Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Amanda Guglielmucci really knew?

My Kiwi compatriots across at ‘Servants Thoughts’, have been waxing lyrically about the strength of an ‘amazing woman’, one who may become ‘an unsung hero’ in the method of her handling family tragedy.

And as if that was not enough Christian love gushing for one day, they want her ‘family speak to your name as a name of honour for generations to come’. Bucket please, I’m going to be sick.

In case you were wondering, the individual these apologists refer to, is none other than Amanda Guglielmucci, loving wife to that loser Pastor Michael.

Here’s their wedding day photo.

How romantic, I wonder what Church they got married at? Dad’s, may be?

"I was the first one he told, he confessed everything to me," Mrs Guglielmucci told the Adelaide Now newspaper.

"He just went through it – where it had started, everything in his life as a young kid, the patterns. He was crying, sobbing actually, absolutely sobbing, he just said `I don't have cancer'.

The Adelaide Now article continues.

Mrs Guglielmucci said she understood people struggled to believe she could not have known her husband was faking his illness. However, she maintained his real symptoms – vomiting, hair loss and apparent pain – never gave her reason to suspect otherwise.

"I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him," she said.

"Perhaps I feel a little bit foolish in this, hindsight's a fabulous thing . . . but I'm trying not to beat myself up.".

Well boo hoo hoo Amanda , I’m looking for a handkerchief right now, such is my heart-felt sympathy at your plight.

So let me ‘back the truck up’ here a moment, and deal with what is in the public domain, so we can better evaluate Amanda’s role in this sordid affair. Let’s measure the statements versus the facts.


Amanda, claims in the same Newspaper interview, the first she knew about her husbands obsession with porn, was during his tearful confession, 3 weeks ago.

You have to wonder about the veracity of these claims that she didn’t know her hubby was so heavily into porn.

What about those hours spent in the study on the Internet? That desire to have you dress-up in PVC and undertake position 241 from the Kama Sutra?

Apparently, no alarm bells rang and evidently she wasn’t on speaking terms with her parents-in law, who did know about their sons addiction.


In my opinion, this position alone stretches her credibility to breaking point.

Not only had her husband claimed to have a cancer of the blood and had just 9 months to live (that was 18 months ago, by the way), he’d also made claims at one point of another, he was/had suffered from:

- Glandular Fever
- Brain Tumor & Blood Clot (also in the brain)
- Burst Ear Drum
- Broken leg, two broken arms,two broken hips, eight bones in the back, numerous ribs
- Another form of cancer called Multiple Myelomas (Footnote: if you are going to make false claims you have cancer and you’re in your twenties, don’t pick this one. It’s usually reserved for men over 70)

So let’s say you believe her when she say’s she witnessed his vomiting symptoms.

So what?

Clearly the guy wasn’t losing weight, indeed the aged photos of Pastor Michael show the guy had put on weight around the middle.

If anyone would know his hair-loss was courtesy of Bic not chemo, it was her.

It may have been possible to feign vomiting, but how do you reconcile weight gain and a malicious form of cancer?

Moving from this, how does one pretend they have a broken leg or a broken hip, and indeed how do you hide these facts not only from large audiences, but also someone you are naked in bed with!?

It’s clear from this long list of fake ailments Amanda must have known for some time her hubby was suffering major psychological issues, amongst them severe hypochondria, and it can’t frankly have been a big surprise to learn his 2nd bout with cancer was factious, given he’d made numerous & continued false medical claims before, including a brain tumor, 34 varying broken bones etc.

Rather than simply micro-waving wheat-bags to numb Michael’s pain, why didn’t Amanda administer the drugs prescribed by his doctors instead? Surely, this is what any normal adult would do if they were in the same position? But there’s one problem with logic like this. There were no pain-killing drugs!

She would like us to believe, instead, that she was blinded by love "I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him,"

This position may get you a ‘six figure’ article in The Australian Woman's Weekly Amanda, but it won’t stand the rigours of closer examination when others, not just me, start asking about all the other ailments Michael claimed he’d been suffering, that simply went unobserved, by you, the closest person in his life.


