Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Zealand Children who Died for their Parents Beliefs

I recommend you play the You Tube verion of Tears for Fears song ‘Mad World’ (below) as you come to terms with the futility contained in the the cases below. The lyrics from the haunting song, made famous in the movie Donnie Darko, seem to echo the sad, senselessness, when extreme faith overcomes reason. When a child dies, needlessly for their parents beliefs.

Caleb Moorehead died aged 6 months in March of 2002 from a pneumonia after his parents took him out of hospital against medical advice, the end result of something as simple as vitamin B12 deficiency caused by being breastfed by his vegan mother.His deeply devout Seventh Day Adventist mother & father , ignored all advice, including that from family friend, Catherine Curtis-Rangihau, who as a social worker repeatedly told the couple Caleb would die, unless proper medical care was continued. Deborah and Jan Moorehead (right) instead, prefered to pray instead calling the illness ‘a test from God’ and treat their young son with herbal remidies.They ignored the fact the poor child teeth had worn a groove through his tongue The parents received five years jail each for manslaughter. Seemingly oblivious a baby had died due to the couple following their teachings ‘to the letter’ The New Zealand Seventh Day Adventist spokesman told the media outside the Auckland High Court , glibbly “people in many countries take genuine beliefs to the point where they end up causing harm”. Deborah’s sister, also a fellow Seventh Day Adventist sad she had done the right thing by denying her nephew the necessities of life. The Police spokesman called it “a tragic case where the Moorheads chose their faith over their son's life".

Liam Williams Holloway, developed neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer that stands a better than even chance of being cured, if treated early enough. The odds given for survival, via a series of chemotherapy, were given to his parents as 60 to 70%, but this rate drops significantly as the cancer takes hold. Liam was given just one course of chemotheraphy at Dunedin Hospital, but his parents who followed various New Age beliefs, withdrew him from treatment to seek alternative therapies.His doctors went to court and got an order to have Liam treated. His parents went into hiding, as best it was possible to hide from a insatiable & sympathetic media scrum, who sided with the parents rights to seek alternative therapies over proven medicine. Liam’s parents borrowed money and mortgaged their house, solicited public donations and took him to a quack clinic in Tijuana, Mexico – where he died at age of six. Liams parents were never charged.

Whilst most of the media where chasing the Williams-Holliways from hide-away to hide-away, in 1999 a similar case was going-on in Auckland. Tovia Laufau, a 13-year-old Samoan boy, was dying of a cancerous growth on his knee that doctors said at the time could be treated with some confidence. Middlemore Hospital told Mr and Mrs Lafau, Tovia had a 60-70% chance of full recovery; but without it he would die. But his parents, like Liam’s, did not believe in doctors, they prefered to leave the cure in Gods hands. Even when the tumour grew to the size of a basket-ball the parents continued to spurn medical treatment, with the support of their Church . The post mortem, listed the weight of the tumour as 13kgs so it must have been an appaling sight, with horendous discharges, greeting anyone surrounding the pain-ridden Tovia. The defiant and unrepentent parents , Peni and Faafetai Laufau were found guilty of failing to provide the necessaries of life for their teenage son, a charge carries a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment. However, they received a 15- month ‘suspended sentence’ and walked free from the court. At the trial Tovia's former primary school principal, Russell Burt, has told the court the Laufaus were people who looked after their children and did their very best for them.

In 2003, Catherine and David Tribble's four month old son Caleb died of septicaemia caused by an undiagnosed kidney infection. Like the Lautau’s Caleb Tribble’s parents shunned modern medicine due to their deep-seated Christian beliefs . At the time of Caleb's death, David and Catherine Tribble were caring for eight children under the age of nine on their remote farm outside Whangarei. The Tribble’s philosophy was ‘God will provide’. Following the death of their son, the couple faced a trial for manslaughter, but were found not guilty on that charge, but guilty on the lesser charge of endangering the baby by failing to provide him with the necessities of life. The Whangarei court heard that on the day Caleb before died a District Health Nurse visited the Tribble’s and pleaded with the couple to seek medical help, but instead of taking their seriously ill child to a doctor, they opted to contact David's father John to lead them in prayer session for Caleb's recovery. During cross-examination the jury heard from David that “doctors could curse people by misdiagnosing them with an illness” and that his father had the ability via God to cure broken bones instantly. That’s John and his wife above (Caleb’s grand-parents) clutching their bibles in the photo to the left, taken outside the court.

Medical Care for Theists: Prayer and Leeches only

If we are honest, theist hypocrisy know no bounds.

When is the growing percentage of non-superstitious in New Zealand society, going to start say “enough is enough” and ‘return fire’, using ironically the same rights Christians (and their allies)conveniently hide behind?

Time after time we’ve seen groups of Christians fighting every-step of the way, to prevent medical breakthroughs, such as we see currently with stem-cell.

As soon as medical/scientific advancements are in conflict with religion, like stem-cell is currently - castigation and obtrusion occurs.

Protest is of course every-ones right, but later in the passage of time these evangelical protests are always proven to be self-centred platitudes, primordially laughable.

