, the size of penises on Maori carvings, homosexuality, gay parenting, a mock crucifixion on Kiwi soap-opera ‘Shortland Street, pornography, The Toyota “bugger” adverts, South Park (both the series and the film), Hero Parade, Marilyn Manson’s tour, the child-smacking ban, liberalised prostitution, Dr Nitschke's visit to New Zealand, the paintings of Keith Haring, Virgin in a Condom sculpture, Family Planning distribution of condoms, award winning children’s book featuring two lesbian characters, the chief film censor, Ministry of Women, a workshop organised by The Post Primary Teachers Association for homosexual members, The United Nations, Repubilcanism, de-facto marriages, free birth control etc etc.

In December 1999 when asked to comment at the number of cabinet members who refused to swear on the Bible at their inauguration, he said it was "ominous (sign) for the country's future".

The month before, he warned New Zealanders of the "terrifying social crisis" – abortion, crime and single parents.

Capill was a staunch supporters of a ban on Easter shopping pointing to New Zealand’s Christian principles (1997) as the basis for continuing with the archaic tradition to deny business’s the right to open when they so choose. He also was the chief supporter of the right for parents to smack on the same-basis of Christian traditions and stated (29th January 1997) “God had given the power and responsibility to parents to train their children and sometimes smacking and strapping was called for”.

Capill, the man who was at one time in The Police Prosecutions Section in his capacity as a lawyer and is on record calling child-molesters “evil” – plead guilty (July 2005) to rape, unlawful sexual connection and three counts of indecent assault charges against two girls under 12.

Like Haggard and Rekers, Capill believed that gay people were inherently evil and could be ‘cured’ through Christian re-education.

At the same time Capill was calling for the introduction of Christian chastity programme for secondary school pupils, in which boys and girls would pledge to abstain from sex until they found a life partner, he was abusing an eight year old girl. One of his three victims (the oldest was 12) was a pupil at the Christian college at which the church minister-turned lawyer was preaching and ironically counselling as well.

“Anyone who uses children as a pawn in a game is playing for high stakes and needs to be careful," is what he told New Zealanders in 1999 in criticism of a radio competition run to ‘create a baby’.

In his trail summing-up, the judge highlighted the warped mind-set of Capill in respect to this victim, and his inability to distingush the boundaries between adult and child "You told the probation officer you were feeling lust and excitement when you were with (the victim). You had a high level of sexual arousal and your purpose was to get her to the point where she wanted sexual intercourse.”

Further evidence of Capills dangerous mental condition came out in an email to friends, in which the father of 10 said that sex with one of his young victims was consensual. In the same email he asked his friends to pray for a lenient judge and prison term before his sentencing.

As a boy he played violin with the National Youth Orchestra and also played the organ in Christchurch Cathedral.

In the court the day of his sentencing was spokeswoman for Lesbian Action For Visibility in Aotearoa, Ann Charlotte, a Christchurch woman who for years was dubbed "sexually perverted" by Graham Capill who made sure she was on hand to witness the fall of the now-disgraced moral crusader.

When I last heard Capill comes up for parole shortly.

Justifiably prior applications for parole have been refused.

Footnote: This song seemed strangely fitting...can’t think why?

My Entry for The First Annual 'Draw Muhammad Day' (20th May)

Bat Blow-Jobs

What you are watching here is Bat Sex.

Fruit bats at it!

Getting down and dirty and re-writing The Kama Sutra.

It’s fairly unique in nature and something you’ll never see in any mere mortal porn movie (trust me on this, I’ve spent at least a decade of my life looking at porn) when the male bat copulates ‘doggy-style’ the female bat contorts herself backwards and licks his penis at the same time!

Aren’t God’s creatures wonderful and such randy-little-bastards when they want to get their jollies-off!?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pope 101: “Don’t mention the historic genocidal tendencies”

Pope Benedict should start taking heed that, like their Italian crime syndicate rivals ‘The Cosa Nostra’, The Catholic Church has never been shy of ‘snubbing-out’ it’s errant leaders, where they have become a liability. Benedict would know full-well that some-where between 8 to 13 of his predecessors have become expendable victims of ‘in-house hits’, and that the last time it happened was less than 25 years ago.

