Friday, October 17, 2014


This week it became official in New Zealand: being skinny is not considered normal.

Fat-rights campaigners have managed to pull from the shop fronts of one of N.Z’s largest fashion retailers mannequins it considers ‘too skinny’.  

For the record my daughter is the same size as one of the ‘offending’ mannequins.   

She is blessed with good genes – mine- plus exercises about 10 hours a week.  

Now let’s turn this travesty of political correctness around to the point the faux logic eats itself. 

The whimpish Hallenstein Glassons decided to put out obese mannequins in their place, fat being the new normal. 

Would they bow down to pressure from a petition from skinny girls “these body images are unachievable”? 

No fucking way. 

The skinny girl who watches what she eats, gets out and exercises is considered to be abnormal in this country.   
Doing rowing and triathlon, eating health could lead you to being.....OMG.....skinny! 

In what must be the most absurd health advice ever issued being skinny “sends a potentially dangerous message” according to so called experts, who should have their medical licences terminated for being incompetent and deluded.    

The fat bimbo teen already with an arse the size of a Cook Straight Ferry and thighs any All Black would be proud of is considered normal.  

Let’s be open and honest here. 

Being fat is always unhealthy, not being skinny - except in the extreme of cases where there is an eating disorder.   

It is possible for 90 per cent of the population to get down to a normal build for their body shape. 

Sometimes this normal will even be skinny in the eyes of others. 

The pro-obesity group, fellow fat arses behind the petition to get the mannequins pulled should have asked some doctors “What is healthy build”? 

Being skinny like this plastic doll or being fat at the age of 18?”  

The answer is clear to anyone except those that most need this advice – the fat bastards and their advocates!     

Shame on Hallensteins demonising teenagers who are skinny and live active, healthy lives.

I will never shop there again.

                  These skinny chicks really need to put on some weight, they are so unhealthy.  

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