Inevitably what happens is, at some later stage, is these very same protesters or their loved-ones, needs to seek the same treatment they rallied against.

These two-faced, hypocrites have no compulsion seeking such treatment either.

On the other-hand God-fearing luddites are perfectly happy for others to be denied access to medical treatments, even if it means a miserable life or premature death for some other poor unfortunate – but only, if they themselves are not afflicted.

So as you are about to read my proposal, don’t feel any sort of compassion towards theists, for these very same individuals want to rob you and your closest, one of the basis rudiments of modern life, to protect their beliefs.

Always keep in the back of your mind, theists want their beliefs, to over-ride yours – even if it means you watched your own child die in a pitiless painful, fashion – when a cure is available, but denied to you because of their ancient superstitions.

Large tracts of ‘loving’ Jesus followers in this country, want to deny childless couples the opportunity to have a family, using medical treatments.

Cutting to the chase, what I’m suggesting is where resources are stretched in the health system, care is given to those who will appreciate it & respond.

This is the same as an oncologist who opts to treat a non-smoking lung-cancer patient, ahead of one who continues to puff away.

Therefore our health-system already rations medical care, so my proposition is not as radical as it first appears.

Doctors, make ethical ‘life & death’ choices on daily basis, and we don’t raise an eye-brow.

So where resources are stretched why aren’t Health Boards, using the discretionary powers available to them, to allocate care to those who want it first?

As an example, Catholics would automatically go to the bottom of IVF treatment.

Their own Church has fought tooth and nail, to get IVF banned, yet when it suits them, Catholic couples will seek out the very-same treatment that they tried hard to prevent – so it’s hard to feel sorry for them, and besides they can get local Priest to assist (no, not in a Biblical sense but a pastoral one, if that’s what you thought I was inferring to, although I guess the premise isn’t entirely out of the realms)

Why shouldn’t a grateful couple who want a baby and have no objection to IVF treatment, get priority over a couple who aren’t at all enthusiastic about the treatment, due to ethical grounds?

Further, the outcomes from couples who embrace a treatment such as IVF, are surely going to be more positive overall, than those who are sceptical, and acting under duress & facing outside pressure to reject the ungodly procedure.

Based on experience health-providers have a fair idea which of the couples in this example, is more likely to miss appointments, so precedency is both of benefit to the doctors and nurses, also ultimately, the maligned tax-payer.

Our medical practitioners already respond to religious/cultural beliefs.

Hospitals bow to pressure from the superstitious, giving them their own separate areas, actively assisting a policy of sectarianism and supporting a policy of privilege, writing it into law.

Jehovah Witness’s for example, are given the right to die, rather than submit to a blood transfusion.

The religious precedent is already in existence – I’m merely taking the same entrenched statutory privileges bestowed on religion, to their logical conclusion.

Asking for exclusive rights is not a one-way street, and should come with barbs.

Hypocritical theists can’t have it both ways, when it comes to medical treatments, that upset their primitive God and his best-selling book.

On one hand theists can’t ask for a separate place to pray, 'their men' on the ward, at the tax-payers expense, then in the next breath announce “we are the same and demand the same treatment”.

If all these two-faced theists all had true belief in their convictions, like say the witless but gutsy Jehovah Witness’s, there would be plenty of spare hospital beds for us Atheists, and over-flowing cemeteries with crosses on the graves.

So what is wrong with giving priority treatment to someone who wants it, over say someone who wants it stopped full-stop, or objects to it on ethical or religious grounds?

If it is exclusivity through extra rights, they want – let’s give it to them.

Let’s embrace those who abandon reason & science for superstition, as it frees more beds for those who appreciate it.

Let the Hospitals and health-providers play their bluff when it comes to modern treatments that upset their sensibilities, let’s give them what they want & fought for.

It’s also time for theists to practice what they preach, and abdicate themselves from mainstream medicine and get back to basics.

Prayer and leeches.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nazi’s flee Argentina for Rome!

Even for an organised-group with the world’s longest history of anti-semitism, this development over-night, must come as a blow to its already jaded record, and a huge embarrassment.

The Catholic Churches, role in assisting Nazi’s fleeing Europe to South America after World War Two, is well documented and irrefutable.

Now to have one of these favourite haunts for Nazi’s on the run, Argentina, summarily deport a Catholic Bishop for breaking laws against advocating hatred, namely anti-semetic outpourings, this all seems like a plot for a modern-day Gilbert & Sullivan.

Yesterday, Bishop Richard Williamson was asked to leave Argentina, where the Englishman had been living, after he refused to retract his denial of the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

Williamson is also on record for claiming the Israeli Mossad secret service & U.S Secret Service sympathisers, were behind September 11th.

At one stage Williamson was excommunicated by The Vatican, but just last month, they ‘had kissed and made-up’ and he was welcomed back in to the fold.

If for a brief second you thought The Vatican would finally take an ethical stand against their avowed theological enemies, the Jews, with his original excommunication, you would be wrong.

The original excommunication, wasn’t for Bishop Williamsons ongoing rabidly anti-Jewish utterances which continue unabated, it was for other “unrelated matters”, namely, Wlliamson was against The Vatican’s liberal reforms.

