Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Extreme Reality T.V: Skeptic challenges Guru to kill him live on Indian Television

Self-styled "Indian Guru" Pandit Surender Sharma claimed he could kill a man using nothing but magic powers, so Indian rationalist Sanal Edamaruku put his ‘mind death ray’ to the test live in local television.

Makes amusing fodder.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ratzinger is the perfect Pope states none-other than Richard Dawkins.

And of course he’s entirely right!

His logic is bang-on (when isn’t it?)

It’s Pope Benedict 16th that’s leading the Catholic Church down-the-tubes, exposing it's rotten core to the world, and that has to be something that deserves our support – rather than calls for his resignation.

So long may Pope Benedict reign and may he continue to play his fiddle whilst Rome burns.

Full-Article from Washington Times below:

Ratzinger is the perfect pope.

"Should Pope Benedict XVI be held responsible for the escalating scandals over clerical sexual abuse in Europe?"

Yes he should, and it's going to escalate a lot further, as more and more victims break through the guilt of their childhood indoctrination and come forward.

"Should he be investigated for how cases of abuse were handled under his watch as archbishop of Munich or as the Vatican's chief doctrinal enforcer?"

Yes, of course he should. This former head of the Inquisition should be arrested the moment he dares to set foot outside his tinpot fiefdom of the Vatican, and he should be tried in an appropriate civil - not ecclesiastical - court. That's what should happen. Sadly, we all know our faith-befuddled governments will be too craven to do it.

"Should the pope resign?"

No. As the College of Cardinals must have recognized when they elected him, he is perfectly - ideally - qualified to lead the Roman Catholic Church. A leering old villain in a frock, who spent decades conspiring behind closed doors for the position he now holds; a man who believes he is infallible and acts the part; a man whose preaching of scientific falsehood is responsible for the deaths of countless AIDS victims in Africa; a man whose first instinct when his priests are caught with their pants down is to cover up the scandal and damn the young victims to silence: in short, exactly the right man for the job. He should not resign, moreover, because he is perfectly positioned to accelerate the downfall of the evil, corrupt organization whose character he fits like a glove, and of which he is the absolute and historically appropriate monarch.

No, Pope Ratzinger should not resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten edifice - the whole profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, truth-hating, child-raping institution - while it tumbles, amid a stench of incense and a rain of tourist-kitsch sacred hearts and preposterously crowned virgins, about his ears.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Dominion Post states “The Catholic Church has lost its moral authority.”

“Put bluntly, the church is an organisation that harbours child abusers, covers up child abuse and facilitates child abuse by transferring pedophiles to dioceses in which their offending is not known.”

“Until it puts its own house in order by reporting all cases of sexual abuse, historic and present, to temporal authorities and co-operating fully with investigations, its leaders are in no position to lecture anyone about
abortion, contraception, sex outside marriage, spybases or anything else.”

Yes, indeed today’s editorial (excerpts above) in The Dominion Post certainty calls it like it is.

Here we have a mainstream New Zealand newspaper attacking the institution called The Catholic Church, suggesting it no longer has any credibility ‘preaching’ to society on a range of moral issues – when it is clear to the public the Church has operated at times in a deliberate amoral fashion.

Contrast this frank report in The Dom.Post with the sycophantic press-release from Bishop Patrick Dunn (Catholic Bishop of Auckland) that appeared in The New Zealand Herald on the same day.

Dunn indicates the media has wrongly targeted Benedict and he finds these reports “astonishing.” and goes on to-use that tied-old line “it was only a small number of priests.”

Dunn exhibits exactly the traits and arrogance that plague The Catholic Church.

In-fact the root-cause of its current, irrevocable demise.

Essentially Dunn believes in the centuries-old doctrine of papal infallibility – everything is hunky-dory & the church can do no wrong.

Mix this mind-set with a liberal dose of paranoia that The New York Times and Das Spiegel have somehow invented the stories about Ratzingers involvement in two cover-ups – including presumably the falsification of court documents, public records and the sworn testimony of dozens, if not hundreds of witness’s.

Dunn’s article is an insult to ones intelligence, born of ignorance of the truth - he refuses to see.

Friday, March 26, 2010

You, me and this planet are nothing – get over it!

Watching this awesome video made-me-think how we homo-sapiens have an overly high opinion of ourselves, along with the planet we occupy.

We like to believe our species & the lump of rock we live-on is something ‘special’ and significant in the scheme of things.

Like f*ck!

Well I’ve got news for you, this planet, with the naff name Earth, and all the species on-it are in-fact a mere pimple on the bum of the vast universe – the share size of which is beyond any normal person’s comprehension.

So far mankind has only managed to reach our own insignificant moon – which is like traveling the equivalent of the width of a piece of paper on a journey from Christchurch, N.Z to Anchorage, Alaska.

Sooner rather than later, in the vastness of space, we will find evidence of other intelligent life – this is a certainty.

To think that some supernatural-being built our special ‘little house on the prairie’ along with every-other sun/planet etc floating in space and that ‘we’ are some-how the anointed off-spring of this being – is frankly ludicrous and the realms of b-grade sci-fi.

