Friday, May 29, 2009

God the Ultimate Comic Book-Hero

Marvel Comics have a good grasp of the human psyche.

Create super-humans, with the appearance of common-man, but with powers we hairless chimps desire, yet can never realise.

Super-Humans, with moral a compass pointing only to good.

Modern-day Greek Gods, created by-in-large, for an audience that can read and write, fully aware of their humble place in the scheme of things – but which still craves that innate , eternal human desire, to ‘fly like a bird’ , have ‘the strength of an elephant’ etc.

Good to triumph over evil.

The desire to be ‘all-powerful’, more than, mere human.

Now, run-through-your-mind, the attributes of these Super-Heroes.

Then think-about what attributes, one would give a God, if you were on the project-team at Marvel creating ‘God, the Ultimate Super-hero’?

X-ray vision?

The strength of twenty elephants?

The power, to read minds?

The same-way a comic-creator plays on human-frailties in creating a super-hero, or villain for that matter, is virtually identical to the process all cultures, undertook when the human-mind came to hammering-out their god or deity.

With one important addition, no comic entity can match.

That’s the power to defy death.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christchurch Author details abuse at hands of Catholic Church

Ann Thompson’s crime, in the eyes of her abusers, was she was born ‘a bastard’.

Her earliest childhood recollections were being told, her mother was evil, and she would end-up in hell, unless the devils inside her, could be beaten-out.

Thompson, arrived at Christchurch’s, Nazareth House in 1951, aged 10, and the abuse at the hands of the nuns started, just weeks after her arrival.

When she was aged 15, she suffered sexual abuse from a priest.

The horror of her childhood, is outlined, in a just published book ‘Say Sorry’.

The title is her plea to The Catholic Church to finally say “sorry” after all the years, of suffering.

She is hoping the sordid details outlined in the book, will spark some humanity from within The Catholic Church in New Zealand, towards not just her own plight, but hundreds of others New Zealanders, with similar tales.

Given what we have seen as a systemic worldwide policy to avoid responsibility – I’m not personally holding-out much chance Ann will receive the over-due “sorry” she should be accorded.

Avoiding culpability is of course something The Catholic Church are experts at.
These nuns & priests showed universal distain, for human dignity.

Human cockroaches.

From Ireland to New Zealand, The Catholic Church oversaw beatings, rapes, starvation & psychological abuse of vulnerable children.

Ann’s story is but one.
Footnote: Please watch the You-Tube Song, dedicated to her cause.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I See Dumb People: Pope orders Catholics not to report sightings of The Virgin Mary.

Here’s a News-Report to digest,and titillate at(and no, not the photo,I'll get to that last)

Catholics who claim they have seen the Virgin Mary will be forced to remain silent about the apparitions until a team of psychologists, theologians, priests and exorcists have fully investigated their claims under new Vatican guidelines aimed at stamping out false claims of miracles.

The Pope has instructed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly the Holy Office of the Inquisition, to draw up a new handbook to help bishops snuff out an explosion of bogus heavenly apparitions.

Benedict XVI plans to update the Vatican's current rules on investigating apparitions to help distinguish between true and false claims of visions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, messages, stigmata (the appearances of the five wounds of Christ), weeping and bleeding statues and Eucharistic miracles.

Monsignor Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, a respected Spanish Jesuit archbishop, has been placed in charge of drawing up the handbook, known as a "vademecum", which will update the current rules set in 1978.

According to Petrus, an Italian online magazine which leans towards conservative elements in the Vatican, anyone who claims to have seen an apparition will only be believed as long as they remain silent and do not court publicity over their claims. If they refuse to obey, this will be taken as a sign that their claims are false.

The visionaries will then be visited by a team of psychiatrists, either atheists or Catholics, to certify their mental health while theologians will assess the content of any heavenly messages to see if they contravene Church teachings.

If the visionary is considered credible they will ultimately be questioned by one or more demonologists and exorcists to exclude the possibility that Satan is hiding behind the apparitions in order to deceive the faithful.

Guidelines for the approval of apparitions and revelations were last issued in 1978. They lay down that a diocesan bishop can "either on his own initiative or at the request of the faithful" choose to investigate an alleged apparition. He then submits a report to the Vatican for approval.

So where does one, start on, delusional psychotics, who believe in this sort of drivel?

1.) If people see a mystical entity resembling Mary Magdalene – how will they tell it’s her in the first place? Does she wear a name tag? Will your friendly local church do a line-up of apparitions at some later stage, and ask you to pick-out, the one you saw?

2.) How often do Scientologists, Hindus and Muslims etc, report seeing visions of this ‘Mary’ chick?

3.) If this Virgin, tells you “I was raped by God” will the Church take your claims more seriously?

4.) Surely if you believe in aspirations, the most normal human reaction, would be to tell some one, not bottle it-up for six months, and casually bring-it-up a dinner party?

5.) How can a layman tell the difference between a heavenly apparition, or say one, disguised by nasty-old Satan to appear like it?

6.) When first confronted with an apparition claiming to be The Virgin Mary, should you ask for evidence her hymen is still in tact?

Boy, oh boy, what an absolute load of utter cobblers - surely, no rational educated person can believe any of this stuff?

Sadly, the answer is yes, there are people that have this as their 'reality', and by & large,they don't happen to live in mud-huts, in deepest Africa.

There are over a billion ‘fellow’ humans, your neighbours, who believe in this superstitious crap, to be real as the nose on their face.

PS: 'Mary' the well-stacked lady at the top of the page, is the inspiration of Chilean fashion-designer Ricardo Oyazun. Only his 'vision', was not shared by The Catholic Church and its followers, who 'decorated' his house in human excrement, and made threats to kill him & his family. Perhaps he should have followed the official process?

Pope Benedict – Self Confessed Coward or Defender of his Homeland?

Undeniably Joseph Ratzinger, fought for Nazi Germany in WW2.

Let me define, the word ‘fought’ in this context, so we are all singing off the same script.

- Ratzinger, was a part of an anti-aircraft battery, manned by Hitler Youth, defending the BMW plant, near Munich

- Ratzinger, later trained in the army and served in an anti-tank battalion, in northern Germany and Hungary.