He can also forget playing the dementia card as well – being mentally incapacitated has never been an impinging trait for being a pope – most Catholic expect their pontiffs to come old, doddery, feeble minded and incapable of controlling their bodily functions.

What does ‘up-set the horses’ within the different tares of Catholicism is when the pope himself begins to ‘air the churches dirty laundry’

It’s happened twice in two days.

Firstly Benedict admitted it wasn’t actually the Jews, devil, homos, secular society etc that lead the Catholic Church to become the world largest homosexual pedophile syndicate – it was The Church itself that was ‘the root of all evil.’

Then to follow-up this gaff up, just a day later in his speech to Portuguese faithful he urged them to re-invent their country and re-create their glorious past.

This ‘glorious past’ happens to be the wholesale enslavement, murder, rape and subjugation of fellow humans in the name of Catholicism.

In a re-write of history that puts David Irving to shame, Benedict dismissively termed Portugal’s colonial role butchering and enslaving African, Asians, Central & South Americans in their millions, as a “sense of (their) global responsibility.”

If Benedict wants to live to wear ‘the blessed incontinence nappies’ he needs to take another look at his ‘user manual’ and be re-minded there are some subjects that have become politically incorrect to mention, outside The Vatican smoking-rooms.

Historic church policies like infallibility, extermination of The Jews, rape & plunder of inferior races, inquisitional torture of heathens etc – all need to now be kept under wraps.

Benedict (a.k.a Basil Fawlty)is on thin-ice here and clearly a liability to The Catholic Church, when he talks about ‘the good ol’ days’ of enslavement of heathens & admissions the church is a rotten edifice – and all in public!

Could someone please send him a copy of David Gallops book ‘In Gods Name’?

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Vatican’s links to Nazi Germany are about to be revealed!

Something’s go together, like say sausages and tomato sauce, Indian food and a pint of beer.

Another synergy is The Catholic Church and Fascist Dictatorships.

Take a look at my ‘off the cuff’ list of famous fascist dictators and you’ll see they all share a common-bond:

- Hitler
- Mussolini (pictured with his mates at The Vatican)
- Franco (middle)
- Pinochet (photo with Pope John Paul 1987)

It’s not hard to deduce that all these dictators were products of their Catholic education and up-bringing - well versed from a young age how authoritarian regimes are administrated & run.

Universally these dictators enjoyed the tacit support of The Catholic Church in their respective countries.

But what evidence is their The Catholic Church actively assisted these despotic regimes?

Well this definitive evidence of collusion is about to be produced!

The Vatican-sponsored support of Nazi Germany is about to be publicly revealed with the imminent release of German Government files from WW2.

The Vatican has fought ‘tooth and nail’ for these 4,500 pieces of paper, dubbed ‘The Eichmann Files’ to remain confidential, but a German Court has just ruled it is time for them to be scrutinized.

These papers will prove once and for all the links between The Vatican and The Nazi Regime.

The relationship between the highest ranking Nazi’s officials and their Vatican peers will be exposed in black & white for the world to see.

This is another landslide of muck heading down the mountain the Catholic Churches way.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Benny Hill’s Ghostly Prediction from beyond-the grave comes true!

This is Baker Maurice Piner from Greymouth.

In yesterdays Christchurch ‘Press’ the neurotic populous of the region were told about the things going bump in the night in his bakery – and it wasn’t drunk patrons from The Railway Hotel on their way home.

Everyone knows when creeping shadows, unidentifiable sounds combine with a journalist after a sensationalist story – it’s gotta be a ghost!

And this is not just any run-of-the-mill spectre either.

Amateur West Coast historian Paul Schramm places Phil’s bakery on the same site as an 18th century boarding house & as it happens in 1891 a lonely Chinese miner called Ah Sing hung-himself.