In-fact I’m going to go as far as suggesting anyone who believes a singular magic god-creature whipped-up the entire universe, like making a fondue for a large dinner-party – is delusional and a potential danger to the rest of society – unfit to have children in his/her care.

Open your mind to our place in the scheme of things - accept the facts with with grace.

Above all, kindly cease inventing bull-shit stories about invisible, supernatural creatures and expecting sane, intelligent people to believe your fairy-stories!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rumours The Pope’s Bro is a child-molester gain momentum.

Before you view this clip remember Reverend Georg Ratzinger, a card carrying Nazi who wore a Wehrmacht uniform in WW2 and older brother of Pope Benedick, has already admitted to physically abusing boys in his care in the 1960’s.

This controversy bubbling-away in Germany has the potential to see Ratzinger junior toppled from his position as fuehrer and protector of his brother.

It appears in the decades of lies, deception & suppression orchestrated by The Vatican are not going to hold-back the mounting evidence against The Ratzinger clan (or should that be klan?)

Earthly Judgment Day is approaching the two.

Friday, March 19, 2010

“God made me do it” child-abuser let off lightly!

If ever you are in the shit with the law in this country – just remember the five words which will mitigate the criminal intent.

Say after me.......

“God made me do it.”

This includes systematically beating your own child with an alkathene pipe.

This week Judge Allan Roberts agreed with the defendants claims the punishment meted-out to his young son were merely “administered for biblical reasons.”

Whilst finding the defendant guilty he granted him permanent name-suppression and sentenced him to home detention and some meaningless 'wet bus ticket'courses.

The Police and the New Zealand public as a whole were expecting jail given the savage nature of the abuse outlined in the New Plymouth court.

But the nameless defendant managed to play his ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’ in the form of the teaching of his psychopathic and cruel god Yahweh, who not just permits, but encourages parents to never spare the rod – even when it is made of alkathene and there's a fair chance it'll cause major injury to a defenseless child.

His defence lawyer, Paul Keegan, even quoted sections of Proverbs which encouraged stern treatment of a disobedient child.

Keegan even had the audacity to call his clients assault “traditional values.”

One presume Mr Keegan would take a similar stance were it his own children who were victims of similar assault, oops sorry ‘traditional values’, and an adult to took-to his kids with a length of pipe – like f*ck he would!

Clearly we have one Justice System in New Zealand for those who believe in invisible entities called gods and another for those of us that don’t wear magic god-goggles and don’t happen to think beatings of this nature are normal and can be justified in a civilised modern society - rather than a primitive, ancient sand-dwelling one.

Image for one minute this wasn’t a ‘good-Christian’ following the teachings of his holy book to the letter and rather this was a non-decrepit father who instead claimed “I was reading The Catcher and The Rye and got involved in it’s writings and in a whim I started to beat my son for steeling money.”

Would the judge be so lenient then?

No f*cking way!

As part of the wishy-washy liberal sentence the spineless scum-bag was ordered to attend and complete anger management sessions and further parenting classes.

If Judge Roberts really wanted to stop this god-fearing scrotum's chances of re-offending, the logical course of action was not of a parenting nature – it would have been to require him to burn his bible and never attend a church again!

Irish Catholics reaped what they sowed.

Here were four million ‘independent’ people who all to some degree knew how rife abuse was amongst The Catholic Church in their country and often the ‘goings-on’ at their local parish – yet mostly sat silent – talking about it only to close confidants over a pint of stout at the pub.

Let’s not forget there were 20,000 known victims over three decades – that’s the populations of Ashburton, Rakaia and Methven all put together – so don’t go telling me all this abuse was a secret.

A taboo subject amongst believers perhaps - never a secret.

Knowing how women gossip (I’m married and have a daughter) there is no way that any rumours of abuse on this scale would stay confined within church circles.

Every victim had a family and friends.

Vast tracts of The Irish Police force and Government actually knew the names of priests who were kiddy-fiddlers, but as Catholics first and law-enforcers/protectors of society second – they did little or nothing.

Indoctrinated and complicit parents were happy to put at risk the own safety of their children – hoping that the local priest would pick someone else’s child.

What were the millions of Irish adults afraid-of by largely staying silent about the self-evident on-going abuse?

This self-imposed quiescence on a mass-scale has parallels to Stalinist Russia.

People were afraid to speak-out – knowing full well they would be ostracised and that the local coppers were in league with ‘the’ church and would never investigate complaints anyway.

Any complaints/accusations directed to the Church would be similar treated.

That’s to say – with distain and callous disregard to the victims.

Yet rather audaciously we now have heard calls just this week for St Patrick Day to become a national holiday here in New Zealand! Kiwis are meant to celebrate the man who first bought Catholicism to Ireland! Like f*ck! I would rather work than have a day-off in reverence to this prick. It’s his evangelism and adherence to a corrupt & flawed church that has subsequently wrought so much misery upon thousands of Irish children.

This mass-child abuse on a scale with no parallel, is not only an indictment on The Catholic Church in Ireland but every Irishmen who stood-by and did nothing, knelled in front of their local priest the same way as an altar-boy at a sleep-over did the night before.