Irrefutable historic records show, Ratzingers units saw action in WW2, at the same times/dates Ratzinger was present.

Now if one believes Ratzingers recollections, he never fired a shot himself, even if everyone around him was engaged in defending their country, and at the very least, protecting their own lives.

Making tank traps, carrying a weapon as part of being a trained soldier, being part of an ac-ac crew – seems to me at least, to be low level participation, in the context of the times.

But, active-service, never-the least.

If you believe Ratzinger (as per his biography), rather than fight, every-time there was ‘action’, he skulked-off back home, or hid-out in a forest until it was time to surrender to the Americans.

The later ascertain, flies in the face of U.S Army records, which show he was captured as a Wermacht soldier.

So at the very least, by his own admission, Ratzinger was a self-confessed coward.

The current Pope is happy for the world to know, as a teenager, he did not even have the fortitude, to protect his own family, nor his own countrymen against attack.

Catholic revisionists who like to paint Benedicts war-record as ‘lily-white’, have painted themselves into a corner.

Either Ratzinger was a cowering coward, who didn’t want to fight for his country, when it was under attack?

Dropped his weapon and ran, whilst his countrymen stood their ground and fought.

Either that, or he was merely following orders along with millions of his countrymen, who were not necessarily national-socialists, but simply Germans fighting for Germany?

Which one is it?

You can’t have it both ways.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two must-watch Gems from British Sitcom ‘Outnumbered’

These are f*cking funny, even if I do say so, myself!

Hmmm….far be it for me, to suggest, why Kathy really, remains a virgin, and it’s not her symbolic marriage to a death-cults invisible zombie god.

This is one time I can truly say "Thank-You Jesus!".

Irish Tax-Payers how lumbered with compensating victims of Catholic Church abuse – a salutary warning to all Western Nations.

>In total, Irish victims of Catholic Church abuse, have received compensation totaling around, 1.1 Billion British Pounds (or 1.75 Billion U.S Dollars).

Much of this was all part of a compensation deal made in 2002, encompassing 12,000 abuse survivors, who surrendered the right to sue Church or State in future.

Of this total, ‘only’ 127 Million British Pounds, came out of Rome’s bulging coffers.

Thousands of further claimants, either have their cases in front of the courts, or are expected to come forward, now the whole sordid affair is out in the public-domain, due to the recent report into organised child-abuse.

To recap, the nine-year report identified about 800 abusers, among them nuns, priests and monks, principally members of the Christian Brothers.

Only a handful have every, been prosecuted and convicted.

To add insult to injury The Catholic Church in Ireland, who are already harbouring over 700 known pedophiles – are now refusing to contribute towards any future compensation , for the 2,000 + plus victims who missed-out on the initial 2002 deal.

This leaves the Irish Taxpayer to pick-up the burden.

In typical callous fashion, that typified the abuse itself, The Irish Catholic Church is walking away from their financial responsibility to compensate victims of it’s own making.

Clearly they never had any morals to lose, in the first place, so there’s no use arguing for any moral responsibility from a bankrupt cult, like this.

Does any of this surprise you?

And what is Herr Popes ‘message to the victims’ on all of this?

Well as yet, he doesn’t think 30,000 victims of abuse at the hands of his Church, warrants that word we all would have thought, was the bare necessity.


In his last sermon Benedict, was more interested in imploring Catholics to use the internet to spread the churches word – than caring about the misery and starvation, rort-on innocent children, by members of his ranks.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Anti-Semitic Kiwi Priest Escapes Conviction

Some countries take anti-Semitism seriously – sadly, New Zealand isn’t one of them.

In this country, all one does is don the loose easy-to-wear badge, ‘peace-campaigner’, and you can get away with desecration, amongst a range of odious criminal activities.

Today we learnt, Father Gerard Burns, the Catholic priest who defaced an Israeli monument during an anti-Zionist protest in January, has escaped conviction after completing tasks set by police earned him diversion.

Father Burns is still totally unrepentant for his actions.

He still wants to see an end to the state of Israel.

Hardly a big surprise, Burns is still happily employed by the Catholic Church in New Zealand.

As I’ve highlighted before, there a strong ‘common denominator’ amongst the protagonists in the anti-Israeli movement,in New Zealand.

Here you look down the list and ‘pick it’.

Bernard Minto (Catholic & Political Activist)
Tyler Culpepper (Catholic & Anarchist)
Leslie Bravery (Religious affiliation unknown, Political Activist)
Father Gerard Burns (Catholic Priest, Political Activist)
Keith Locke (Atheist, Green MP, One time supporter of Pol Pot)
Mike Treen (Religious affiliations unknown, Unionist, Political Activist)
Joe Carolan (Catholic, Unionist, runs a blog called Socialist Aotearoa even though he’s Irish)
Cat Noakes Duncan (describes herself as a Christian Volunteer)
Sahar Ghumkhor (Religion and profession unknown, but someone will know)
Dr Margaret Mayman (Presbyterian Minister)
Janfrie Wakim (Catholic, Director of Child and Poverty Action)

Similarly, in the past I’ve also raised the points, about a socialist rabble that likes to be seen, superficially at least, as interested in global peace, yet:

- Failed to undertake any protest action, a single letter to the editor, when 2,800 innocent people from 91 nations (including Kiwi’s) were murdered by Islamic terrorists on 9/11.

- Only seems to bait those nasty Christ-Killing Jews & Yankee Imperialists, never key-players like Iranian, Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

So everytime you see or hear these names mentioned, be fully aware, their ideal future map of the world, is one that comes minus the State of Israel.

On this map, Israel along with the rest of The Middle East comes together, like a congealed ‘black blob’, with the title ‘Radiation not fit for human inhabitation’.

That’s when these so-called peace campaigners will be most happy.

Christchurch Priest wants consecrated grounds made into havens for criminals.

Boy, this has been a dismal week for Catholic around the globe, and now we have an article from my local town, Christchurch, which adds to that sad legacy.

Tala Seleni, was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide this month, & was buried last week at The Linwood Cemetery.

As it turns-out, not only was Seleni senior, a rat-bag, but so is his son, Tasi, who is on the run from Police for a range of crimes, including kidnapping and stabbing.

