Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Popes Wartime Record - An Inconvenient Truth

Pope Benedict XVI, aided and abetted by the Papal Publicity machine, would like the world to believe Benedict's WW2 record involved being part of an anti-aircraft unit at an airplane motor factory, deserting, and being held as an American prisoner of war - and all of this happened without him firing a shot in anger.

Records do show he was in fact in an anti-aircraft battery, deserted and was captured by advancing American troops.

What can't be substantiated is his ascertain "I never fired a gun".

Benedict’s biography tells his failure to pull the trigger was partly due to the “a finger infection”.

Joseph Ratzinger was born in Bavaria in 1927. The son of a policeman he was inducted into The Hitler Youth.

Ratzinger, contends it was an "unwillingly induction".

Let's take Pope Benedict at his word on this point, that he didn't harbor Nazi sympathies, and in fact was doing merely his nationalistic duty defending the 'fatherland'. It’s reasonable given the circumstances of the day, to think individual resistance to the regime would have been a perilless position to take. Belonging to The Hitler Youth was the norm.

Rudimentary history shows us millions of Germans fought for their home land in World War Two and weren't in fact Nazi's. Overall this sector of the German armed forces played little to no part in the in the Reich's excess's.

The flip side to this, is history also show’s us killing & injuring Allied soldiers wasn't the sole preserve of card carrying National Socialists. Wehrmacht soldiers, Luftwaffe pilots, Anti-Aircraft gunners were all part of the Nazi war machine.

So let's picture Ratzinger at his anti-aircraft battery outside the BWM plant, Munich, in the last months of World War Two.

By then the Germany cities were reduced to rubble, Goebbells was exalting the populous to 'total war'.

The fellow Hitler Youth, Ratzinger shares his plight with in the flak-unit, are all teenage boys feed on a diet of Nazi propaganda.

The occupants manning those guns, regardless of their political leanings or religious up-bringing, are privy to the mass destruction bought on their fellow Germans by Allied bombing. They’ve seen the gruesome corpses of deserters, hung from telephone poles to act as a deterrent. To them the war is not lost, there is still fight in their belly.

The air-raid siren goes off to notify the batteries surrounding the factory of an incoming raid, the first guns target the American Bombers and begin firing.

Ratzinger's and his fellow Hitler Youth squad, prepare to defend the plant, the city, fellow Germans, at the very least save their own lives.

In the surrounding Munich streets the basements and air-raid shelters are filled with cowering women & children.

But if one believes Bendict's recollections - no shots were fired by him and his team.

Their battery lay idle whilst those around them spewed forth rounds, illuminating the sky above.

Amongst this chaos and destruction Ratzinger then tells his comrades in arms “Sorry guy’s I’ve got a sore finger and I’ll have to give this raid thing a miss tonight”.

Any neutral can see, this excerpt from Pope Benedict's war time record is clearly not credible.

It’s inconceivable an entire troop of Hitler Youth would abandon their post without 'firing a shot' and simply slip away.

There are thousands of accounts of Hitler Youth fighting to the death for a lost cause.

Perhaps The Pope wasn't involved with the mechanics of firing the weapon, but you can bet your boots, he and his fellow ideologically driven Hitler Youth, would have been doing their dandiest to bring down Allied bombers.

Of that there is little doubt given the circumstances, and I’m eagerly awaiting a Panorama Documentary on Pope Benedicts true wartime record.

Before that comes along there’s still time to confess ones sins to the world Herr Pope.

New Zealand Blasphemy Challenge

Press on above and a bigger version will unfold, enabling you to take a better gezz at this archaic & unenforceable law, which remarkably still remains on N.Z Statute books in 2008.

Then, be a devil, (makes giggling noises as he writes) enter.......

'The New Zealand Blasphemy Challenge'

Come-on, there's a bit of school boy in all of us.


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Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Chest! What Thighs! What a load of Crock!


