Thursday, October 23, 2014

Glassons back down to more social media hostage taking

In case you missed it [more below] N.Z chain-fashion shop Hallensteins Glasson’s recently backed-down to pressure, similar to the one exerted when fat arses hit a chair, over a shop-front mannequin that in the opinion of fat people didn’t represent their unhealthy body-shape.  

Put simply: to achieve the build of the teen model they would have to exercise and stop eating KFC for breakfast.  

Being the same build as an N.Z Olympic female runner, triathlete, rower, cyclist etc. is suddenly offensive to this group who consider they are the epitome of ‘Real Kiwi Women’. 

‘Real Women’ are the ones that have their own ‘red-line’ ratio on the BMI scale.     

Well low and behold Glassons gutless backing in to the ‘fat pride’ contingent has seen them now face complaints by animal rights group SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) in N.Z because it features – horror of horrors – a rodeo. 

Yes, this is the same SAFE that is, in their words, affiliated with international animal advocacy organisations PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

That’s the same PETA that is labelled by U.S Counter Terrorism authority as being “# 1 Domestic terrorist group in America.”   

When militant groups hold hostages, the golden rule is to never pay the ransom. 

So when Galssons backed down to one group they were seen as easy prey to push the causes of other radicals, in this case the N.Z affiliate of a group that engages in terrorist activities.  

Next thing the clothing chain will see complaints from the colour blind they can’t see the ‘reds and pastels’ in their spring collection.

The Nepalese community in New Zealand, Kiwi’s over 7 foot who demand want more mannequins to look like them. 

This is what happens when you back down to what is in effect: social media hostage taking. 

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