Hardly surprisingly N.Z Police staked-out Tala Seleni’s funeral, in the hope his fugitive son would appear at the grave-side (they took the liberty to tell the family)

To you and me, the fact the Police saw the funeral as a prime-chance to collar a crim like Tasi Seleni, by placing undercover police in the crowd, was entirely the right one.

But not to Father John Rizzo, the Catholic Priest who conducted the funeral.

That’s him, taking mass in the photo above.

Taking one-step back, one can only presume from Fr Rizzo’s attendance, means murderers who kill themselves, go to heaven along with all the other ‘good’ souls, and Father Rizzo was merely issuing Tala, that ‘one way’ ticket all Catholics get of-right(?)

Father Rizzo, as it turns-out, has lodged a public complaint about The Police presence, at the funeral.

He told The Christchurch Press newspaper the Polices actions were “tactless”.

In Father Rizzo’s world, the cloistered one occupied by middle-aged virginal men, a Church or a Cemetery in this case - are deemed “sacred ground” & even Police must pay umbrage to this.

Father Rizzo would like to see civil-laws, stop at the boundaries of consecrated Church grounds, making them, in effect, safe-havens for criminals.

Using his own logic, one has to think, Rizzo is perfectly happy sharing his Sunday communion with embezzlers, rapists, car thieves etc, who are taking a well-deserved break from being ‘on the run’? The Police would get to wait in the church car-park.

This just goes and shows us, yet again, how embarrassingly ‘out of touch’ Catholic priests are to secular life.

Another lesson The Catholic Church will take anyone – murderers – no problem!

Footnote: The online version of The Christchurch Press is running a poll (Tues 19th May) asking it's readers, if it was o.k for the Police to stake-out a funeral. When I submitted my affirmative vote, the results were an overwhelming 87% of people, had said 'Yes' as well. Just, another indictment, how out-of-touch, priests are, to the folk they administer, and New Zealand society in general.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Join the Campaign to Stop the Worldwide Order of Christian Brothers knowingly harbouring pedophiles!

One thing that the Irish Inquiry has highlighted is the desperate & expensive lengths, the Catholic Church will go to shield, priests and nuns from prosecution.

Even before the shocking results of the Irish Church scandal were made public, The Catholic Church was callously protecting its own, from justice.

In 2004 The Congregation of Christian Brothers, from Ireland successfully sued the Commission to prevent its members being named in the report.

The Congregation of Christian Brothers as it turns out in the report, were guilty of more excess’s than any other functionary.

Using an analogy, The Irish Christian Brothers were the equivalent of Hitler’s SS, callously abusing innocent victims – all of which are children entrusted into their care.

The difference of course was this wasn’t a war, even if the crimes are strikingly similar in their barbarism, and the complicit German SS troops, concentration guards etc got to face justice at the end of WW2.

Not one of the low-life Irish Priests or Nuns, guilty of their own ‘crimes against humanity’ will face cross-examination and punishment for their deplorable actions.

I am calling on all of those who feel repulsed, these criminals will continue their cosy-‘feet-up’ lives, courtesy of The Catholic Church, to contact their local Christian Brothers organisation and tell them directly - it’s time they lived-up to their name.

Time, for The Christian Brothers gave justice to their thousands of victims.

Time, they handed-over the hundreds of priests, they know damn well were guilty of child abuse.

Here’s that worldwide list of who to contact.

NOTE: New Zealanders can leave their views in the comments section and I will make sure Brother John O’Shea (N.Z Contact) receives them.

Brother William T. Flood, C.F.C.419 Parkside DriveToronto, ON M6R 2Z7(416) 604-7992FAX: (416) 604-8443

United States
Brother James R. McDonald, C.F.C.10001 S. Pulaski Road, Room 111Chicago IL 60655-3356TEL: (773) 429-4496FAX: (773) 429-4381
bromaccfc@yahoo.comPara más información comunicate con:
Br. Gennaro Sullo111 East 164th St.Bronx, NY 10452718.293.3993 ext. 124
Brother Jim Hamilton, CFC111 East 164th St.Bronx, NY 10452TEL: (718) 293-3993 ext.

South Africa, Zimbabwe
Brother Michael Burke, C.F.C.26 Fifth StreetLa Rochelle 2190 RSA
Brother Alfred Banda, C.F.C.International Spirituality CentreP.O. Box 310300Lusaka

Brother Tommy Samuel, C.F.C.St.Columba’s SchoolAshok PlaceNew Delhi, India

Ireland, Northern Ireland
Brother Fergus Reilly, C.F.C.Cluain Mhuire274 North Circular RoadDublin 7
Brother Chris Glavey, C.F.C.Christian Brothers"The Moorings"13 Charleville MallNorth Strand, Dublin 1
Brother John Hearne, C.F.C.Christian BrothersArmagh RoadCrumlin, Dublin 12

Brother Dominic Sassi, C.F.C.Fratelli CristianiVia Marcantonio Colonna 900192 Roma - Italy

Brother Dominic Sassi, C.F.C.WoodeavesHale BarnsAltrincham,Cheshire, England

New South Wales
Brother Phil Redding, C.F.C.Private Box 154Balmain NSW 2041Australia
Queensland, North Territory
Brother Ted Magee, C.F.C.70 Kate StreetP.O. Box 923Indooroopilly Q4068Australia
Victoria, Tasmania
Brother Sean McManus, C.F.C.Christian Brothers Community79 Parsons StreetSunshine Vic 3020Australia
Western Australia
Brother Bernard White, C.F.C.51B Redmond St.Salter Point WA 6152Australia
South Australia
Brother John Webb, C.F.C.103 George St.Thebarton, SA, 5031Australia

New Zealand
Brother John P. O'Shea, C.F.C.24B Wharenui Rd.Christchurch, NZ

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Britain has got Weirdo’s!

This is truly, truly tragic.

On ‘the tragic Richter-scale’ this is close to a 10.

Watch in awe (if you dare?) as one of a small select few, who call themselves a ‘Christian Mime Artist’, embarrasses herself, in front of millions of viewers.

It reminds me of being in an audience, where young children are doing a school-play. The young-actors on stage are so intense about what they are doing, and all you want to do, is burst out laughing!

