Thursday, June 12, 2014


Women are far more emotionally centred than men. 

Seeking out love and security, not just for themselves but their offspring. 

So the story goes, but I hate to disappoint you.   

Women have children to dead-beat losers in every city and town on this planet.  

You know exactly what I’m talking about here. 

Shhhh…the Stasi like PC Police don’t like us talking about stuff like this, so let’s do so in hushed tones. 

Nah fuck that!  

Just because a woman is in a relationship with the dregs of society doesn’t mean it’s compulsory for her to spud-out sprogs left right and centre, now does it?   

Brats their biological ‘sperm donor’ benefactor, more often than not, cares little for. 

Brat’s that the mother along with the taxpayer becomes contributors for, whilst loser X is off doing his own thing the same as the day he first met his then partner. 

To a man 'loser men' are never monogamists.  

The thing is: woman know a loser when they see one and seemingly don’t see it as a major issue impregnating them and doing the inevitable runner.     

Crime, alcohol, lack of work accruement don’t normally first manifest themselves in a man in his  40’s.  

They are normally obvious self-evident character flaws from day one.  

9 times from 10 these men were obvious losers from the first date, first time their bitch/skant (employing forms of scum-bag endearment) opened their legs and forgot what day of the month it was.  

So, why do women all-too frequently have children to losers, knowing they are losers?   


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