Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nutters with guns in the U.S are as newsworthy as a car accident in Peru

Sadly people die on New Zealand roads.  

Similarly road accidents happen around the globe resulting in injury and death with the same regularity.  

Unless the death-toll is significant e.g. bus crashes, a road fatality in Austria or India is not newsworthy enough to be reported outside that particular country.   

This is because road-tolls are common-place, an unfortunate by-product of getting behind the wheel.  

Similarly random shootings in the U.S are a by-product of a society that encourages the proliferation of guns.   

The inevitable result allowing anyone with two legs and half a brain to possess a gun, one that often serves only one purpose – killing other humans.    

Little wonder so many nutters run about killing people with guns in the U.S.  

Gun crime that is an aberration in most other countries is ‘hoe hum’ normal in the U.S, has been for decades.  

Therefore shootings in America are not news here in New Zealand any more than a road accident in Peru.   

The media outside the U.S should ‘yawn’ as news of the next gun rampage comes off the cable and put it in the same category as the Syrian civil war, pollution in Mexico City, a flood in a country no one can place on a map.      

Only worthy of reporting outside the United States when a proverbial bus accident e.g. Sandy Hook happens.  

If no one in the U.S cares enough to restrict gun ownership I for one don’t much care.  

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Lanc Heath said...

I live in the U.S., and used to be pro gun-ownership rights, in fact, I still own a few. I am concerned and dismayed at the increase in gun violence in this country and feel something must be done. However, I don't have an answer as to what, nor, apparently does anyone else, unfortunately. Sure, we could 'ban'guns, but what of the millions of guns already in our possession? I think that a great many otherwise law-abiding citizens would choose to keep theirs, for a variety of reasons, perhaps none of those being actually valid. It is often stated here that 'if we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.'
I have yet to hear any realistic proposal to rid this country of its guns, and sadly, any attempt to restrict sales and ownership is fiercely contested by the gun-rights lobby.
Meanwhile, the violence and deaths of the innocent continues...