Surely there must have been someone in her family, or church circles(?), who could have pulled her to-one-side and said “With due respect Cath, this mime thing you get up-to is a load of crap love”.

With the cost of running television programs of this nature, why didn’t the producers of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ go through some sort of vetting process, or even better build a trap-door on the stage – one which dropped performers, like her into a pit of crocodiles or vat of acid.

Note: I’m fairly liberal but I’m conscious of protecting my loyal readership, so I’m going to issue my very first ‘Viewer Discretion Necessary’ warning notice. For those with weak dispositions & anyone with a full-stomach – for pity’s-sake, please refrain from pressing play!

This Atheist Bus-Sign Rocks!

In the words of Ian Dury “There ain’t half been some, clever bastards!”.

Hat-tip to
Heaving Dead Cats.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Take your American Politics and shove-it where the Sun don’t shine!

There is one news-subject that I can’t abide – American Politics.

However as much as I dislike, or am ambivalent to it’s content, it remains one subject, that is shoved down the throats of a global audience, like some sickly foul-tasting medicine administered to a reluctant child.

I had hoped this imperialism via media, would have ended, around the same time New Zealand flowers used at the inauguration wilted.

Oh no, that would have been far too easy.

Today’s paper goes to prove, just how pervasive U.S Politics is, in the lives of everyone, living in the world.

Obama calls for common ground on abortion at Notre Dame’ was the heading, I was greeted with, this morning, in the international section of my local Christchurch newspaper.

Completely off the top of my head, minus any references to the internet, here’s what Notre Dame means to this Kiwi:

- It’s a cathedral in Paris I’ve visited
- It was the setting for Victor Hugo’s famous book
- It’s an American University.

Breaking this down further, here’s what I can tell you about Notre Dame, the American College.

Norm from ‘Cheers’ went there.

That’s right folks, the total knowledge I have about Notre Dame College, is isolated to a small snippet I saw on the guy who played Norm on the T.V series – bagging his old school!

I’m going to take a guess and say it’s in the mid-west somewhere, but in truth I don’t’ know, and more importantly – I don’t give a friggin’ rat’s arse.

Nor do I care about Obama, Abortion, evangelical voting-blocks, American football, storms in the Gulf of Mexico, which Hollywood star is fucking is who, & last but not least – their appalling beer!

As a political issue ‘abortion’ wouldn’t rank in the top twenty in New Zealand – so why give this story any coverage outside the U.S at all, when it hardly even ‘registers a bleep’ locally?

Why is it, a quality news-organisation like The BBC, ranked Obama’s speech as their # 2 story, when 95% of their readers, will be as ignorant on the significance of this particular educational establishment, and as outright uninterested in it, as I am?

People go to these sites, to embellish their knowledge of the world – not to have gordy American politics shoved-down our throats, like some Disney Channel for adults.

It’s about time media-outlets outside the U.S, grew-up, became more discerning, and started doing some journalism of their own.

Stories of interest to a local audience, and not bloody American Politics!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Catholic Church claims it has the magical powers that can turn a McDonald's Burger into the Families Dead-Cat!

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say most Catholics, have never heard of the term ‘transubstantiation’ – let alone, laymen.

At first glance, the word ‘transubstantiation’ has scientific connotations, but science has never been one of The Catholic Church’s strong points, and ‘transubstantiation’ goes to prove this abject point- yet again.

Here’s what ‘transubstantiation’ means (per Wikipedia):

“According to the Catholic Church when the bread and wine are consecrated in the Eucharist, they cease to be bread and wine, and become instead the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ. The empirical appearances are not changed, but the reality is”.

And, so there’s no confusion here (per Ancient & Future Catholics)

“Essentially, the Church teaches that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ in substance, while the incidentals (or accidents), the physical characteristics of bread and wine, remain. This means that what you see, feel, and touch will seem to be bread and wine, while in reality, they are actually the body and blood of Christ”.

Nothing has been lost in the translation here, folks.

In the year 2009, with all the available scientific knowledge at it’s finger-tips, to the contrary, The Catholic Church believes transubstantiation, to be real.

Something more than just, the metaphorical.

Not just symbolic.

In ‘reality’ (their exact description) The Vatican steadfastly believe their religious ceremony, can change the very cellular make-up of bread, into that of a human, and a dead-one at that!

Turning one substance into another – using just thought power!

They have created a grand-illusion - making the Church's reality, the shared reality for a billion people – when it’s not in anyway rational to believe in any of this mumbo-jumbo.

This is one area The Catholic Church can at least say they are ahead of their contemporaries.

After-all it’s only been the last 50 years when The Scientologists & Raliaens began combining religion & low-budget science fiction, into the same package.

The truly sad thing is, any eight-year-old child , would laugh at the proposition a priest could ‘magically’ turn, say , a McDonald's Burger into the family cat (one which is in-fact dead, and buried in the vegetable garden, yet magically comes back alive)

Try getting a child to believe when you eat the rotting-corpse of the moggie - it will still taste like the McDonald's burger!

Worryingly for the rational population, parents of Catholics kids are happy educating their offspring, that their local priest, has magical powers & the pantomine called The Eurcarist – is real!

It’s merely different ingredients these ‘believers’ would argue against.

They would argue, it’s impossible to make a hamburger turn-into into a dead cat, but when you have the right recipe, they fervently believe in their Church’s teachings, that it’s possible to turn bread into a dead god.

There’s substance to The Eucharist, a magical process called ‘transubstantiation’.

To take this from the ridiculous to the sublime, The Vatican takes this alchemy so seriously, they will not tolerate any deviance from the prescribed centuries-old recipe.

That’s why The Vatican has issued an edict, banning the use of Gluten Free bread from The Eucharist – because bread made in this form, will not mysteriously transform into the body & blood of a dead god-man!

And people have the audacity to take the piss out of African Witch-Doctors, eh?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More bare-faced lies as The Vatican tries to hide the truth about Pope Benedict’s War Time-Record.

Just how stupid & ignorant does, The Rev. Federico Lombardi, an Italian priest who serves as the pope's spokesman, think you & I are?

Memo to Popes Spokesman:

Fred, this is no longer the middle-ages, where you can scare the uneducated peasants with false stories of devils & witches & where your friendly local church representative came with the name title ‘Grand Inquisitor’.