It is not reasonable to accept anyone, would all but abandon their partner to cancer, and not be there bedside at least for part of for their treatment, nor for that matter take any direct interest in what the doctors have to say regarding the prognosis.

Especially someone who claims to be so ‘in luv’ like Mrs Guglielmucci.

Have you every heard of this happening before, where a partner is left so completely in the dark over the fate of their love one?

Why were there no suspicions raised when Hospital letters/reports failed to materialise in the mail?

No Chemists scripts issued, no accounts for on-going treatment and drugs came on bank statements?

What did Amanda do after dropping her husband off at the hospital for Chemotherapy - shoot off into town to Myers for some ‘retail therapy’?

Were the magazines on offer at the Doctors Offices so interesting, she wasn’t able to progress from reception to any of the actual consultations?

How could any one believe the scenario painted by her, that she simply believed her husband, and never questioned further, never once decided to be at his side at the Hospital, never worried about the lack of corroborative evidence of this illness like appointment letters, drugs etc, never once employing some initiative and calling the Doctors etc?

Naivety doesn’t cut-it, does it?

Two minutes on google or a quick look through The White Pages, would have given Mrs G enough detail to have major concerns over what she was being ‘feed’. The Doctors involved in the so-called treatment, being but figments of her husbands furtive imagination.

This situation could simply be down to the fact she knew this was another of Michael’s phantom ailments & she played along with his charade, pandering like many others, to her husbands psychological needs?

So in summary, people will be believe what they want to believe.

Amanda will get her sob story published in the woman’s tabloids, and she’ll continue to paint herself as a victim and Christian apologists will pray for her and her hubby and ignore the ‘real story’.

Greed and blind ignorance.

Amanda's knows full well "where her bread is buttered".

To close, my opinion on Amanda, and her role in this whole sickening affair I employ the words of Johnny Rotten.

Enjoy the clip.

PS: For some more great blogging on this issue go on to Tanya Alvein's site.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci & The Planetshakers Latest Single!

Christian teens were left surprised & bemused when headline act Planetshakers, took stage at the Adelaide leg of the evangelical ‘Rock Across Australia Tour’ concert last night. The band, headed by the disgraced former Pastor Michael Guglielmucci, stunned the crowd with their provocative stage presence and anti-religious stance. Guglielmucci (who now uses the stage name Beelzegug) managed only one song of their planned routine, a debut single called ‘The Devil Made Me Do It!’, and announced to the crowd the re-branded band would have an album out shortly entitled ‘Terminal Illusions’. “The tills are ringing again m*ther-f**ers” screamed Beelzegug, before the controversial group was quickly pulled from the stage by concert officials, who were caught unaware by the transformed ‘Planetshakers’, previously best known for their heart-tugging single ‘Healer’. The father of Guglielmucci (a.k.a Beelzegug) and head of the Edge Church International, Danny Guglielmucci, issued a statement in which he claimed his son "has been battling a major addiction to the T.V soap opera Home & Away since aged six" and asked for the public to "pray for Michaels recovery".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci is a C*nt

The very thought of someone ‘claiming’ to have cancer in order to solicit support stirs me to the core.

My father died of lung cancer.

I’ve lost three close friends to this, one of the cruelest of diseases.

Everyone reading this blog has suffered in some way it's ravages.

As a direct result of my own loses, I’ve been involved with raising funds for medical research, so a cure for this plague can be found in my lifetime, and thus relegate cancer to the annuals of small-pox etc.

The mere thought of someone trying to exploit sympathy from, that destroyer of lives, ‘cancer’, is enough to make me want to puke.

However abhorrent the concept is, sadly ‘low life’s’ are out there & they come in many guises.

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci had been based in Sydney with The Edge Church ( a.k. a The Hillsong Church & part of The Assemblies of God network , familiar to many ) Over the years Michael's parents have made regular evangelistic trips across this side of the Tasman, and he himself was lead speaker at The Breakthrough Youth Conference held in Whangarei just two months ago. His key-note speech was all about 'following your dreams'.

It’s him on the You Tube video song ‘Healer’ you’ve just watched, a song which become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were ironically also praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill.

Yes, that’s an oxygen tube in his nose, and those tears wept by his audience are real.