1.)What the hell is a ‘musk’ cushion? Can I get one online at Peaches & Cream?
2.)What Hair! What Chest! What Thighs! What Legs! But what’s in it for the arse men fella?
3.)So much softness. Oxymoronic given the subject matter.
4.)Wine is Allah’s heavenly reward for tea-tottlers. Another plus for drinking beer in my books.
5.)This dude is wearing a pink shawl. You're not thinking what I am?
6.)Just ten black eyed virgins? Look I’m not converting or strapping dynamite to my body, unless there’s at least two dozen, and they’re of Scandinavian extraction.
7.)I doubt it was the face, he last applied Nivea or Vaseline.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shihads Holy War


Prey to your lonely gods,
There’s so many left to choose from,
They all can't be wrong,
You should take,
You should take a breath,
Because in the end your just the same as all the rest,
And your caught between the bible and the gun,
When everyone claims their god's the one,
What? The one Break what is in your way,
Nothing stands between us,
Or nothing will remain,
What you feel is only real if it's written in your heart,
The words designed to keep us apart.
[‘Bible and The Gun’ by Shihad off the album ‘Beautiful Machine’ 2008]

Shihad is an alternative rock metal band from New Zealand. They’ve been on the Australasian music scene for 20 years. One of the more versatile Kiwi acts they have been called ‘chameleons’ in respect to their musical experimentation.

One thing that hasn't changed for the last two decades, is the bands overt atheist/humanist leanings.

Take their 1999 song 'Sport and Religion':

Sport and religion
What a game
You can call it progress
but what's the aim?
You can't fake the fantastic
No more, no more
We can't keep on hacking away
when no one knows the score.

Bowing to Record Label pressure, Shihad were forced to change their name to Pacifier in early 2002, after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, made the post 9/11 environment in the U.S some what ‘tense’ for a band with a name bearing more than a passing resemblance to ‘jihad’. Rather ironically the band came up with name Shihad after having misheard the words ‘jihad’ (as ‘shihad’) whilst watching David Lynch’s film Dune.

The first single released under the name Pacifier was 'Comfort Me', which drew motivation from religions role in the global turmoil:

Back up, evolution here,
All the sick fucks,
Being born to kill,
They just need someone to tell them,
They're safe again,
They all need someone to tell them,
That somebody cares,
You're going to bring the world down,
The whole world down

After the dust of 9/11 had settled the band changed its name back to Shihad in 2004.

That year they released a double album ‘Love is the New Hate’ which contained the single ‘Empty Shell’.

All the fables that you know,
Light 'em up and watch 'em blow,
So forget what you been told,

Evolution calling,
Bury the truth and bury it well.

The dominating theme of Shihads, seventh and latest Album, ‘Beautiful Machine’ (2008) is religion.

Drummer, Paul Larkin states caustically “To boil it down, religion is just outright dumb”.

“The album doesn’t demonise religion, it just says it’s a bit silly really and the answers are more complex than one could imagine after reading something as trite as the bible”

A more consilatory Larkin “People have every right to think what they like, we’re just saying some people believe in Star Wars, some people believe in God”.

Frontman, Jon Toogood further backgrounds the bands inspiration for ‘Beautiful Machine’.

"My friends on the whole are atheists, but still relatively spiritual and very optimistic, and very positive about the fact we have 60 or 70 years on this dot and they're grateful that they're here. But I just find the whole switch back to the right-wing, Christian, hyper-religious scene very weird and it made me feel quite alone”.

"I've got no problem with people believing what they believe, I just don't like it encroaching on my life or decisions that affect me because of someone's beliefs”.

Toogood says he decided to write Beautiful Machine after being wowed by pictures sent back by Voyager 2, which made the world seem bigger than everything, including God.

"It's too big and beautiful to be written in a little book by a human, but it made life more precious," Toogood said. "We're on this tiny little dot and wow we get 70 years to revel in it!".

The album ‘Beautiful Machine’ looks to be a compulsory stocking filler for that secular humanist in your life.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beating The Bishop

wanking, cuff, spanking the monkey, playing the clitar, five knuckle shuffle, jacking-off, jerkin’ the gherkin, flicking the bean, beating the bishop, chocking the chicken….

Repressing human sexuality has always been a part of mainstream religious teachings.

Controlling these normal sexual urges is always high on Church agendas.

Good folk should show restraint and purity.

Many religious folk will state that sex is good & pure and created by god for both procreation and pleasure. Intimacy however can only be enjoyed by a husband and wife (Tui Billboard anyone?) and confined to intercourse.

Other ‘pleasures of the flesh’ like masturbation are considered forms of abuse and a perversion.

Behavioral needs have to be mastered or else sin will be the master of you.

Sins like the self-centered act of masturbation must be controlled and the Christian Churches are here to ensure one passage from their holy book can turn back millions of years of evolutionary biology.

"And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother’s wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother."

All of this is itself - a load of wank!

Masturbation is normal, it feels great, releases tension etc etc.

