Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christian Terrorism & Cultural Genocide – The New Zealand Link

Matthew 10:34 - "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword"

Where ever they travel through-out the world New Zealanders are largely viewed are friendly & honest people, understanding of local cultural sensitivities, follower’s of the rule ‘when in Rome’.

There’s a notable exception to the normal universal ‘open-armed’ acceptance of Kiwi visitors. A little-known place on the map, where New Zealanders are viewed with suspicion, even fear, by a large section of the populous, an historic negative connotation which has lead The New Zealand Government to issue a travel safety warning to any Kiwi venturing there.

The State of Tripura in India (bordering Tibet, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh), is the place I’m referring to.

For decades the Tripura region of India has been racked with religious & tribal conflicts. An estimated 11,000 people have been killed in the last 20 years & another 30,000 made homeless in this unrest.

This ongoing sectarian war has escalated lately and has lead the Christian minority in the region to call for the creation of a separate ‘state within a state’, partitioning Christians from the dominant indigenous Hindu population.

Since 1989 a Christian Terrorist Group (National Liberation Front of Tripura) has been operating in the state, with an express aim of creating an independent Christian state. The NLFT’s objectives are set-out in their manifesto: ‘To expand The Kingdom of God & Christ in Tripura’ – using force.

NLFT have undertaken bombings, shootings, kidnappings & rapes to bring about their goal for a separate Christian state. NLFT (and their sister terror group ‘Christian All Tripura Tiger Force’) regularly employ a policy of ‘convert or die’ in their attempts to subjugate the local population.

So what is the New Zealand link in all of this?

Sixty years ago the first Christian missionaries arrived in Tripura.

To be more specific, they arrived from the Baptist Church of New Zealand.

It was these proselytising endeavours by these Baptists from New Zealand over half a century ago, that have lead directly to the current bloodshed and ongoing religious conflict which now exists between their modern-day followers of Christ & the traditional local Hindu & Buddhist communities who have called the region home, and practiced local religions & customs for over a thousand years.

“Please pray for the young Christians in Tripura will not be lead astray by groups that come to Tripura and try and teach false doctrines”

[ The twisted prayer of the day for 21st July 2008, from Tranzsend, the Mission arm of The Baptist Churches of New Zealand]

Globally Baptist Churches (including New Zealand) poor millions of dollars of aid into the Tripura region, and there is strong belief amongst Hindu’s etc in Tripura, it’s these funds are arming the NLFT.

Indeed there is compelling ‘on the ground’ evidence that the Baptist Church in Tripura has been supporting NLFT.
In 2000 the secretary of the Noapara Baptist Church in Tripura was arrested when his hidden cache of explosives was located in the church. Also arrested were several other church officials, who were also found to be in possession of ingredients for making bombs. All confessed to having links with NLFT and even attending al Qaeda type camps.

In another incident in August 2003, police arrested the secretary of a Baptist Christian Missionary church in North Tripura District who was in possession of five kg of potassium, one kg sulphur, few gelatin sticks and 45 gm of high explosive materials.

A senior member of the then governing Bharatiya Janta Party, K.N Govindacharya, accused Baptist Churches in Tripura & their overseas supporters, of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the region.

Bill Adam from New Zealand with Rajani Kaipeng, General Secretary of the Tripura Baptist Christian Union

The corpses of Indian Soldiers loaded on to a truck, all victims of Christian Terrorism in the Tripiura region.

NLFT is not totally reliant on overseas benefactors, they also raise funds to achieve their goal for Christian statehood by kidnapping, extortion, drugs, counterfeiting & producing ‘underground’ pornographic movies, some of which involve the filming of their soldiers raping tribal villagers, who failed to covert via a gun-barrel & faced the consequences of wishing to retain their traditional beliefs

It was New Zealanders that planted those first seeds of divisiveness in Tripura, and it’s still New Zealanders who today have joined forces with Baptists around the globe, in their on-going attempts to wipe out a whole way of life, erase centuries of tradition and customs - all in the name of their foreign God & putting another pin in their conquerors map.