Until recently Pastor Michaels band ‘Planetshakers’ could be heard regularly on Radio Rhema.

As you would have guessed already from the tone of my introduction, Guglielmucci Jnr was duping everyone.

His church issued this conciliatory statement as if to admonish this sick creep: “Michael has confirmed that he is not suffering with a terminal illness and is seeking professional help in Adelaide with the support of his family. We are asking our church to pray for the Guglielmucci family during this difficult time."

Since it’s daddy who run’s the Hillsong Church, they are hardly going to excommunicate him are they?

Well, fuck you Pastor Michael Guglielmucci - you pathetic piece of shit.

Fuck you The Assemblies of God Church & Hillsong Church for harboring this sick c*nt ( c*nt was the harshest word I could employ, yet barely touches the surface of this deliberate & despicable act by this duplicitous rouge) and your ‘crocodile tears’.

What about feeling sorry for the sods he gave false hope to first?

But that's not how Christianity works, it's not the real world where people hurt other people are punished accordingly. There are no such thing as bad people, only forgiven. Sympathy is automatic, of right, not justified.

Accountability in the 'eyes of believers'?


Fuck everyone at Christian Resources, N.Z Worship Resources, Oasis and Christian Bookstore Ltd, here in New Zealand, who still sell see fit to sell this c*nts, music in order to line their own pockets.

Judgement Day is now Pastor Michael Guglielmucci, not when the God and those folk you exploited for both your own emotional and financial gain, think.

I want everyone in the world make the name Michael Guglielmucci synonymous with the word c*nt.

I and many other will never forgive, nor turn a blind-eye to your self-serving actions.

There will never be redemption Pastor Micheal Guglielmucci not for you, not for the church who chose to offer him sanctuary, not for The Christian money-makers who still to this day callously exploit your lyrics and give false hope to the most vunerable.

Say after me: "Michael Guglielmucci is a c*nt".

Footnote: It is not normally my style to use profanities, but as you’ll have read, cancer is rather an emotive & ‘touchy’ subject with me. I make no apologies for this language. It is more than justified in terms of this creep, and frankly had more colourful vernacular been at my disposal, you can bet your boots, I would have used that also. A spade is a spade.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Is Oceania the most Atheistic Region on Earth?

I’ve come across a web-site of interest to non-believers and believers alike:

For some time now YesNoGod have been running a worldwide online Survey, asking a very simple ‘yes or no’ rhetorical question:

Do you believe in God?

So far 74% of Kiwi’s polled have said ‘no’, which in my appraisal is about right, and hardly if I do say so, not surprising to anyone who moves in mixed circles.

Pope John Paul called it right (2004) when he claiming Kiwi’s were far too secular and then called for a ban on sport & movies on a Sunday.

I’m not going to vouch for the statistical validity & robustness of these on-line polls.

But it is intriguing to see that after 112,829 votes (as at 11th August) the results show:

* Australian statistics are all-but identical to New Zealand’s.

* The reverse for South Pacific Island’s (historically thanks no-doubt to those pesky & enterprising missionaries)

* Despite the high number of ‘yes’ voters up in ‘The Islands’, Oceania still came out as the most Atheistic region on Earth.

* The ratio of, 75% no versus 25% yes, seems to be the norm in Western, secular societies. The exception being the United States.

* Muslim countries are the most likely to say ‘yes’.

* The poorer and less educated countries tend to say ‘yes’ more. Take from this what you will.

* Worldwide, there’s an even split between the ‘yes’ versus ‘no’ camps.

Be sure to tear off to
YesNoGod & cast your own vote.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Did you hear the one about the Moon Splitting in Two?

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the dish ran away with the spoon

Religions make plenty of claims of outlandish supernatural miracles, all of which are unable to be substantiated by evidence, outside the little in the way of detail provided in the texts of ancient holy books.

Lack of historic evidence, violations of the laws of nature etc, are no barrier to billions of believers.

Earths creation in six day’s, is a familiar religious story to most Westerners & probably ‘the granddaddy’ of the divine miracle claims.

But there’s another fable that comes close.

Have you heard about the miracle of the moon splitting in two?

And there’s is a whopping 1.5 billion people, with a deep seated belief, that just 14 centuries ago the moon briefly split in two.