We all do it. I’ll say it again. Medical conditions aside - all adults masturbate.

The Pope masturbates (infrequently now he’s in his eighties) The Queen masturbates (or do they have a Royal consort who performs that task for them?) Ayatollahs masturbate (they know what’s under those burqas) Helen Clark masturbates (don’t get into any mental imagery on this one)

And the only people who feel guilty about having a ‘jolly good wank’ are religious types who have been cajoled & brainwashed into believing something normal, like masturbation, is in-fact dirty and a sin, thus reducing their chances of an after-life.

It still won’t stop them regularly ‘spilling their seed’ though, will it?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Christian Only Refugees

God botherer, one time Financial Administrator for the N.Z Catholic Church, elected United Future list member, and now independent MP, Gordon Copeland, is attempting to use his last days in Parliament in a futile attempt to grant further privileges, for those who choose Christianity as their superstition of choice.

Rather than worry about the 100 Kiwi’s crossing the ditch every day, Copeland wants the secular N.Z Government to grant exemptions (read special privileges) to asylum seekers who profess to be Christians and claim to be under some threat were they returned home.

His Press Release of the 17th April 2008, is headed ‘Copeland seeks moratorium on deportation of Christians’ & reads:

Independent MP Gordon Copeland today utilised a Parliamentary Question to enter a plea with the Minister of Immigration on behalf of Iranian asylum seekers, who convert to Christianity.

“Following the introduction of legislation in Iran mandating the death penalty for apostates from Islam, there can now be no doubt at all that the deportation of such converts is a death sentence,” said Mr Copeland.

“In the light of that reality, the Dutch, British, Canadian, and Australian Governments have stopped deportation to Iran and New Zealand should, in my view, do the same.”

“This country’s foundations are based upon liberty of conscience and freedom of religion, including the freedom to change one’s religion. We abolished the death penalty about 40 years ago and its application anywhere in the world is abhorrent to New Zealanders.”

“In these circumstances it is simply unconscionable to continue deportation.”

Mr Copeland has said that any claim to Christian conversion needs to be genuine and able to be authenticated by clergy or other pastoral workers in testimony before the Refugee Status Appeals Authority. However, should testimony provided in that manner affirm that the conversion is genuine, then it should be accepted and asylum granted to the claimant.

“At the end of the day, there is simply no option in the matter and I would rather see the benefit of the doubt extended to the asylum seeker than take the risk of discovering later that we have sent a person back to their death in Iran.”


Apparently Copeland’s crocodile teared cry for “freedom of religion” did not extend to other faiths.

If Copeland got his way converted Bahá'ís arriving into the N.Z would be returned to face their fates. Iran is of course is both the cradle of the Bahai’s religion and it’s followers form the countries largest religious minority & have endured persecution for centuries under successive regimes.

But of course Copeland is only interested in Christian refugees.

So Refugees from other converted faiths, plus those dreaded atheists, would be on the first plane out of New Zealand, were he to have his way.

The other question that comes to mind is - who would qualify as a Christian?

The Refugee Status Appeals Authority could face arguments that a non-monotheist Coptic Egyptian was not infact a follower of Jesus and therefore would not qualify for Copelands rigid rules as who was a Christian and who wasn’t.

Problems abound, not to mention the fact Refugee Status Authority would be granting an exemption based on religion and it's independence would be called into question.

This isn’t the first time Copeland has wanted a say as to who can come into the country, and who can’t. In 2006 he approached The Minister Of Immigration (David Cunliffe) in an attempt to frustrate Australian euthanasia-activist Philip Nitschkes attempts to settle in N.Z.

No prize for guessing Mr Nitschkes point of view on the terminally ill differs from Mr Copelands, and that was good enough for Gordon to partition the authorities (including visits to The N.Z Police at one stage) to get him banned.

Copeland’s ‘Christians Only Refugee’ proposal is of course patently ludicrous.

Asylum seekers, would seize upon this window of opportunity to covert, as an easy path to follow to gain residency. Of this there is little doubt.

They would be quoting Bible passges to the cow’s come home and whole chapters of L.Ron Hubbards ‘Diagenics’ verbatim if it lead to citizenship in godzone.

The sooner the tax-payers of New Zealand see the back of this ‘lame duck’ MP the better.

PS; Would someone kindly tell Gordon, the most Christian nation on the planet, is one of the last in the Western World, to still practice the "abhorrent" death penalty he deplores.