Joining the dots, using a Ouija-board, yet another local historian Julia Bradshaw (clearly there’s not much to do at night in Greymouth outside genealogy) believes Ah Sing was overcome with guilt having stolen a watch from a mate and took the honorable way out at the time.

Bradshaw confirms, by way of thinly strung innuendo, it’s the ghost of Ah Sing who’s checking out the bakery's gluten-free loaves of bread and chocolate donuts, rather than rattling chains in some Scottish castle.

This story about Chinese miners of course is a total load of crap.

There is a much more logical explanation, an apparition prophesied by none other the demi-god of comedy – the late ‘Benny Hill.’

One could easily think a quaint ditty like ‘Ernie The Fastest Milkman in The West’ (1971) is little more than a amusing throw-away tune.


There is a dark-side to this song.

One only needs look at the forth and last verses of ‘Ernie’ to come to the same spine-tingling conclusion I did:

Now Ernie had a rival, an evil-looking man,
Called Two-Ton Ted from Teddington and he drove the baker's van.
He tempted her with his treacle tarts and his tasty wholemeal bread,
And when she seen the size of his hot meat pies it very near turned her head.
But a woman's needs are many fold and soon she married Ted,
But strange things happened on their wedding night as they lay in their bed.
Was that the trees a-rustling? Or the hinges of the gate?
Or Ernie's ghostly gold tops a-rattling in their crate?

Yes folks, it IS Two-Ton Ted from Teddington that’s haunting that bakery!

If only more people would do their research.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Bare-Faced Lies of a Pope who both supported and fought for Nazi Germany

Taking a leaf out of David Irving’s book, Catholic revisionist historians have attempted to paint Benedict as a innocent young-man growing-up in WW2 Germany, a non-combatant who held an innate hatred towards the Nazi regime.

The known facts however tell us he, his brother and his family, were far from being reluctant participants – they even willing hid SS war criminals fleeing justice after the war’s end!

So let’s look at the historical facts versus the rhetoric spewing forth from The Vatican propaganda ministry.

Here’s the facts about Benedict XVI’s War-Time Record:

Fact One: Joseph Ratzinger has admitted the early victories Germany experienced in WW2 filled himself and his family with patriotic pride. Presumably had fascist Germany won the war this pride would have been magnified and he would have happily accepted a world living under Nazi tyranny and thus the total extermination ‘the inferior races’, particularly The Jews. Joseph Ratzingers patriotism and fervor faded only with the fortunes of the German armed-forces.

Fact Two: Georg Ratzinger, Joseph’s older brother and also a Catholic Priest who has admitted physically assaulting boys under his tutelage, served two years in The Wehrmacht (1942-44) He was wounded fighting Allied troops in Italy. Remember Catholic apologists want us to view the Ratzinger family as some sort of innocent by-standers caught up in the clouds of war – when Georg’s active military service is undeniable.

Fact Three: Joseph Ratzinger manned an anti-aircraft battery outside the BMW factory (Munich) in the later months of 1944 and early months of 1945. Military records for the "Flakhelfer"(part of the Hitler Youth) unit Ratzinger served-in show unequivocally he and his comrades were actively involved in repelling Allied bomber attacks. In one of the most ludicrous and almost farcical excuses possible, Ratzinger claims in his autobiography he wasn’t able to operate his weapon due to a “sore finger.” Here he is in the funeral-pyre that was Germany at that stage of the war, it’s cities in ruin and armies in retreat, occupying a battery with ideologically inspired teens and he turns to them and says “Sorry lads I’ve got a sore finger”. “I’ll think I’ll have to give this raid business a miss tonight.” Any fool can see this mediocre “sore finger” claim as being nothing but a bare-faced lie. After doing their duty in Munich he and his unit were then transferred to Innsbruck so in total Joseph served eight months in uniform – all with a finger affliction which apparently prevented him taking part as a combatant.