In a truly laughable, media statement on the controversial Bishop, The Vatican said “ The Pope had been unaware of Bishop Williamson's views, and had ordered him to recant”.

Evidently what the Vatican want you & me to believe, is they don’t have access to the internet, and they run a policy of ‘see no evil, hear, no evil’.

If only W.S Gilbert where alive today - what a splendid field day he would have with this material.

Nazi’s fleeing Argentina for Rome!

Funny as a play.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Find-out why all Christian Pro-Lifers Support the Termination of Pregnancies

I’m putting my cards on the table here, right from the start – those virtuous Pro-Lifers make me want to puke, they make my skin-crawl, with their two-faced morality.

It’s not that I’m in the least bit interested in the subject of abortion either, like most Kiwis’ it doesn’t register on my radar.

There’s something about these sanctimonious types, spending their whole lives obsessing over a subject like abortion, when there are far greater ills in society – that gets my goat up.

These pro-lifers all have this supercilious ‘fighting the good fight’ approach, and a zealousness that puts a re-education officer from North Korea to shame.

They thrive, showing-us-all gruesome photos, politicking to ‘the cows come home’ and even physically attacking those who believe in a woman’s right to choose.

My own doctor’s wife has fallen foul of these zealots illegal tactics via abuse, vandalism and even death threats.

Let’s cut to the chase here: to a person, Pro-Lifers are Christian busy-bodies with no real-lives, and a myopic view of the world, only possible to focus on with ‘god-goggles’.

What is the most ironic thing about these Christian warriors is their deep-seated belief it is O.K to kill the unborn.

Yes, you read that correctly: all Christian pro-lifers are comfortable with the termination of a pregnancy.

But only, if it’s God does the termination.

Pro-lifers see no problem if their God decided tomorrow, that every pregnant woman on this planet miscarried, yet dare to use the banner pro-life!

Pro-Lifers don’t give a monkeys if your baby, was born was deformed.

Tough-shit buddy, that’s God will.

Footnote: Someone I know had a Christian door-knocker tell her, their son, who has MS, was cursed by God and his parents were to blame for his condition through their sinful ways reducing her to tears! Charming.

Pro-Lifers are comfortable with God drowning millions of pregnant woman, and children in the Biblical flood.

Pro-Lifers don’t give a rats-arse about the Woman & Couples rights – just appeasing their God.

These ‘Warriors of Christ’ don’t care if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, only following Gods will, that is to say, being defiled and then enduring the ignominy of carrying the attackers child to birth.

If a couple chooses to terminate a birth, due to the detection of a birth deformity in their unborn – this is against the sanctity of Gods word and must be stopped, but if God wants to terminate the same fetus, they see no problem.

A human can act in an immoral fashion – but never their precious God.

Their God can drown millions of children, pregnant women and they don’t take issue with this.

You never see an anti-abortion protest outside a Church, where a seething ‘foaming at the mouth’ mob displays placards with “God Kills Children” , “Stop the Slaughter of the Unborn”, “Gods blood is on your hands” etc.

That’s why Pro-Lifers make me want to puke.

They are inconsistent, moral bankrupts.

PS: Here’s what one of the pro-lifer types wrote me recently when I questioned him about Gods mass-drowning, so you get to know the mentality of these creeps. When reading this folks, just remember “it’s all very simple”!

I know that you won’t agree with this, but there is a difference between God executing judgement and a woman murdering her baby. God is entitled to execute judgement, a woman is not entitled to murder her baby. It’s all very simple: 1) God made the universe, therefore he owns it and he makes the rules 2) Every person has sinned and deserves the death penalty for sin 3) God is merciful and does not want people to die so Jesus died and paid the death penalty for us (he also came back to life to remind us that he is stronger than death). It is like a judge imposing a fine then offering to write a cheque and pay the fine 4) Those who do not accept the offer of the cheque will suffer punishment and final destruction: hell is not a place of endless torture {because God is not a sadist}, it is a place of final death 5) God is entitled to destroy anyone such as yourself who refuses the offer of the cheque, but instead he gives you unmerited favour and allows you to live so that you have plenty of opportunities for accepting the cheque I know that you do not believe any of this, but it is the truth whether or not you acknowledge it as the truth. Likewise “the sun rises in the east” is true even if you believe that it rises in the southwest. That is the nature of objective truth. Remember this always: God is not a cruel spoil-sport, he is love.

New Zealand Anti-Abortion
Pro-Life New Zealand.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Catholic Church starts peddling Indulgences again.

For those of you not about in the 16th Century, here’s a bit of a re-cap on how indulgences worked with-in the Catholic Church.

Sinner 'X' would approach his local priest and ask for continued permission to indulge in the sin of his choice – let’s say fucking sheep.

For a certain fee (animal sex, would be on the higher scale one expects), the priest would absolve the sinner for punishment in the afterlife.

Thus the Church turned a blind-eye to a range of sins – for a fee.

The practice of indulgences was so corrupt, you could be half-absolved for half price!

Sinners, who took the cheap route, endured extra time in purgatory for being stingy.

