Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Daughter is off to Easter Camp!

Yes, that’s right MY teenaged daughter is off to a Christian Camp this long weekend.  

Her good mate is going and she thought it would be fun, so I signed the forms without any issues. 

You see it’s not my think to throw my beliefs down my kid’s throat, tell them what they can or can’t do with their lives – excepting perhaps “Don’t get a bloody tattoo!”    

It’s up-to my daughter to make her own conclusions as to the existence of God and the story of his son, emissaries.  

I don’t feel threatened at all my house could soon be occupied by ‘a believer.’  

My only comment to her was a tongue-in-cheek “Remember you come from a long line of atheists.”  

Now I would like you to picture this situation. 

A Catholic Family has a daughter come home wanting to go to an Easter Camp run by Baptists.   

Ironically the chances are they would say “no”!