The plebeians have long-since risen-up Reverend Lombardi, & not all of us swallow ‘hook line & sinker’ everything told us as gospel.

The indignatious Lombardi wants sites like this to stop publishing, what he terms ‘a falsehood’.

This ‘falsehood’ is a the re-write of history, I alluded to yesterday.

Lombardi and his propaganda ministry, deep within The Vatican bunker, have demanded media to stop publishing allegations Pope Benedict was in The Hitler Youth.

Here’s what the bare-faced liar, Federico Lombardi, had to say yesterday:

“The Pope was never in the Hitler Youth: never, never, never”.

That’s right Fred, we all believe you and ‘the one true church’.

But why stop there?

Whilst The Vatican is undertaking this re-write of history, it would also pay for you guys to also include some of the other ‘falsehoods’, in the spotlight:

1.) Ratzinger, never manned that anti-aircraft gun in Munich in 1943. Never, never, never.

2.) Ratzinger, never belonged to a anti-tank battalion that served in Hungary & Nothern Germany in 1944. Never, never, never.

3.) Ratzinger, never wore a Nazi Uniform for 20 months or more in WW2. Never, never, never.

4.) Ratzingers, neighbour & the other witness’s on record stating he was a 'good little National-Socialist' - never, never, never told the truth.
5.) Never believe those U.S Army ‘prisoner of war’ records, that show Ratzinger was captured, imprisoned and interrogated – as a soldier. Not a civilian, priest or any other convenient profession, he dreamt-up, the moment he got ambitions to become the leading Christian on the planet. Never, never, never, doubt Pope Benedicts recollections, and disregard what is a completely unbiased written testimony from The U.S Army, showing they considered him to be an enemy soldier.

Last but not least, German scientists invented Photo-Shop in 1941 and put it to good use, by 'painting' a non-discript underling, like Joseph Ratzinger into a uniform, as you see in the above photo.

On behalf of the free-press: I apologise to The Catholic Church for publishing these ‘falsehoods’.

By the way Fred, can I get a dungeon, with a good view?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time for the Nazi Pope to confess his role in WW2.

Pope Benedict XVI, aided and abetted by the Papal Publicity machine, would like the world to believe his shadey WW2 record, involved him being part of an anti-aircraft unit at an airplane motor factory, brief military-training, engineer in Hungary, deserting, and being held as an American prisoner of war - all of which happened without him firing a shot in anger.

Just yesterday, the Vatican’s own Propaganda Ministry moved-into over-drive, as Pope Benedict toured Israel, trying to appease doubters.

They now want the world to know, that not only was the Benedict not a Nazi, he was an ‘ardent anti-Nazi’.

History is now being re-written in front of the world, in real-time.

Service-records show Benedict was in fact in an anti-aircraft battery, built anti tank-traps in Hungary, deserted, and was captured by advancing American troops.

Millions of German troops similarly surrendered around the same time, given they were fighting for a lost cause.

What can't be substantiated is his ascertain "I never fired a gun" nor the latest new claim “I was an anti-Nazi”.

Benedict’s biography tells his failure to pull the trigger during one bombing raid, was partly due to “a finger infection”.

Joseph Ratzinger was born in Bavaria in 1927.

The son of a policeman he was inducted into The Hitler Youth in 1941 (aged 14).

Ratzinger, contends it was an "unwillingly induction".

Let's take Pope Benedict at his word on this point, that he didn't harbour Nazi sympathies, and in fact was doing merely his nationalistic duty defending the 'fatherland'. It’s reasonable given the circumstances of the day, to think individual resistance to the regime would have been a perilless position to take. Belonging to The Hitler Youth was the norm, so was fighting for your country.

Rudimentary history shows us millions of Germans fought for their home-land in World War Two and weren't in fact Nazi's.

Overall this sector of the German armed forces, played little to no part in the in the Reich's excess's.

The flip-side to this, is history also show’s us killing & injuring Allied soldiers wasn't the sole preserve of card carrying National Socialists. Wehrmacht soldiers, Luftwaffe pilots, Anti-Aircraft gunners, Anti-Tank battalions etc, were all part of the Nazi war machine.

So let's picture Ratzinger at his anti-aircraft battery outside the BMW plant, Munich, in 1943. By then Allied bombers had begun reducing Germany to rubble.

The fellow Hitler Youth, Ratzinger shares his plight with in the closely bonded flak-unit, are all teenage boys, feed on a steady diet of Nazi propaganda.The occupants manning those guns, regardless of their political leanings or religious up-bringing, are privy to the mass destruction bought on their fellow Germans by Allied bombing. To them the war is not lost, there is still fight in their belly.

The air-raid siren goes off to notify the batteries surrounding the factory of an incoming raid, the first guns target the American Bombers and begin firing.Ratzinger's and his fellow Hitler Youth squad, prepare to defend the plant, the city, fellow Germans, at the very least save their own lives.In the surrounding Munich streets the basements and air-raid shelters are filled with cowering women & children.

But if one believes Bendict's recollections - no shots were fired by him, and his team - who must by rights, have all been anti-Nazi’s. Their battery lay idle whilst those around them (some manned by slave-labour) spewed forth rounds, illuminating the sky above.

Amongst this chaos and destruction Ratzinger then tells his comrades in arms “Sorry guy’s I’ve got a sore finger, and I’ll have to give this raid thing a miss tonight”.

Any neutral can see, this excerpt from Pope Benedict's war time record is clearly not credible.It’s inconceivable an entire troop of Hitler Youth would abandon their post without 'firing a shot' and simply slip away. There are thousands of accounts of Hitler Youth fighting to the death for a lost cause.

Perhaps The Pope wasn't involved with the mechanics of firing the weapon in question, but you can bet your boots, he and his fellow ideologically driven Hitler Youth, would have been doing their dandiest to bring down Allied bombers.

Remember Ratzingers anti-aircraft unit operated in the late months of 1943, and not the funeral pyre of 1945.

To claim this unit, did not see action is a lie – since allied bomber command shows The BMW plant in Munich was a regular target over these months of the war.