It was a great little money-spinner for The Catholic Church, who cared little about the duplicitous nature of sanctifying a range of sins as long as the palms were greased, and Rome’s strict quota’s made.

Well I’m guessing The Catholic Church must be down to their last thousand trillion dollars, because after 150 years on the outer, ‘indulgences’ are now making a come-back.

So what is the official Catholic Church line, on why indulgences are coming to a local church near you?

According to Bishop DiMarzio of Brooklyn, one of the first Churches to readopt the medieval practice, it’s “because there is sin in the world.”

Rather than being simply a money-making exercise, apparently this turn-around is because it “restores the fading traditions of penance”.

It’s also been re-packaged & marketed as “The Blessing of Indulgences” (the bribe that lasts more than ones life-time)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today’s Holiday Destination: Brazzaville (Republic of Congo)

Chances you’ll run into a fellow theist on the street: 98%

In 2003, a BBC survey voted Brazzaville as ‘The Worst City in the World to Live’ , beating off stern competition from the likes of Khartoum and Baghdad.

At one stage it was considered ‘The Worlds Most Dangerous City’, but it lost that lofty mantle, to Baghdad, shortly after the invasion.

Brazzaville is now only the second most dangerous city on the planet.

The ‘good oil’ has it, officials in the Brazzaville Tourist board, are going all out to obtain ‘the title’ as most dangerous, with a few random mass-killings of their own (mums the word on this, they don’t want the Jihadists in Iraq to find-out)

After decades of social and political turmoil, hunger, poverty, fighting, coups, rampant corruption, disease etc – the city is for all intents & purposes dysfunctional, but with a high density of Churches.

Let’s therefore look past the unspiritual facts like this, and place Brazzaville in its rightful position amongst The Top 10 Most Theistic places one can visit.

Don’t let all this crime & poverty deter you, there’s a spiritual reverence to Brazzaville, that the mainstream media & travel-agents forget.

For example, in 2007, this is deeply religious country, released of stamps to observe ‘World Religion Day’.
Wearing their hearts on their sleeves they’ve tell the world loudly "God is the source of all religions." - in between the highest rates of recorded rape in the world, and dropping dead at an average age of 35.

Yes folks, Brazzaville is a theists dream destination, with amongst the highest density of God-fearing citizens on this planet & most importantly hardly an evil-atheist to bother you.

It’s time to disregard your Government’s Travel Warning, and make that pilgrimage to D.R Congo – to experience being in such a theistic paradise, amongst so many fellow people ‘of faith’.

It’s time to get away from the moral-perils of your sectarian lifestyle back at home.

Abortion, gay-rights etc will all be things of the past, as you relax for 9 nights (10 days for good behaviour) in Brazzaville.

On our 10 day trip of you’ll travel in air-conditioned comfort in our Tour Bus, mingling with the local citizens.

We’ll eat-out nightly, in one of Congo’s numerous ‘Five Star Restaurants’ , as we discuss theocracy with our brothers in God. This trip is a fully escorted, with local guides.

As a special bonus on, the last two days, we’ve bribed local officials to run seminars for those taking our tour, on how to immigrate to the D.R Congo, and make a better life for you and your family – far from that hedonistic, profane society you rally against.

Children discounts are available.

So don’t delay – last years tour was sold-out (the U.N got in first)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Atheist Motivational Posters of the piss-taking kind

Footnote; To those superstitious cave-dwellers, who have gone squawking to Google about, how offensive my poster creations are, in a futile attempt to stifle free-speech and in a crude attempt to get me closed-down - you guys have truly been my inspiration. You have provided me ample enough proof, that I’m making a difference out there in cyber-space, spurred-me-on to bigger and better things. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to become a New Zealand Refugee in two easy steps

1.) Say you are Christian and persecuted
2.) Solicit support from some patsy group

Congratulations, to Iranian asylum Ali Panah, who was granted refugee status, yesterday.

The thinking-mans refugee.

Don’t just arrive in godzone, with the same old story of ‘political persecution’ back home. The N.Z Refugee Status Appeals Authority, gets to hear that story, all the time, eh mate?

Authorities could also check your claims, that you’d face political persecution if you returned home.

Why not take a different tact, one that is beyond reproach?

Something that can not even, be tested.

A scheme, that will also attract outside support, ramping-up pressure on the Refugee Status Appeals Authority.

That’s it – say you’ve suddenly converted to Christianity!

How easy is that to do?

A quick swat of The Bible, act all sincere, say God told you to come to New Zealand and not to eat for a prolonged period - you are ‘home and hosed’.

At all times keep-up appearances, by remembering that’s your new God and not the old one.

Christians get a hard-time back at home, don’t they Ali, even Kiwi’s know this - how good is that!

And the more publicity your case gets, the less likely it is you’ll be returned to Iran, so make as many headlines as possible. The plan,
just got better.

So to ramp-up that publicity, undertake a 53 day hunger-strike, and then get some high-profile naive & well-meaning Kiwi’s on your side.

Go to google and type-in ‘New Zealand, largest religious denomination’ and see what turns-up.

In Christian circles in New Zealand, they don’t get any bigger, than Archbishop David Moxon from The Anglican Church, so you ‘struck gold’ getting him to back you.

