Monday, May 18, 2009

Take your American Politics and shove-it where the Sun don’t shine!

There is one news-subject that I can’t abide – American Politics.

However as much as I dislike, or am ambivalent to it’s content, it remains one subject, that is shoved down the throats of a global audience, like some sickly foul-tasting medicine administered to a reluctant child.

I had hoped this imperialism via media, would have ended, around the same time New Zealand flowers used at the inauguration wilted.

Oh no, that would have been far too easy.

Today’s paper goes to prove, just how pervasive U.S Politics is, in the lives of everyone, living in the world.

Obama calls for common ground on abortion at Notre Dame’ was the heading, I was greeted with, this morning, in the international section of my local Christchurch newspaper.

Completely off the top of my head, minus any references to the internet, here’s what Notre Dame means to this Kiwi:

- It’s a cathedral in Paris I’ve visited
- It was the setting for Victor Hugo’s famous book
- It’s an American University.

Breaking this down further, here’s what I can tell you about Notre Dame, the American College.

Norm from ‘Cheers’ went there.

That’s right folks, the total knowledge I have about Notre Dame College, is isolated to a small snippet I saw on the guy who played Norm on the T.V series – bagging his old school!

I’m going to take a guess and say it’s in the mid-west somewhere, but in truth I don’t’ know, and more importantly – I don’t give a friggin’ rat’s arse.

Nor do I care about Obama, Abortion, evangelical voting-blocks, American football, storms in the Gulf of Mexico, which Hollywood star is fucking is who, & last but not least – their appalling beer!

As a political issue ‘abortion’ wouldn’t rank in the top twenty in New Zealand – so why give this story any coverage outside the U.S at all, when it hardly even ‘registers a bleep’ locally?

Why is it, a quality news-organisation like The BBC, ranked Obama’s speech as their # 2 story, when 95% of their readers, will be as ignorant on the significance of this particular educational establishment, and as outright uninterested in it, as I am?

People go to these sites, to embellish their knowledge of the world – not to have gordy American politics shoved-down our throats, like some Disney Channel for adults.

It’s about time media-outlets outside the U.S, grew-up, became more discerning, and started doing some journalism of their own.

Stories of interest to a local audience, and not bloody American Politics!


Orion77 said...

Norm from Cheers! 1. How the hell do you remember where a supporting character attended college and 2. you're showing your age.

Notre Dame, hmmm, I vaguely remember a B&W college football movie, with either Jimmy Stewart or Ronnie Reagan as the lead. No hunchback though, I think that is why I remember it, childhood expectations, disappointed.

Have to agree on the bats-piss they bottle and sell. I put it down to payback for Fosters.

BeamStalk said...

The bat-piss is the mass marketed crap. We do have some good small breweries around here.

Oh and Notre Dame is a Catholic school, just to add more fun to this. :P

NotZed said...

Like american tv shows, it's just cheap content. Blasted across the world through news wire services.

This sort of rubbish is absolutely everywhere and it's only going to get worse as the money falls out of the newspaper business.

It's crap, and all it's doing is quickening the paper's own demise.