This so-called anti-Nazi spent two years in a Nazi uniform and armed.

One of the locals in his old village Traunstein, Elizabeth Lohner, 84, whose brother-in-law was sent to Dachau as a conscientious objector, dismiss such suggestions Ratzingers war-time story. “It was possible to resist, and those people set an example for others,” she said. “The Ratzingers were young and had made a different choice.”

In other words there is a living witness who saw Ratzinger and his brother (also a member of The Catholic Clergy) not, as anti-Nazi’s, but as young-men who went along with the system like millions of others.

To now come-out and say Ratzinger was an anti-Nazi is merely adding to the dung-heap of crap being piled-up by a Pope & his propaganda department, that makes Joeseph Goebells look like an amateur.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bailey Junior Kurariki: 'Natural Born Christian'

Kim Workman (left) is project leader of the Rethinking Crime and Punishment Project, and director of the Prison Fellowship, a Christian agency which last year claimed to have turned around the life of New Zealand’s youngest convicted murderer Bailey Junior Kurariki.

Workman, in The Hearld article (15th March 2008) made bold claims that Kurariki's church attendance in prison, and baptism in 2007 "has really helped him to mature".

Kurariki was released from prison under strict parole conditions in May 2008, four months before his seven-year sentence was due to end.

The Prison Fellowship claimed to be provided Kurariki support on the outside, and wanted the authorities & the public to believe he was ‘born-again’.

So, how has this ‘natural born Christian’ got on since he left jail?

Just two months after release Kurariki was re-called to prison for allegedly breaching a condition banning him from using or possessing alcohol or illicit drugs. The recall was then overruled by High Court judge Justice Rhys Harrison who, said Kurariki was being unlawfully held in Auckland's Mt Eden Prison. So let’s say he walked free on that one, due to a technicality.

February this year, this poster-boy for Christian prisoner reform, was back in court again on three charges of breaching his strict parole conditions, not to drink alcohol or take drugs.

Apparently the hand signals used by Kurariki in this photo, taken outside the Court, is the way all Christians greet each other.

And to cap this off - only a month or so later he was arrested on a charge of assaulting a woman, believed to be his girlfriend.

Yesterday, he was released on bail, after pleading guilty to that assault charge.

Guess who was there to literally chauffeur him up from outside the Manukau District Court?

It was Bailey Kurariki’s fellow Christian buddies.

These ‘ostrich like’ brothers-in-Christ are seemingly oblivious to why he is in court for the 4th time since his release.

They still hold faith in the rehabilitation abilities of their god, when anyone with half-a –brain-cell, can tell the guy is an unfettered scrot.

Their beliefs have blinded them to the fact, the scum-bag standing in front of them - will never turn his cheek.

Frankly, these Christian do-gooders are a danger to society.

For the safety of others, Bailey Kurariki should remain behind bars.

Sadly, my prediction is, Kurariki will go on to savagely beat, or murder another poor innocent New Zealander.

When the inevitable happens, Workman and his feeble-minded, liberal Christians will have this ‘innocents’ blood, dripping from their very hands.

Saudi Judge says its fine to smack ya bitch up!

Coming from a civilised, secular country like New Zealand, this type of story is hard to fathom.

Even, I had to take a double-take at this.

In Saudi Arabia, they recently held a conference, on domestic violence.

Up-steps one of the guest speakers, a guy called Hamad Al-Razine, and he’s a judge, of all things.

He opens his speech with this scenario, to explain why incidents of reported domestic violence, are climbing in the kingdom.

"If a person gives SR 1,200 [$320] to his wife and she spends 900 riyals [$240] to purchase an abaya [the black cover that women in Saudi Arabia must wear] from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment."

Judge Al-Razine then went out to explain the violence in the home steamed from women’s indecent behaviour and their use of offensive language against their husbands.

And what was the good judges, justification for giving your wife a ‘back-hander’, when she steps out of line?

That’s right, you guessed it – his brand of Islam.

You see the only law this judge follows, is Sharia, not the laws of decency.

To become a Judge in the despotic, medieval ‘kingdom’ called Saudi Arabia one has to be an Islamic cleric.

A judge needs to understand the nuances of Islamic teachings, not follow international protocols.

That’s laws & customs we, in the ungodly western countries, don’t understand, and if we were to challenge their primordial & oppressive nature – it will be us that face threats of violence, and not a mother of four from Jeddah.

Yes readers, slapping-ya-bitch-up when she comes home with too much on the department-store credit card, is ordained by God himself!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dishonest Pope continues to perpetrate yet another historic falsehood

If you believe what you read, yesterday the Pope, visited the baptism site of Jesus, in Jordan.

The fact is, this is one of two major sites that claim to be Jesus baptism site (there have been more) and no one actually knows, where the actual event occurred, or if it even happened in the first place.

As I’ve gone to pains before to highlight – no where outside The Bible is there any mention of Jesus of Nazareth – full stop.

As an historic record, The Bible is full of gaps, ones which Christians see no problem in filling-in, retrospectively and with little or no basis to known facts.

Christians shamelessly do this, revisionist history lesson, to suit their own purposes.

Christians have been making-up holy-sites and fictitious dates, to suit their story-book tales, for centuries.

When it comes to re-writing history and letting the story become fact, David Irving is a light-weight compared to say The Catholic Church.

Christian leaders know the billion plus suckers, that keep them in power – will believe these fictional stories, irrespective of the facts.

Jesus Birth Date – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Exact Birthplace of Jesus – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Date of Death & Resurrection – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Jesus Baptism location – create a falsehood in the name of religion

House of The Virgin Mary – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Christianities list of make-believe sites, and fictional dates is extensive.

So here we have the leader of the world’s largest Christian denomination, proving this very point.

Making a pilgrimage, to a so-called site, which has no more verifiable credibility, than any other lump-of-land, bordering Jordan River.

Unabashedly perpetrating - this historic deception on a grand scale.

This shameful exercise in re-writing history, is a damming indictment on the principals of Christianity, and its followers - that happily & complacently turn-the-blind-eye to bare-faced lies & share-fantasy, when it suits them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The pitiful Radio Rhema exposes its ‘insecure under-belly’ for all to see.

This is Christian Radio host, Rob Holding.

