Friday, September 14, 2012

N.Z Prime Minister reveals he and his wife were both Victims of Catholic Bigotry

In 1985 John Key married his school yard sweet-heart Bronagh (nee Dougan)

Now Bronagh comes from Irish Catholic heritage and she wanted a traditional ‘White’ wedding.

But this wasn’t possible – at least not in a Catholic Church in Christchurch, nor for that matter anywhere on this planet.

Not in 1985.

Not now it's 2012. 

Was John a Satanist in his formative years?

In his photo above, taken around the time, he looks fairly harmless.  

One of those damned-to-hell atheists, perhaps?  

No far worse.

John Key has Jewish blood on his mothers-side.

If there’s anything more than Condoms and Gay Pride Parades that Roman Catholics hate – it’s those Christ killing Jews.  

The Vatican has been systematically persecuting Jews for centuries & supporting fellow Catholic fascists to do the messy ‘manual’ work for them.   

Richard Dawkins would have stood more chance than John Key getting married in a Catholic Church that’s for sure.     

John and Bronagh got married in a garden instead.   

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