The hour has approached, and the moon split. But whenever they see a sign, they turn away and say, ‘This is evident magic’. (Qur’an: al-Qamar, 54.1-2)

To further summarise the relevant passage(s) from the Qur’an for the benefit of you heathens, the story goes like this;

Mohammed was able to split the moon into two halves, and place one half in front of, one half behind the Hiram' mountain range.

And what could have caused the monumental act of breaking in two an 81 trillion ton object, circling Earth at a distance of 385,000kms?

The prophet Mohammed simply twiddling a finger!

Given the scientific absurdity of the story, some Islamic Scholars seek to revise & interpret the passages from the Qur’an, to indicate Mohammed, with the aid of God, merely performed a grand parlor-trick, in the form of an optical illusion.

So what was observed wasn’t the moon actually being literally broken in two - it was but scene created in the sky by Mohammed (or his daddy) as a display of his divine power.

Imagine David Copperfield meets The Weta Workshop, but much, much bigger.

This is an identical scenario to that of Christian revisionists, who seek to explain the Creation time-frame of 7 days (six, not counting the day God had off for good behaviour) and state it’s not a literal truth, by explaining away the Creation ‘days’ in the bible as ‘ages’ (what ever they are?) rather than the widely accepted 24 hours. Of course all other references to days in The Bible are to be taken literally, it’s just the story in Genesis that time itself is re-written, to suit the fact mankind now knows planet Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old (give or take a few million) not 6,000.

But back to that Mohammed and his lunar excavations.

Cheap telescopes are surely available from the Middle Eastern equivalent of Dick Smith Electronics, so any child looking into the night’s sky can see the moon comes minus evidence of a massive fault-line.

A ten year old only needs look into the night sky to see the moon is, as it has been for billions of years, and armed even with a half decent pair of binoculars, a quick eye-ball show’s there’s no tell-tale dab of ‘magical’ super-glue holding the satellite together.

Therefore you don’t have to be a astro-geologist here, to weigh-up the proposition being put forward – and dismiss it out right.

Nor is there any evidence outside the Qur’an the moon has split in two at point in the last 4.5 billion years, let alone some where around 625 CE.

So why persist in the year 2008 to fob this moon-splitting ‘bullocks’ off, as anything other than a primitive legend?

The most worrying of words in the English language: Faith.

Despite the irrefutable scientific evidence to the contrary, the followers of Mohammed largely take anything written in The Qur’an as a ‘truth’.

In a grand irony, it’s these very same followers of Islam, that disparage the Christian story of creation, even on occasion presenting scientific evidence to show conclusively the planet we reside on is older than the that stated in Christians Bible, and smugly pointing-out that the Qur’an says an indefinable ‘six periods’ rather than those of the ‘Jesus following fools’ who believe in a measly six days.

Christians, also call into play science and astronomy when it suits them, to defend their faith, and discredit religious stories which differ to their own, moon-splitting being one of them.

Thus an Atheist and a Christian make strange bed-fellows in their disbelief in tales of ‘moon splitting’ and Atheists and Muslims get a good old laugh together, at the ‘creation in a mere six days’ nonsense.

But, it’s only the Atheist has the sense to see both stories for what they are.


And poor fiction at that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

God is melting The South Island's Glaciers!!

After watching this video, some readers may still believe it's Global Warming behind New Zealand’s receding glaciers.

Others, including the monotonal twit off Godtube , say it’s merely the foretelling signs from God, that the big fella about to come round for a beer, and discuss those issues you have with porn.


I have conclusive evidence, that what is actually happening to the South Island’s Glaciers, are in fact a sign from God he is angry.

And what you may ask is the subject of Gods anger?

This establishment:

A well-known and large Hotel in Hokitika (150 miles from Fox & Franz Joseph Glaciers, no where near Wellington, height in 1990 unknown)

Nothing escapes God Almighty, especially not two of the offerings, from the Entree Menu at the Hotel’s Restaurant:

Seared Tiger Prawns with garlic, chilli and lemon-grass.

Pan-fried Scallops with streaky bacon.

Clearly a Prawn is a marine crustacean and Scallops are bi-valves.

Both of these sea-creatures are abominations in the eyes of the Lord!