Things worked-out nicely, eh buddy.

PS: You would have been on the first plane back to Tehran, if you had have said you were an Atheist. But a bright guy like you, picked-up on that anomaly early-on, one suspects.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buy the Brian ‘Head’ Welch Collectible Toy

This is Brian "Head" Welch, former lead guitarist for KoRn (only the R is appears backwards, which is hard to replicate on a conventional typewriter, and my Satanic one is on back-order)

Brain, has dumped his hedonistic ‘sex, drugs & rock n’ roll’ lifestyle, and found Jesus – a fact trumpeted by his new Christian marketers.

With his tattooed body, and ‘bad boy-gone good’ image, he’s now the new ‘born-again poster boy’ around the globe.

The local ‘Mana’ Christian store here in Christchurch, have his very poster in their front window, along with a prominent spot for his first ‘tell all’ book of redemption.

New Zealand is way behind the times, because his second best seller went on sale six months ago, and Harper Collins buoyed by sales, have paid for a third.

In the interviews I’ve read, Brain (who incidentally I meet, when I was did the bands N.Z tour equipment, about 10 years ago) gives a number of reasons for quitting KoRn, a band he helped, form in 1993.

“It was a little too crude for me."

"More to life, than chasing the almighty buck,"

“"I have a 6-year-old daughter, and I want her to be able to look me in the eye. I'm a single dad, that's what it comes down to,"

Now this is where it get’s confusing for me, and no doubt KoRn fans, as we all attempt to ‘joint the dots’ between Welch’s publicised motives for departing KoRn, versus his new public persona.

Since departing the band Welch has written two books and undertaken a promotional tour around the U.S Christian community & banked millions in royalties. He’s then embarked on a solo career using the name ‘Head’ (I thought perhaps, he was reminiscing about the good old days, with a groupie or two, but apparently his new moniker is short for Head To Christ) and with a blurb that reads “Man, when I get up there onstage, it's going to be me just letting things flow. I have no idea what I'm going to say, it's just going to come out." "I mean, I'm going to be like a kid up there. Because that's really what I am now. I'm a baby Christian."

I can’t see any ‘Parental Advisory, Explicit Content’ sticker accompanying any future recordings of ‘Head’, nor do I think his new brand of music, will appeal much to his former fans, nor for that matter, his old band-mates in KoRn (who still don’t talk to him, and continue on unhindered)

The You-Tube song below entitled ‘Ever Be’ is their frank, vitriolic ‘tribute’ to their old pal, and former guitarist.

Not helping his cause with resolving the rift with his old band-mates, was his widely publicised statement, made at his televised baptism in the Jordan River (yes ‘the’ Jordan) "I don't want to pollute the world anymore. I want to spread a message of love and understanding, and that's what I'm going to do."

For all intents and purposes Welch appears to have simply changed his direction- not his spots.

Some-where along the line Welch has quit drugs, and then began making claims to communicate with God.

And new voice(s) in Welch’s head told him to relocate to Phoenix (only God can explain that one, along with a troop of top psychologists)

In another recent twist ,he wants the world to now know “It was God that told me to leave the band” , thus abdicating himself from the decision-making process.

Strange, at one stage he told us, it was him that wanted to spend more time with his daughter, it was him that was trying to be a better parent, it was him that decided to stay away from drugs etc – but now it’s down to instructions from invisible entities, making one think, those years of meth-use may have caused some permanent damage up in his ‘head’ department.

And if Gods word to “quit the band” was that strong, why not at least talk to your fellow band mates and tell them why you were leaving ‘face to face’ – instead of that quick spineless, impersonal email?

God was similarly also looking over the born-again Welchs shoulder, when he penned a rambling, unintelligible letter to 50 Cent, remonstrating with him “ You're a huge force for the devil right now." “He's going to put demons around you that tell you I'm crazy”.

Message from Mars to Brian Walsh: It's not only The Demons, that think you are crazy.

So not a lot appears to have changed in Welchs lifestyle, excepting his claimed lack of substance abuse and his social circle, plus now, the lead from his guitar plugs directly into Gods speaker, and this new lead-singer gives him special lyrics, which only he can hear.

Rather than the record company pulling the strings, it’s his publicists and the Christian merchandisers, who cover his every step.

There is however a new tattoo to sport, it’s on about the only piece of skin left previously unoccupied, his neck.

Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

I wonder what else his marketing department will have in store, for us – a collectible doll, may be?

You’ll be able to accessorise it, with a cross, bible and an array of stick-on Christian tattoos, for a few dollars more.

When you press-it, it'll speak in tongues.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Low-Life Pastor seeks to exploit Victorian Bush Fire Tragedy

“In my dream I saw fire everywhere with flames burning very high and uncontrollably. With this I woke up from my dream with the interpretation as the following words came to me in a flash from the Spirit of God”.

The share enormity and devastation of the Victorian bush fires across in Australia, is there for the world to see.

The tragedy and loss of life and property, best brought home when we saw the horrific images of burnt-out of cars, whole neighbourhoods obliterated & when we learnt people, in some cases whole families, were burnt alive.

