Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mormonism is a Cult

Let’s tick the boxes folks: 

1.)    One of the major reasons why it started in the first place is its founder wanted his own exclusive harem of chicks to fuck.

2.)    The  founder and his subsequent heirs want to be wildly rich on the back of their followers toil.

3.)    The founder was a pathological liar and delusional nut-case.

4.)    The CLDS does it’s best to cover-up the fact it’s founder and prophet was a sexual deviant who preyed on other members wives, plagiarised the King James Bible & Freemasonry , made wild unsubstantiated claims, was a petty criminal and died at the hands of a lynch mob.

5.)    Any person with access to Wikipedia or even a 30 year old set of encyclopedias can prove historically what the Church of Later Days Saints have to say is a load of crap.

6.)    Anyone who is not a member is deemed unclean, a gentile.

7.)    Anyone who leaves the fold is ostracised.

8.)    None of its run-of-the-mill membership have any power     

9.)    The CLDS makes Roman Catholicism look like a front for Women’s Reproductive Rights.

10.)  Its founding agenda is racist = black people can’t go heaven and are living devils. All good cults are paranoid and target a sector of society as being especially evil.     

11.)   It has weird customs that any normal person would consider loony e.g. proxy Baptism, underwear with magical powers.   

12.)   It goes all out, extreme lengths to recruit membership.  

13.)   It practices mandatory tithing.

14.)    All it’s teaching are superior, ordained by God so it can do what the hell it likes.

Be sure to join-in.    



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another U.S Gun Massacre: Yawn

Today’s headlines in Christchurch, New Zealand is: someone has run amok on 5th Avenue, New York.

Yet another so-called massacre – only this time one victim qualifies as a massacre.

Nine injured, mostly ironically by stray police fire.

I am sorry – I don’t care.

Heartless perhaps, but America reaps what it sows.

Allowing paranoid, nut-jobs access to high-powered guns designed to kill humans– this is what you get.

America is the epicentre, black-hole for the paranoid.

Doomsday preppers and Far-Right Militia is a North Dakota real-estate agent’s prime clientele.  

Yes, we have nutters in New Zealand.

Yes, we have had massacres like the 14 people killed in Aramoana in 1990.

But we as a country did something in the wake of these mass shootings.

1.)    N.Z began registering and vetting the owners. A police liaison officer visits the house of any prospective gun-owner. If they see him dressed in camo’s pawing through his collection of Soldier of Fortune there’s no way he’ll get access to a legal weapon. Gun licences can and do get revoked. No licence: no gun, no ammo.  
2.)  We banned military style weapons. Only collectors can own a hand-gun.  

New Zealand does have a gun culture, yet we live in a country where our police force is largely unarmed.

Kiwi’s love the outdoors, hunting etc but even the most ardent gun-owner here sees why we need to restrict access, have weapons locked away etc.   

We don't live in mortal fear of our neighbours, see the need to arm ourselves in 'self defence', build bunkers in the bush, fear our government is a front for left-wing aliens etc.  

Clearly New Zealand has far fewer paranoid people than The United States. 

Mind-you every other Western Country can say the same.      

If American’s can’t introduce common-sense gun-control, I for one don’t feel sorry for them when I hear or see another massacre.     

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Zealand’s Associate Minister of Education thinks Planet Earth is 6,000 years old!

ACT(NZ) has always come across as a political party that aspires to Liberal policies.

Support for Civil Unions, prostitution reform spring to mind.

Through the quirks of politics somehow ACT now finds itself saddled with a sole (soul?) MP John Banks.  

A character more a-tune with the looney leader of far-right-religious Conservative Party than a party that champions personal freedom.       

ACT relies on John Banks seat of Epson for its political survival.
What is left of their membership must cringe when they hear a wowser like Banks profess his belief in a literal translation of Genesis.

Yes, the farcical six day creation bull-shit, the cartoon Flintstones are accurately depicted etc.      

Banks open dislike of humanist policies, desire to support a faith based schooling system must be at odds with the run-of-the-mill ACT supporter.      

Further The National Government relies on ACT for support, supply and demand.   

This support means a ministerial role for Banks.

He happens to be New Zealand’s Associate Minister of Education! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Listening to the radio I just about choked with amusement on my Weetbix this morning.