Rob host’s Radio Rhema’s afternoon slot, called ‘The Home Run’.

The station describes his show as ‘a fresh mix of positive music and lifestyle talk’.

Rob and Radio Rhema, are clearly an insecure bunch, at best.

Unsure of the strength, not just of their own faith, but that of their listening audience - as well.

Beset with fear and anxiety, Radio Rhema feels threatened by this lady……

Children’s author, local Cantabrain, Margret Mahy.

Her novels have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Catalan and Afrikaans. In addition, some stories have been translated into Russian, Chinese and Icelandic.

In 2006 Mahy was awarded the international Hans Christian Anderson Awaard in recognition of a ‘lasting contribution to children's literature’.

She is a global literary gem in my books, worth bottling.

But whilst you and I may see Mahy as a fun-loving, respected author – this is not the way Holding and his righteous team at Radio Rhema see her through their coke-bottle sized ‘god-goggles’.

These ‘fine stead-fast Christians’ have taken the radical steps of banning her, from their air-waves.

And what pray-tell has caused this consternation, and raised their ire?

Was, Mahy discovered belonging to a coven of witches?

If you read her books backwards, you’ll hear the words of Beelzebub himself?

No, you’d be wrong.

It’s her latest Kids book, which pokes fun (in cartoon form) of religious institutions in New Zealand, amongst every other fabric of our history.

This is a ‘light-hearted’ humorous book aimed at young readers.

Yet, the petrified and feeble Bob Holding, felt so threatened by the 73 year-olds latest book, he’s banned her from his show!

All Holding is doing is publically admitting he & his inadequate listeners, lack the fortitude to hear & read the words of a 73 year-old children’s author - without feeling threatened.

The, pitiful, cowardly & narrow actions of a radio-station with, all the spine of a jelly-fish.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Christians now want Children’s New Zealand History Book banned!

Hold-on one second - I’m just going to have to pinch myself.

O.K that’s fine, I am in my Christchurch study and it is the year 2009.

English is still my, first language and I’m not living in Nazi Germany in 1937.

Still, it was relatively easy to confuse the two eras, when we read of attempts by Christians in Christchurch to stifle sales of renowned children’s author, Margaret Mahy’s new book ‘Awesome Aotearoa, History of New Zealand’.

One look at the cover indicates it is ‘a tongue in check’ book of the countries history and Mahy and cartoonist/illustrator Trace Hodson makes no bones about poking fun, at all sorts of New Zealand institutions.

The object of the irreverent book was to make history fun for youngsters, but ‘thin-skinned’ Christians don’t see it that way, and labeled it ‘disrespectful’ and are doing their best to show their distain during Mahys promotional tour.

An example of this underlying humour in its pages, is Captain James Cook's discovery of New Zealand - which is described by Mahy as having been unwise, considering he landed on island full of cannibals with a name like ‘Cook’.

This is a quirky tale, illustrated with cartoons aimed at readers aged 6 to 10 – not the Satanic Bible for Kiwi Children.

What a sad bunch Christians are in this country, when they act in this bigoted and immature fashion, over a harmless children’s book of all things.

Get a life!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama is Satan’s Puppet!

If this isn’t enough evidence, I don’t know what is?

After watching this clip, I for one am totally convinced The President of The United States is in collusion with Beelzebub himself.

I always knew he had a 'dark-side', but nothing could prepare me for this.

The sound-bite “hearing from the grandma” (1:04) is extremely frightening & sent shivers down my spine, similarly any English teacher, reading grammar like this.

“The Lord said to the Arabs sin is with them” is also specific, in its ominous over-tones.

As is “Sub-Earth the mark is now sooner” (1:48)

“Women don’t add its God name” (2:43)

“Selled by gambit” (4:04)

What exactly these statements mean, I’ve yet to work-out, but this is clearly one of Old Nicks tricks to fool us.

I always thought Zeus was in cahoots with the devil, and now my suspicions have been realised, through Satan’s mouth-piece - Barack Obama.

“Shneersh” (3:32) is clearly an anagram of Sylvester the Cats “Suffering Succotash” meaning our children are being exposed to Satan’s word every-time they watch a Warner Brothers cartoon.

The horror of this all, is too much to bear!

Will a silver-bullet do the job or do we need a wooden stake to finish him?

Just the other night I was playing my vinyl copy of Led Zeppelins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards, when I also heard similar demonic messages – these demons and their subliminal messages are all about us – if only humanity would listen and take this seriously – we can all be saved!

So remember to look over your should today, take extra care as “marker will lash you”.

I’m taking a crucifix and a clove of garlic every-where I go.

“I is honest” after-all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Legacy of Aisha

Aisha was six almost seven years old when betrothed to her husband..

Her husband to be was middle-aged, and this was by no means his first or last marriage.

Nor was it her first engagement.

At her wedding, Aisha was more interested in playing play with her toys, than the ceremony.

She was fond of sweats and rides on swings, what we would consider normal childrens things.

The marriage was consummated when she was 9, he 54.

She would be one of eleven wives, his favourite.

Aisha’s husband is considered a messenger and prophet of God, over a billion people currently believe in his divinity.

The legacy of Aisha, still continues to this day.

The world sits on its haunches, too scared to act in case of offending those that practice the abhorrence of ‘men marrying girls’ under the guise of religion.

Too afraid, least they become recipients to its widespread vengeance.

In a grand irony, it is we in the West, that face castigation for ignoring ‘the real Islam’ and considered to be ‘insensitive to their faith’ for bringing-up things like Mohammed’s sexual-congress with a child.

Apparently it is you and me, that doesn’t understand the nuances of Islam – ‘the way it works’.

It is me that is wrong when I criticise Child Marriage, and by definition Child Sex, as being part of Islam & Arab Culture in 2009.

It’s me that has the problem with a legal code that permits men to marry children and engage in sexual congress the minute the ceremony is over.

I should simply forget, that in the majority of Middle Eastern countries, the age of consent is not dictated in law, you can be six and get married.

‘Being married’ is enough justification, under their way of thinking, which dates back to the time Mohammed wandered the sands & if it's good enough for a god-man, it's good enough for you and me.