In the face of what he saw, The Australian Prime Minister was brought close to tears

It defies humanity itself, that someone could have started these fires deliberately, and that others would now seek to exploit the tragedy for their own personal gain.

Pastor Danny Nalliah, from the ironically named ‘Catch The Fire Ministries’(part of the nut-case Assemblies of God group, that spawned the fraudster Pastor Michael Guglielmucci) in Melbourne, is one such low-life who hopes to ‘cash-in’ from the tragedy.

The reward Pastor Nalliah is chasing , rather than being one of monetary gain, is of the heavenly kind.

This sad excuse for a human, has blamed the bushfires disaster, on laws decriminalising abortion in Victoria, coupled with his vengeful Gods wrath.

The Pentecostal church's leader, claims he had a dream about raging fires on October 21 last year, and that he woke with "a flash from the Spirit of God: that his conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb".

Catch The Fire Ministries has called upon all Australian Bible-believing God-fearing Christians to repent, and called upon the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy and protection over Australia once again. In other words: our God will give you Aussies a similar dose of death & destruction, unless you follow what he has to say & what we tell you.

Comforting-words no doubt, to victims who have lost a loved-one.

Some of this offensive diatribe was taken straight from a media release made by Pastor Nalliah and his church - the audacity & lack of sensitivity of this scum-bag, knows no bounds.

As part of this news-release Pastor Nalliah, confident in his convictions that [quote] “God has rained his Mercy”, even takes the liberty to publish his phone-number.

It’s: 03-9794-8211 (by the way, if you are calling from outside Australia you’ll need to dial 61-3-9794-8211)

There’s also an email

I don’t want to be seen to be encouraging individuals reading this, to send him offensive messages, though.

Last year, I believed Pastor Michael Guglielmucci’s false claims he had cancer, were about as low as a human-being could sink – short of staffing a death camp etc.

But on reflection, his fellow ‘Assemblies of Vengeful and Murderous God’ pastor, Nalliah, through insensitity alone, has stooped to new depths of depravity in the name of his religion.

PS: When you listen to this You-Tube from Aussie 80’s band ‘Painters & Dockers’ be sure to replace the word ‘Yuppie’ with ‘Nalliah’.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Government Agencies in New Zealand are turning a blind-eye to Religious Child Abuse.

Child abuse means, means the harming (whether physically, emotionally or sexually), ill treatment, abuse, neglect or deprivation of any child or young person. [definition of abuse under The Children, Young Persons and their Families Act of 1989]

Here are six scenarios.

Some involve physical or sexual abuse of a child, others psychological.

Using your own scale - kindly, rank-them from the worst (#1) to the least worst (#6).

1.) A toddler attempts to run across a busy road in front of traffic, in the heat of the moment the mother restraints the youngster & adrenaline still pumping smacks the her child’s bottom and tells him “You are never to do that again, you naughty boy”.
2.) The father of a ten year old girl, starts molesting her.
3.) A mother tells her 5 year old, his father is ‘evil’ and he can never see him.
4.) Parents tell their children they are ‘chosen ones’ and Satan & Demons exist – that unless they live in a certain way they will burn in hell.
5.) In a drunken, rage a father takes his belt to his 10 year old son
6.) Parents deny their children access to higher education, as it involves mixing with outsiders.

Would it surprise you to learn that 3, 4 and 6 are practiced by members of The Exclusive Brethren & Jehovah’s Witness Churches, here in New Zealand?

This very day, somewhere in our country, children from an Exclusive Brethren families, will be falsely told their ostracised parent is either dead, or hate them so much they don’t want to see them.

Everyday young Kiwi minds, from The Jehovah’s Witness Church are feed a diet of demons, the impending end of the world & that they are persecuted by society.

And these two religious bodies are one of many who practice similar and harmful psychological abuse on young minds.

I could give you a whole page of other examples, but it’s fair to say most people reading this, could do so as well.

Unlike the widely publicised cases of physical abuse we see in the media, psychological abuse of children, such as which I’ve described – escapes scrutiny altogether.

Take one moment to think about the last time you saw a media report about a case of where psychological abuse alone, by parents on a child, resulted in them facing charges?

The Government body that is there to protect children is the much maligned, woefully understaffed, Department Child Youth and Family (CYP’s for short).

‘Emotional abuse includes constant yelling, threatening, scaring a child, belittling them or playing games with their emotions’ (CYP’s web site)

To assist you and me to detect ‘emotional abuse’ CYP’s tell us all, we need to look for children, that….

-tend to believe they are bad and worthless
-have problems getting on with others, or be hard to live with
-'shut off’ or become too good
-have difficulty controlling anger.

Frankly, based on what we know goes-on in thousands of households, up and down this country every day of the week, it’s impossible to take seriously CYP’s statements they take direct an interest in protecting children, from what they call “emotional abuse’.

Devoted Christians, who call themselves loving, tell easily-influenced children, they are born wicked sinners.

Theists traumatise small children with tales of hell’s flames, and do so with impunity.

After-all they know religion is the ultimate ‘get out of jail free card’.

CYP’s acknowledge the harmful impacts of this form of abuse, but seemingly never actually bother protecting a child from parents/individuals who practice it.