Lucky I had a bottle of Real Ale close to wash it down the right way and a second to make sure I could cope with the rest of the day ahead.   

The leader of The Christchurch Paranormal Investigators Group, Anton Heyrick (real job: roof coater), wants Christchurch to know, he and his brave ghost-busters are going back into The Avonhead House of Horrors for one last night. There’s still some film left on the camera.

Sounds much like the recent visit by Kenny Rogers ‘The Night of The Musical Dead’  

Footnote: You know you are a musical back-wash when Kenny Rogers is as good as it gets.   

But it’s not just any old-night that CPIG will again tackle the AvonITYhead Horror.

Oh no, you just can’t pick any old night for the dead to rattle their chains, scare domestic pets, prove the dead don’t have access to dental hygiene or dry-cleaning with so many bad smells.

It’s the next full-moon. 


Why the hell would you even bother spending money on a large array of expensive equipment when the premise of your investigations is: Spooks and Hippies are more likely to turn-up for the party on a full-moon. Tests in the sixties proved the later to be a fact.

Is that wolves I hear baying at night on Christchurch’s Port Hills or just the lustful sounds of a teenage tryst?      

Can anyone take The Christchurch Paranormal Investigators Group and their claims seriously?    

Not me.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Deb Webber now believes she can control Christchurch’s Earth-Quakes!

That great oracle of intuitive journalism ‘The Woman’s Day’ is reporting that Television Medium, Deb Webber is to make Christchurch part of next month’s N.Z Tour.

Wop de fuck.

Lucky old us.

Just what a half destroyed city needs – a bull-shitting psychic.     

Woman’s Day reports Webber is planning a free group meditation session at the Papanui Workingmen's Club on September 30, in which she hopes will help to "settle the earth".

I for one can see why she picked the illustrious surrounds of The Papanui Workingmens Club for her spiritual healing sessions.

For starters most of The Pap Workingmans Club membership is closer to God than a random cross-section of Christchurch society, more sympathetic to the fanciful message of an afterlife.  

“I see a man in the corner of the room playing with a very large penis.”

“Does anyone know of a Tom, Thomas, Theo with a fixation to masturbate in public”?    

“He says his collection of videos are in the cupboard”     

The other reason for Webber to pick The Pap Workingnens Club , over say a school hall, is more obvious.

Most given nights its membership will be pissed enough to believe in her psychic powers. 



Let’s draw a long bow here.

Pretend you belong to a reputable investigative group and you discover something major.

A discovery of global significance, a scientific break-through that will re-write what we know about life and death.

What would you do?  

Would you wait to release this ground-breaking ‘evidence’ in a documentary form six months after its ‘discovery’?

The Christchurch Paranormal Investigators Group claims it has definitive proof an Avonhead (Christchurch) house is haunted.  

This house is familiar to me – in fact my daughter attended a birthday party there about eight years ago – which could explain why, as a teenage girl she now acts like a she-devil on occasion and has Beelzebub as a ‘friend’ on Facebook.  

The owners at the time were a local family who it looks like sold their house to new immigrants from Korea, the father of which appears to have subsequently killed his family and then topped himself.  

Enter the new occupants who were fully aware of the houses deadly history, who claim (think: Antipodean version of Amityville but so-far without the book and film deal) that the things are now going bump in the dark, sulphur smells, dog barking at nothing etc – all as a result of the houses malicious Korean  spirits hanging around.   


So the frightened family called in Christchurch Paranormal Investigators to see what they could conclude was happening scientifically.

A priest they even called-in failed in exorcising the demons, so the frightened family were reduced to science. The word on the streets has it ‘The Exorcist 2’ was rented from local Video-Ezy the night this priest needed to do some over-due Latin homework.    

Following time in the house with their array of testing devices, CPI now claim, thinly veiled as in old hags sitting on rocking chairs - that their investigation did turn-up evidence of a haunting.

There is something going-on in the house outside the bounds of science.

Tantalising eh?

But humanity, scientific scrutiny, the world media as a whole won’t get to see their findings until CPI release their Documentary, the teaser of which resembles a cross between ‘Men in Black 3’ and The X-Files and will doubtless attract the same audience. .   

So we are left wondering “What is in the Documentery?’ and “Will it be in the $5 el-cheapo section of Video-Ezy along with The Exorcist 2?”  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Psychic Vulture Wanting to Exploit West Coast Mine Disaster Families

The Greymouth Star [16th August] is reporting….