Fact Four: Joseph Ratzinger claims he never received a Nazi indoctrination at school and his teachers deplored the National Socialist doctrine. This is another untruth that can easily be dispelled. His head-master was an ardent Nazi and such studies were compulsory in Germany at the time.

Fact Five: Joseph Ratzinger (1944) watched Hungarian Jews being loaded into cattle-trucks on their way to be gassed at Auschwitz (Time Magazine Interview 6th December 1993) and did nothing to stop the greatest crime in the history of humanity.

Fact Six: Unlike the complicit Ratzinger clan several of their Traunstein neighbours bravely & openly resisted the Nazi regime. One of the locals in his old village Traunstein, Elizabeth Lohner, 84, whose brother-in-law was sent to Dachau as a conscientious objector, dismisses outright suggestions Ratzingers war-time story. “It was possible to resist, and those people set an example for others,” she said. “The Ratzingers were young and had made a different choice.” This is a living witness who saw Ratzinger and his brother (also a member of The Catholic Clergy) not, as anti-Nazi’s, but as young-men who went along with the system like millions of others. Other villagers who fought the Nazi’s were Valentin Hasselberger who ironically refused to fight due to his religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness: Rupert Berger who formed a local ‘White Rose’ resistance group and even the a local Catholic Priest called Joseph Stelzle, the son of whom Joseph Ratzinger knew well through his seminary. So for him and his family to say “resistance was futile” is again another easily proven lie.

Fact Seven: In June 1945 the Ratzinger family sheltered & hid two SS soldiers on the run from justice.

Fact Eight: Joseph Ratzinger was taken at the barrel of an American gun from his house and imprisoned by soldiers and then interrogated as to his war-time role. Clearly the American military didn’t see his as an innocent teen and saw the household as one which offered sanctuary to war-criminals.

Fact Nine: Virtually all of the entrants to The Freising seminary in 1946 served in The German armed-services & many still harboured Nazi sympathies.

So there we have some inconvenient truths The Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI to sweep- under-the-carpet as if they never happened.

Not all of us are that gullible – once a Nazi always a Nazi.

One who has found a natural home as an ecumenical dictator to one-billion followers.

Even Hitler would be jealous of his success.

By the way that’s him in the photo with Pope Pius XII's representative and as it happens it's Pius who’s about to be made a saint - thanks to none other than Pope Benedict XVI!

Kiwi Teacher fired over Shakespearean Play.

Suzette Martin, herself a Christian, has been dismissed from her teaching role at Keikeri’s Westmount school in July 2009 after giving her year 13 class a modern version of Shakespeare’s immortal play ‘King Lear’ she down-loaded from the internet to cut costs.

Westmount is a faith-based school which adheres to the insular and cult-like principals of the Exclusive Brethren Church. Every year New Zealand tax-payers fund 15 Westmount schools to the tune of 2.6 million dollars which goes to subsidise just 1620 enrolled students. Only Brethren children are permitted to enrol and the church bans it's members attending University or seeking similar higher education.

To rub salt into Martin’s wound, her complaint to The Employment Relations Authority for unjustified-dismissal, has just been rejected.

The ERA sided with the cults trustees, that teaching 17 year old teenagers the works of ‘the bard of Avon’ was inappropriate given the Brethrens closeted and narrow-minded indoctrination.
The schools protocols allowed only material that “reflected Bible values” like mass-murder, incest, talking snakes etc and rejected outright the secular-evils contained in one of the greatest master-works of the English language.

The term the school committee used to describe King Lear in Martins 'don't come Monday' letter was "corrupting and morally defiling".

Martin was deemed to be in the wrong by not running the play past the schools trustees for their approval – despite the fact it formed part of the national English curriculum and her requests for the school to fund the authorised version of the play were turned down by the very ‘powers that be’ at the same school that fired her!

Once again we get to see the true-essence of faith-based education in this country exposed in all its glory: state-approved bigoted brain-washing of innocent minds.