BBC Doco Exposes Catholic Church Abuse & Cover-Up

As I have repeatedly rallied - if The Catholic Church was any other legal entity, other than that of a religious order – authority’s through-out the world would have closed it down decades ago - as a threat to child-welfare.

The whole organisation is riddled with child abusers and still to this day undertakes a mandatory policy to cover-up these abusers which extend right up-to its current fuehrer (in fact it was Bene-dick that ratified the policy!)

This BBC Documentary shows the scant-regard the Catholic Church in Ireland and its zombie-like followers, including Papist Police & Politicians, have for child welfare. It’s a sad indictment on Catholic dominated countries like Ireland, who turned a blind-eye to the sickos within ‘The Church’, giving them a free-reign to systematically abuse-children, the most vulnerable, with virtual impunity.

I’m proud to say “I’m an atheist” when I see how rotten to the core the world largest religion is.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Global Natural Disasters are God’s vengeance against believers: turn to atheism or face his (or her) terrible vengeance!

Hardly a week goes by without an earth-quakes or tsunamis causing mass-destruction, carnage and misery around the globe.

There is of cause a perfectly logical explanation, and in-fact a master-plan to the bout of disasters.

It has nothing to do with weather patterns and movements in the tectonic plates.

In simple terms God (give him or her a name of your own choice) is signaling his (or her) displeasure by deliberately targeting theistic countries - warning-the populous to turn to atheism or face his further wrath.

It is no coincidence that Atheistic countries have been left unscathed from all the natural disasters, death and destruction that has occurred lately.

So theists ignore Gods-will at your peril!

Repent now!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Christian Concept of Hell is Nonsensical

You have just died and discovered, to your horror, that all those Christian stories of hell are true.

The Devil and his minions, all drunk and in black death-metal t-shirts, are there to greet-you.

Beelzebub looks at your mortal CV, concludes you are indeed in the right place.

Then welcomes you into the fold and allocates you a room with a view over-looking the active volcano.

So why the f*ck would The Devil now want to torture you?

He’s seen you have been a naughty-boy and ignored ‘the word of God’ and therefore surely he should be lining-up a big-titted whore and hard-liquor to celebrate, before you go off to see The Zappa concert.

But rather than congratulating you for being a staunch heathen – The Devil begins to punish you?


This is just not logical actions, oxymoronic, and no-one has ever explained to me why the ultimate evil-doer The Devil would want to punish mortals who follow his own path?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God is back and he's a Maori!


God (yes, ‘the’ God of that best-seller The Bible) is living in New Zealand – in one of the leafy suburbs of Auckland to be exact.

God rides a Harley Davidson on his days-off giving people cancer and turning a blind-eye to starvation and misery, wears expensive suits and is married to a mere mortal.
God knocked his 'mrs' up before they got hitched, but let's face-it his father indulged in mass-murder - so who gives a monkeys about pre-martial bonking?
In 2005 God and the good-wife spent 40K on a cruise on Queen Mary 2 around 'the Med.'
Why God didn't just move the tectonic plates and re-locate the Mediterranean and surrounding countries down-closer to N.Z, say near Fiji, has yet to be explained.
Currently God is using the body of a middle-aged Maori.
All the details are on Gods very own web-site.
A message to all doubters - anyone who questions God, is in league with Satan.
So being God, the 'Big Guy' himself - it’s gotta be true.
PS: Conveniently God accepts all major credit cards and has penned an autobiography for you to buy. At just NZ$30 it's a steal. Grab a t-shirt whilst you are at it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Come-on kids let's go see the big wave and be bit-players in the living expression of Darwinism

Yesterday Kiwi's awoke to the news a tsunami was on its way to our shores, sparked by the Chilean earthquake.

In the face of this imminent threat-to-safety we saw stark differences, potentially tragic in some cases, in the way people reacted.

Loosely we saw four groups in action:

(a.) Sea-side citizens who became aware of the tsunami in the early hours of Sunday morning began knocking on their neighbours doors warning them. In-turn those individuals warned others. Whole streets cleared-out even before Civil Defence and Police turned-up to say to leave.

(b.) Hearing the news & taking-heed of the warnings families close to the ocean packed their car with a few possessions, pets etc and fled to higher ground.

(c.) Upon hearing the exciting news there was about to be a tsunami hit their local beach, ignoring all safety warnings thousands packed the kids into the car and went down to the seaside, stood on sand-dunes etc to take a look at 'the big wave'.

(d.) Some sea-side locals decided to stay ensconced in their houses and take their chances.

Let's now say a significant sized wave had hit our shores yesterday morning - what would have happened to the sightseers and stubborn locals who refused advice to evacuate?

The brutal fact is the last two categories would form the largest number of those who would have been killed or injured.

All-in-all what we saw yesterday was an exercise in Darwinism at its best.

Assuming a lethal natural disaster had of occurred & putting aside the human tragedy – the gene pool in this country would have been exorcised of some individuals who lacked survival instincts and common-sense.

The survivors and their genetic imprint would be those who had the instincts to save their own skins and the community consciousness to help save others, not just their families.

The stark brutality of natural-selection at work.