The Scriptures (Leviticus 11:9-12 and Deuteronomy 14: 9-10) strictly forbid consumption of shell-fish let alone the provedoring.

Beelzebub himself could not have created a more devil-some concoction, and it’s no wonder God is now taking his vengeance out on some of the West Coasts biggest tourist attractions.

[ Warning: This article is about to display a candid photo of one of these evil abominations. Avert your eyes if you are easily offended. ]

Brazenly the Hotel’s web site even displays a publicity photo of the ungodly Scallops:

Have these 'Coasters' no shame in the sanctity of Gods word?!

Mark what I say: God will continue to melt The South Islands Glaciers until all these unclean foods are withdrawn from the menu!

Gullible & Greedy Christians make easy targets for Scammers

"Please, pray for me to recover as your paryers will go a long way in uplifting my spirit".

"Before his death we were both born again Christians without a child"

"I would appreciate a partner who is GOD-FEARING & dedicated to join me in establishing this industry,you might find it neccesary to come down here & see things for youself"

"I only give all praises to God who made every thing to be like this, my father is gone, I can count you as my father if you wish to be a Daddy to me"

"The Bible made us to understand that blessed is the hand that giveth. I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my husband's relatives are not Christians and I don't want my husband's hard earned money to be misused by unbelievers"

"Now that God is about to call me, I have willed and given most of my property and assets to my immediate and extended family members as well as a few
close friends"

Dear Beloved,

These statements, or similar, will be familiar to anyone with an email address.

Infact they are all cut & pasted from unsolicited emails I’ve received pitching the idea that I’m in line for a multi-million dollar bequest or, retain a percentage of a large financial deal, on the basis I reveal my bank account details.

As we know these are nothing but scams, most of which originate in Western & Southern Africa, particularly Nigeria which gave rise to the term "4-1-9 Fraud’ (after the section of the Nigerian penal code which addresses fraud schemes)

But, why do these African Scammers so consistently & overtly target ‘those of faith’?

The prevalent and on-going use of Christian innuendo in these ‘fishing’ emails, strongly indicates Scammers receive more success by targeting this market.

At first appraisal it would appear to be because Christians are more likely to be believe ‘down on their luck stories’ from some dubious stranger offering them unimaginable fortunes. Especially when that individual claims to share the same belief.

But, there could of course be other under-lying mitigations which have lead the Scammers to target Christians, as opposed to other sectors of the secular west.

May be, after literally millions of ‘trial & error’ attempts to perfect their pitch, the Scammers have undertaken,by default, a massive worldwide behavioral study, that’s unearthed the facts that:

-Christians are more greedy, and more likely to ‘take the bait’.

- Christians are more naïve, thus easier to fool.

- As outlined above, conclusively Christians believe all fellow Christians are by definition honest, again making them easy targets to fleece.

Apologists will claim in defence of these points that ‘Christians are simply more generous and philanthropic’ and those well practiced Scammers exploit this.

But this is not a known reputable Charity requesting funds for a good cause, here. This is an underhand ‘get rich’ scheme. The only common bond between the scammer and his target is a shared loved of a mutual deity, so this argument doesn’t hold water.

Besides, it wouldn’t take much for these enterprising & hungry Scammers to work-out the two biggest benefactors on the planet (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet) are both atheists!

This being the case, we would have also seen by now, scammers slanting their pitch towards the non-theists in richer countries.

This hasn’t been the case though, and the well practiced fraudsters know Christians from the west, make the best on-going targets.

Have a blessed day and hoping to hear from you soonest.

Yours in Christ.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sensing Murder – Sensing Charlatans

It’s time to highlight the ridiculous & some-what morbid proposition, that some how, dead ‘spirits’ exist & the even more ludicrous position that, psychics can solve crimes.

First, the role of psychics, play in criminal investigations.

Were Psychics in any way a reliable form of investigating crime, doubtless they would already reside, in great numbers, behind the desks in every Police Department around the globe.

Every time a crime occurred, it would then be a simple job of taking an article of the aggrieved party to the Psychic Detective, and ‘hey presto’ they would produce the guilty party, or leads as to their where-a-bouts etc.