Xenophobes like me, should simply, ignore the practice of under-age sex, and look at all the positive practices in Islam.

Islam is above admonishment, certainly above criticism from unworthy sods like me, someone they see as a covert, slave or enemy to be killed.

So mustn’t go up-setting ‘them’, in case they bite back or heaven forbid, they could turn-the-gauge-off the oil pipe-lines.

It’s much easier to simply ignore the wide-spread practice of pre-pubescent girls marrying men.

So that’s exactly what our Governments do, because we all run scared of Islam’s excess’s, and we need their oil.

What a sad world we live-in, when wide-spread child-abuse is ignored, for the sake of religious & political expediency.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its sickening watching Christians acting like groupies at a rock-concert

I for one fail to see why normally intelligent people ‘go weak at the knees’ in the company of ‘men of the cloth’.

Why do these people in our society adulate another person to the point, they are willing to throw themselves to their knees in pathetic public displays of dribbling fawning?

Submit to the will of another.

Complacently paint themselves as secondary citizens, for no other apparent reason than tradition.

Yet place these very same individuals in another social setting, say to being asked by their employer to kneel in homage to him/her – they would present the same reaction as yours and mine.

It’s frankly demeaning to see grown-men throw themselves onto their knees, in front of another man, akin to a dog begging their master for a belly-rub.

Acting like horny teenage groupies, that can’t wait for the bands last song.

Why are they willing to compromise their individual pride & give automatic respect to a ‘man of the cloth’?

Given these individuals have no more powers than a witch-doctor, and by & large less life-experiences than your generic bone-thrower or entrail reader – they are frankly far less deserving of any adulation based on merit, than say a fireman.

Is their any evidence a pastor, priest or minister of the cloth have ‘magic’ stronger than any other person, who can pray & believes in suppositious intervention?

So, why this farcical fascination with priests, ministers and pastors being some-how the level above the rest of us chimps?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine flu of the brain

“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals” (Sir Winston Churchill)
Largely in keeping with one passage in Leviticus, in a rather ironic twist if I do say so myself, The Jews consider them ‘unclean’ (proving the adage persecution is normally a two-way street)

In ancient Greece, they were associated with dirt and evil spirits.

The eating of Pork is also forbidden in Islam.

In-fact the dietary prohibition of the Torah is pre-Israelite in origin, for abstinence from the meat of the pig was a widespread, religiously motivated custom that was historically well grounded amongst the Phoenicians, the Cypriots, the Syrians, the Arabs, and in fact among all Semitic peoples – long before Jesus and Mohammed made their alleged appearances.

The Seventh Day Adventists also see them as unclean & they weren’t founded till 1863.

Rastifarians, have been about less than a hundred years, and they’ve adopted this hatred as well.

I don’t know about you – but I’m rather partial to bacon, more so when encased in bread.

Let’s face it pork is yummy & modern slaughter, meat-storage etc, renders hygienic concerns to the history-books.

So why do billions of humans still consider Pigs to be ‘unclean’?

There is no other reason than that onerous thing called ‘ancient superstition’.

Here we are in the year 2009 and we have educated humans following ridiculous, almost comical, doctrines, like avoiding pigs.

Big, bad pigs, that will blow your house down.

And in a grand irony, the knuckle dragging chimps, want us the bipedal’s, to ‘respect’ their primitive superstitions.

The ungodly sons of the space-age, should turn a blind-eye to the backward cave-dwellers , in deference to their ‘howling to the moon’ superstitions.

Well stuff you lot.

I’m going to go to the kitchen right now & cook-up a lovely feed of bacon – just to piss you lot off.

A huge fry-pan of delicious, fatty, mouth-watering bacon – the smell of which would get even the most righteous Jew, Muslim etc salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

You losers don’t know what you are missing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bishops put Science before God.

It appears the local Catholic Church is running scared of Swine-Flu.

Strange I thought it was just that Jews that avoided pigs?

From this Sunday, New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops are stopping parishioners receiving communion wafers on the tongue, communion wine from the chalice, and from shaking hands at the sign of peace at masses in New Zealand.

Doesn’t anyone in The Catholic Church of Aotearoa, follow the teachings of The Holy Bible anymore?

The Bible is very specific.

Diseases like this are a condition of sin or demonic possession, fixable by ordering the person to be well, forgiving sin, casting-out demons, and among other methods - the creative use of spit.

What a sad-day it is for religion in this country, when bastions of Christianity like this, turn their backs on Gods-word, to follow that secular hocus-pocus called modern medicine.

The Bishops that approved this rejection of Gods-word & still lucid enough to know what day-of-the-week it is - should be de-frocked.

It’s a disgrace!

iPhone gives you the chance to play God!

Alright, fair cop, I’m obviously a technology hermit, because until this juncture in my life – I had never heard of an iPhone (by Apple).

This is hardly a surprise, since I was probably Telecom New Zealand’s last 025 cell phone-owner.

So when I first came across this intriguing article, I needed to get my bearings by asking around the office “what’s an iPhone?” to be told, by a younger member, “it’s an expensive cell-phone you can play games on and listen to music on”.

For iPhone owners, one of these new games to come out, is ‘Pocket God’.

This is what the touch-screen game ‘Pocket God’ looks like to play, so you getter a better idea of the game itself & what the controversy is all about.

Now before you go thinking the criticism of a game in which you play God, has to have come from theist groups – you’d be wrong.

To date, there hasn’t been a whimper of disquiet at a depiction of indiscriminate ‘Old Testament’ style slaughter, from within N.Z Churches.

No in-fact, its local Pacific Islander groups, that feel the brown-skinned men in hula skirts are ‘inappropriate’ and ‘racist’.

The obvious Easter Island references, seemed to have escaped them completely.

So, moving-on folks.

One can only presume the silence from Churches regarding ‘Pocket God’ mean the games creators were adequately able to re-create their chosen God in all his power & glory?

A realistic depiction of a God, that summarily burns, drowns, squashes his cowering creations in their thousands.

A genocidal God that has as much fun & pleasure dishing-out indiscriminate death, as iPhone owners have, with their harmless game.

Only, as far as believers are concerned, homicidal God(s) do this for real, every second of every day.

To believers in Gods – this is not a game.