Spiritual medium Deb Webber will be in Greymouth this spring for a special, private session with some families of the Pike River 29.

The Australian from the TV show Sensing Murder, will be in New Zealand for a national tour during which she will meet immediate family of those who died in the Christchurch earthquake and the Pike River Mine disaster, and "help heal the pain with readings", according to her publicist.

"I have been flooded with emails from family members so it will be nice to help them out," Webber's publicist said.

There is nothing, little worse than exploiting other peoples suffering.

Make no bones about it - this is what this con-artist does, with her unverifiable claims she can magically communicate with dead people.

Dogs and cats are a wee bit off her wave-length it appears as well as those fluent in Serbo-Croatian and the souls of Papua New Guinean tribe-men.  

You can see Webbers ‘inner workings’ in this magnificent piece of investigative journalism (You Tube ) by Australia’s ‘Seven Network’.

‘Seven Network’ exposed Deb Webber as being little more than delusional.  

Expensive, dangerous and certifiable delusions.  

Check out 3;45 on the Video where she claims to be able to ‘feel’ the energy of a dead sister  – only there is no fucking dead sister!   

The families of The Pike River mining disaster have suffered enough without having the Deb Webbers of this world heap more misery on them, with false claims she can speak with their dead love-ones, even people that aren't even dead and mere figments of her imagination.    

Deb Webber has no conscience.  

She knows in her heart of hearts what she does is false but she has interwoven herself into her own cocoon of lies.

Webber lives 24/7 in a daisy-chain fantasy world and she can’t stop ‘the beast’ she created in her own head.

Don’t share her dangerous fantasies.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Only in South Auckland Files: Mind Control Cap Causes Death

You may well have heard of the term ‘Only in America’?

May I now introduce you to a new, similar, term ‘Only in South Auckland’? 

Family stunned by South Auckland man's death

Relatives of the man found dead at his South Auckland home are as confused as anyone by the circumstances of his death.

Police have confirmed the death of 34-year-old Papatoetoe man Michael William Roiall on Monday was accidental, and it is understood it was the result of a home experiment which went wrong.

It's believed the man was an amateur inventor and the home-made helmet, with which he was attempting to control devices in his home, suffocated him.

Uncle Matt Roiall, 60, had heard his nephew was found with tape around his head and said he could not shake his “anger and disappointment”, because of the avoidable nature of the situation.]

He described him as an outgoing man who had had some get-rich-quick schemes in the past, but the idea of Michael being an inventor was a foreign concept to the whole family.

“To hear how it happened just angered me and I just think it’s a crazy way to go,” Matt said.
“If it was natural causes or a car accident I could handle that, but him dying by himself, it doesn’t compute with me ... I’d rather someone say he was on drugs and had an overdose.”

Matt said Micheal’s father and two older brothers had been struggling to come to terms with his death.

“A great guy who’s done some great things for us,” is how Matt said he would remember his nephew.
Just recently he described how Michael had been an "unbelievable help" building a fence.

He was someone with potential and Matt said the whole family were asking the same question: "What was he thinking?"

An autopsy was completed on Tuesday morning, after which police confirmed the death was accidental.

Detective Senior Sergeant Albie Alexander said the 34-year-old's body had been found by family, who spent the evening contacting other relatives.

He would not be drawn on the specific circumstances of the death.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

For Christ’s Sake Why Can’t This Guy Win an Olympic Gold?

This is the photo of some random guy I googled-up. 

Let’s pretend his sole desire in life is to represent his country in the Olympic 100 metres.

Win Gold.

Every night he and his inner circle pray to their God for this dream to happen.

He gets out around the track, into the gym.

Looking at him, he needs a lot of work.

Would it be rude or even callous to suggest directly to his face “You are wasting your time buddy” when he believes so intently miracles can occur?    

God will intervene, and on the scale of intervention his athletic elevation to Gold is a doddle compared to creating, controlling the entire universe.     

Why is it, even faced with ridiculous ascertains like this guy is going to beat Usain Bolt etc, Atheists are afraid to say directly, snigger only in small groups “Frankly this is a load of crap” and “No amount of praying is going to work here”?

Footnote: The hibernation is over. I’m back and you'll also have to put-up with my taste in music as well.