Psychic Detectives would have long ago largely replaced solid investigations based on the sort of substantive evidence, policing has traditionally relied-on.

Witness’s, statements, circumstance etc would no longer form the main basis of Criminal prosecutions.

Instead a Court would rely on what a Psychic, and their menagerie of dead people, had to say, to prove guilt or innocence.

It would mean in effect – dead people would be in control of Justice System.

Even the most ardent ‘believer’ in those who claim to have psychic abilities, can see what a ludicrous proposition this would be – yet are happy to swallow ‘hook line and sinker’ what is feed to them as ‘Reality TV’.

More ever the facts are to this point are conclusive: psychics don’t solve crimes (at any better than the rate of chance)

Nothing has come from say an episode of ‘Sensing Murder’ that had lead to a case being solved.

This is why.

Dead people don't talk & spirits don’t exist.

The idea of ‘spirits’ or ‘gods’ stranded in a parallel existence, from which they communicate with those of the living with special abilities, has been about since time immemorial. Delphic Oracle any one?

Life after death is a man-made invention.

That’s why only dead humans communicate from an after-life, and not the deceased family Labrador.

If you believe in an afterlife and the ability for the 60 billion dead spirits to communicate (and seemingly so, only via psychics who charge for the privilege) with the 10 billion humans alive today, you must therefore believe that at some level :

*That every living minute of your life, is being snooped on by at least ten spirit beings, and they take an interest in you. Yes, that includes every time you have a piss, shag the wife, go to sleep etc. Why would these spirits be remotely interested in the mundane lives of you and me, when they can say voyeur the day to day activities of the drummer for Motley Cru? Is Paris Hiltons shower room, the place to be in spooksville?

* What happens when the last living contact of these spirits dies? Who do they go around and watch then? Miss Hilton’s bed-room or the set of the next Porn Blockbuster, the living-world is your oyster.

* All spirits apparently speak the same language, which fortunately means they avoid taking a crash Berlitz course in Serbo-Croation etc, the moment they pass-over.

* Seemingly dead babies are given the gift of ‘speech’ or the after-life equivalent of a babble fish.

* In the after-life you retain the physical appearance and body at the moment of your death. With all those old people floating round it must be a fairly quite in the ‘after life’ and the zimmer-frame franchise-holder would be doing a roaring trade, along with sales in Viagra. Put it this way, I wouldn’t be opening a night-club in the next life. I pity the likes of Douglas Bader and invalids who must crawl their way through eternity - what a miserable existence it must be for these poor sods.

*If you are decapitated or placed in a vat of acid, you can still magically communicate. Wow! Still on the positive, this leads to the conclusion that there's still hope for the ugly people in the after-life.

* The dead take night classes. That’s so that when a bronze-aged peasant is called upon to communicate with a modern psychic, they know what say a ‘radio’ or ‘car’ is.

Lets be frank - the whole idea of dead talking to the living, is a load of crap.

Those who claim to talk to the dead are nothing but crude charlatans, with over active imaginations and a gift for cold-reading.

This is why the so-called Psychics paraded on New Zealand version of ‘Sensing Murder’ have avoided taking-up a $20,000 offer from local sceptic, Tony Andrews, to test their powers (more here on this challenge)

As we saw on TVNZ's ‘Eating Media Lunch’ last year, one of those Psychic stars, Deb Webber, was exposed by Australian Television, for the crude bull-shitter she is.

Enjoy this little excerpt as much as I did.

Presenting The Worlds One & Only Atheist Music Blog

Music, particularly music of the alternative kind, has always been of interest to me.

I’ve always been drawn to bands who ‘have a message’ in their lyrics.

More so, when that message is: there are no gods.

And when ever I’ve come across lyrics of the anti-theist or pro-science kind, I’ve taken a note of that song.

This list of atheist songs has grown to 1,000 plus.

It’s got to be the largest collection on the planet Earth, all made by God in a mere six days (proudly thumps chest in primitive act of defiance)

It’s now time to publish this list for the benefit of all bipedal primates.

So enjoy my new baby:


Proudly made in New Zealand, and awaiting your contribution.

Go Neil!

"Today I am still disconnected"
"To the face that I saw in the clouds"