For all intents and purposes it appears there is a hierarchy, or scale, of abuse in New Zealand, with sexual & physical at the top and ‘emotional’, so distant at the bottom, as not to even warrant investigation, when a case is reported.

CYP’s is shielded from scrutiny into why they rarely prosecute those guilty of emotional abuse of children, sheltered behind the public’s wide-held perception that a child that is physically abused, is worse off in the long-run, than one who is psychologically abused.

Kiwis relate physical & sexual abuse, to the brown-skinned, under-class and ‘call for blood’ every-time a case reached the media.

Since, emotional abuse largely happens in ‘nice white middle-class’ homes, it is some how less threatening to society, and swept under the carpet.

If a crime has been committed, for example, sexual abuse or a serious assault. The Police may decide to prosecute the offender’ [CYP's site]

So let’s imagine what would happen if the head of CYP’s encountered a rough-looking Maori in the Supermarket who barked at his child in a loud threatening fashion “you are a piece of shit and you’ll never be anything in life”.

Then the CYP’s head attended a Sunday School, where the a pastor forth-rightly tells the children sitting on the floor in front of him, that “sinners will burn in hell when the world ends” and then puts-on this quaint ‘purpose-made’ approved religious video for the children to watch, and learn.

One guess, who would face admonishment, come Monday morning when the CYP’s head got to work and made their report.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

R.I.P Antonie Dixon: The sad product of childhood religious indoctrination

[Above is excerpt from Dixon’s now defunct myspace site]

Reports ‘hot off the press’, indicate Antonie Dixon, died in his Paremoremo Prison cell, last night.

His dead body was found with head & neck injuries.

Antonie, came from a family of devout Jehovah Witness’s, and if one believes his court testimony and that of his sister, this very same deeply-religious family molested him as a child, and then allowed fellow church members to do add to his abuse.

What is known is from an early age Dixon, went door to door prophesising with his mum, spent hours in church and at home recited verbatim Bible passages before he went to school.

His young mind was filled with tales of devils, demons and apocalypses.

He believed his father was a product of a union from an angel, a new world order was taking over.

Part of Dixon’s childhood discipline, saw him chained-up like a dog.

This childhood indoctrination, mental health issues mixed with drugs produced the outcomes, we saw manifesting itself in extreme violence.

The drugs, mental health issues are openly discussed, but his twisted religious up-bringing escapes criticism.

The strange & perturbing theme about Dixon’s case, was we all laughed at his ludicrous claims - like the one, the N.Z Police used a 747 aircraft to observe his movements, but the moment he stated his weird religious convictions, like people growing horns from their heads – we all are forced to take him seriously and enquire no further.

To avoid upsetting people in society who believe in Gods and demons etc, we compromise our very legal system and decency itself, and allow the same home environment that contributed to Dixon’s psychopathic actions, to be immune scrutiny and admonishment.

What is glaringly apparent, is no one of the state-employed psychologists, had the fortitude inside our court or at the pre-trail hearings, to analyse the issues behind Dixon’s obvious mental health problems – for to do so, by definition, would mean attacking his extreme religious up-bringing , the Jehovah Witness Church, and the beliefs of millions of Kiwi’s.

Ironically it was only when he was in prison Dixon was received treatment for his psychosis problems and that treatment had allowed Dixon to come forward to give evidence and tell his pitiful and cruel upbringing which he called “a chamber of horrors”.

As a country, on one hand we ban corporal punishment, but we still think it’s fine for parents to twist young-minds like Antonie’s, with harmful information like “woman are immoral” and “you’ll never be good enough to obtain ever-lasting life and burn in hell”.

It’s fine by our society to brainwash young minds with the ridiculous beliefs that “God will talk to you” to “obey his commands” and to look for “biblical visions” - even if the voices in your head command you to chop-off a limb with a samurai sword.

It’s perfectly permissible for your parents to dub you “the devils spawn”, but where they to smack your bum, they’d face charges and possible loss of custody.

When the hell are we going to wake-up and place religious teachings of this kind in the same category as ‘abuse’?

Footnote; When Antonie was ten, Social Welfare agencies, took him from his parents and placed him in state care. At the time, no mention was made of the psychological abuse he had suffered at the hands of his parents and church members – just the physical abuse at the hands of his mother was denoted on the case notes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eugenics: Do we start making an exception for creationists?

"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence". [Louis Pasteur]

Like most thinking people who prefer their theories served with a main of facts, on a bed of science and cooked well-done over decades – it is both irksome and an insult to ones intelligence to still have desert wandering God worshipper types, still maintaining evolution is “just a theory” and then in the next breath, peddling the primitive story of creation in Genesis - that even a 8 year old can pick holes in.

One of the more laughable and ludicrous statements I ran across recently from one defender of ‘creation’ was: “no one was about to witness creation so we have to take the bible at face value”.

Do these mindless ‘believers’ have two brain cells to rub together?

Putting aside scientific evidence for the true age of the earth for one moment (radiometric dating methods, isotope ratios etc) there’s also another gapping hole in this defence of the story of Genesis: there were actually people running about on this planet 6,000 years ago & they were able to both read and write.