The Baptist Church hardly makes any secret about what their real 'mission' in Tripura is all about (listen to the song lyrics & view the dialogue) here on You-Tube:

Apple-Pie will replace curry, with Pavlova for dessert.

Far from simply trying to help impoverished, uneducated peoples in India - this is a callous exercise by The Baptist Church in cultural & religious genocide.

All at gun point, as necessary.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you haven't got a clue. It is true that thousands of Hindu and animist tribespeople in Tripura state are choosing Christianity - and it is their right to do so! To say that they shouldn't have that choice is the ultimate in cultural arrogance. They are certainly capable of forming their own religious opinions, as anyone who has met them knows. It is also true that there are terrorist groups, some of which call themselves Christian. The Tripura Baptist churches do not support these groups, though there may be some individuals in them who do - but I wonder. Those 'confessions' by two church members may or may not be substantiated. I know personally of a number of such accusations which were false.
In your video clips, the "You" that "We want to be like" in the song lyrics is not the western missionaries (who haven't been there for decades) but Christ himself - who, by the way, isn't a kiwi - or even european! So I don't think we're looking at an apple pie or pavlova situation. In the second video clip, you're confusing American Indians with the indians of India. In that situation, the actions of the conquistadores on behalf of the king were anti-Christ, and have been repudiated by the churches since. To say that the Tripura Christians, or the NZ Christians who work alongside them, are terrorists is like my saying that you are an arrogant, genocidal dictator like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, all of whom shared your atheist faith (and it is a faith - you have to have a lot of blind trust to believe a statement like "There is no God" - the ulimate unprovable hypothesis!!!).
If you're going to make these sort of assertions, then you need to get some better info. Talk to the people on the ground, don't just read reports from newspapers. If you believe the media, you deserve to be deluded.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hi there Pastor,

Firstly my article is well researched, not simply cut & pasted from the internet. I had correspondence with a number of local Hindu groups in Tripura, who endorsed the article before it was published.

Frankly, your comments, just go and prove my supposition that Christian missionaries are arrogant and in the region to spread the word of your chosen God, by destroying the established beliefs and culture that has existed for centuries, via the enticing power of the green-back in an impoverished part of the globe.

The references to terrorism were taken from Police statements, in the public domain. The Baptist Church in Tripura was implicated in those cases arming/funding terrorists –that’s irrefutable.

There are/were Christian Terrorists in Tripuna killing/raping/attacking others who do not share their faith – that’s irrefutable.

To then try and attack the validity of the article, by attacking the writer drips again of that arrogance “I’m right” and “You are wrong”.

If you had taken the opportunity to read my blog, you’ll see I normally post a music clip relevant to the article – this song happens to be a clip I felt was well suited to the subject matter in hand. That being - cultural and religious imperialism. A great and fitting-song, even if I do say so myself(I also run the worlds only Atheist Music Blog)

Thank-you for your comments, they give readers an insight and bedrock, I could never have provided.

All the best.


PS: Hitler was a Catholic. Most of the Nazi hierarchy in WW2 were Christians, so please don’t attempt to use that tiresome historic inaccuracy you were taught in theology school.

daniel deb said...

hello there, cantebury athiest don't circulate fake n false accusation report n news etc. Beware, don't get brainwash by the hindu group.. The more u think wise the more u became folish.. Same on your group.

Anonymous said...

hello there athiest, actually you know nothing about head or tail in tripura , so u better shut ur mouth n take cre b4 u r complety brain wash by da hindu group.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder the writter or so call against tripuri community, r u a local person or from outsider came and settle recently in tripura.i m sure you are from bangladesh....you have no right to write or reply

Shashi said...

Hi I am an Indian. I have seen these problems on Ground. Hate Speech was rendered on church speakers in My Village. We are for religious freedom but these conversions are coercive in Nature through Voilence, Money incentives etc.
People who cannot accept the truth you all should come to India and see it yourselves.

It is easy for a paston in NZ, US or Europe to take the Moral High Ground. But we have to suffer in India.

Finally a Stern Warning to all the 'foriegners' . India is none of your business, Stay off from India, we know how to progress. We do not need the White man's God.

Anonymous said...

there is no white man's god, black man's god,there is only one true Almighty God.