6,000 years ago, man began living in the first cities, domesticated animals, organised horticulture, built canals, under-took grain storage, mapped the stars, had hierarchical systems with kings etc, cast bronze tools, used farm implements like ploughs etc etc.

6,000 friggin’ years ago people in Mesopotamia, were getting drunk on beer, not wandering around a magical garden with talking snakes.

6,000 years ago there were around 10 million human inhabitants, ready to check-out the size of Adam’s ‘goods’ and perv at Eve’s tits.

Unequivocally we know this to be fact, from both from what was widely written at the time by the various cultures, their paintings and modern-day archaeology.

Fellow bipedal primates come out from the back of the cave, gather around the fire & say after me – “there was no origin of life, man, earth etc 6,000 years ago”.

The Christians God’s word as written in the first passages of The Old Testament is nothing more than a primitive myth existing on a bed-rock of foundational bias & selective and minor sub-set of data.

Genesis has as much credibility as L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Dianetics’.

In fact there should be one of those large/bright warning stickers on the outside of all Bibles along the lines: “The events of the book are purely fictional, any resemblance to facts past or present are purely coincidental”.

For a comparitive run-down on the varying Creation stories, read my previous article.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Now the Christianity gene has been isolated, as Atheists we must accept that Christians are born this way.

Powerless slaves to their genetic program.

Remember: No one chooses their religion.

We should pity theists & try and help them through their issues with imaginary, invisible beings & the maniacal desire to control others lives.

That doesn’t mean we take a soft line on their offensive practices like large groups of virginal men frequenting public places dressed in women’s clothing, nor the corrupting young minds with false stories of global genocide.

Above all we Atheists should be happy.

For Christianity is a sure sign, the world is nearing rapture in which all Atheists and other heathens will be whisked away up to join The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Let us pray - to he with the noodly appendages - that a cure can be found for the Christianity gene.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Antonie Dixon: As Sane as the next Church-Goer

The distinctive look of one, Antonie Dixon greeted readers of today’s Sunday News (Bert from Sesame Street, anyone?)

Prison appears little hindrance to Dixons, psychopathic urges.

In the latest of a long-line of violent acts, he’s pulled a home-made shank on his lawyer, Barry Hart, during a scheduled visit to Auckland Central Remand.

Luckily for Hart, alert prison guards foiled his attack.

Dixon, is in prison awaiting a re-trial, for the 2003 drug fuelled crime spree that saw him shooting a man dead and severing the hands of two female associates ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ – using a samurai sword.

In 2007 Dixon used a fork to try and gouge out the eye of a fellow prisoner.

At his first trial, under Harts examination, Dixon revealed to the Jury……..

- How he was sexually abused as a child by his mother and family friends who were part of the Jehovah’s Witness church.
- Said his mother padlocked him to a fence where he developed an ability to speak telepathically with dogs, which was why he always got on with dogs.
- That according to his mother, he had inherited a demon from his father
- He heard “the voice of god” and said he thought of himself as “the chosen one”.
- That he believed his reward would be in the next world
- Planes, including a Boeing 747 - were used to follow him, his car and house were bugged and tracking devices had been put into his skin.
- On the night of his rampage, he said God appeared to him at The Thames warehouse he shared with the two other victims.
- He shot and killed his victim, after he saw horns coming from his head, which he described as “a biblical situation”.
- Quote: “I went outside and spoke to God and he said they were Judas’s, to behead them, and to turn the sword and kill myself.”

Many of you reading this, myself included, clearly see Mr Dixon has some significant mental health issues.

But according to the Court and the psychiatrists who examined him, he is sane enough to be tried in an ‘open’ court. Crazed may be, Dixon scored 168 in a recent IQ test undertaken in prison, placing him in the top one percent in the world.

And if Dixon is attempting to feign insanity, he and his lawyer have picked the wrong avenue by using this “God made me do it” line of defence.

Thanks to the ‘special privileges’ bestowed on religious epiphanists, and the politically correct nature of New Zealand society, it is impossible to discredit even samurai-slashing madmen who “speak to God” for it brings into question the very concept of God.

Every day of the week hundreds of thousands of Kiwi’s try talking to an invisible God, all of whom claim God returns their calls.

So what the court is saying is: Dixon is as sane as the next church goer.

Whilst some may receive Gods prophetic word, in a positive form, the New Zealand judicial system has adjudged it’s credible for someone to claim God issued the commands to commit a raft of crimes without being thrown into a padded cell, and perturbing for the neutrality of the system - religious beliefs are exempt full psychiatric examination.

In a nutshell……….

If the religious entity called God instructs you to kill someone and slash off hands with a samurai sword = almost automatically you’ll be adjudged sane (the judicial system not wanting to get bogged down with a protracted arguments for/against Gods/Devils existence)

If an Alien from the moon Titan called ‘Phobos’ instructs you to kill someone, and slash off hands with a samurai sword = you will likely be adjudged insane.

Presumably Dixon will have a new lawyer at his new trial.

Who knows, we may get to hear about the aliens yet?

PS: For an earlier article on Antonie Dixon
check this out.