Monday, May 25, 2009

Christchurch Priest wants consecrated grounds made into havens for criminals.

Boy, this has been a dismal week for Catholic around the globe, and now we have an article from my local town, Christchurch, which adds to that sad legacy.

Tala Seleni, was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide this month, & was buried last week at The Linwood Cemetery.

As it turns-out, not only was Seleni senior, a rat-bag, but so is his son, Tasi, who is on the run from Police for a range of crimes, including kidnapping and stabbing.

Hardly surprisingly N.Z Police staked-out Tala Seleni’s funeral, in the hope his fugitive son would appear at the grave-side (they took the liberty to tell the family)

To you and me, the fact the Police saw the funeral as a prime-chance to collar a crim like Tasi Seleni, by placing undercover police in the crowd, was entirely the right one.

But not to Father John Rizzo, the Catholic Priest who conducted the funeral.

That’s him, taking mass in the photo above.

Taking one-step back, one can only presume from Fr Rizzo’s attendance, means murderers who kill themselves, go to heaven along with all the other ‘good’ souls, and Father Rizzo was merely issuing Tala, that ‘one way’ ticket all Catholics get of-right(?)

Father Rizzo, as it turns-out, has lodged a public complaint about The Police presence, at the funeral.

He told The Christchurch Press newspaper the Polices actions were “tactless”.

In Father Rizzo’s world, the cloistered one occupied by middle-aged virginal men, a Church or a Cemetery in this case - are deemed “sacred ground” & even Police must pay umbrage to this.

Father Rizzo would like to see civil-laws, stop at the boundaries of consecrated Church grounds, making them, in effect, safe-havens for criminals.

Using his own logic, one has to think, Rizzo is perfectly happy sharing his Sunday communion with embezzlers, rapists, car thieves etc, who are taking a well-deserved break from being ‘on the run’? The Police would get to wait in the church car-park.

This just goes and shows us, yet again, how embarrassingly ‘out of touch’ Catholic priests are to secular life.

Another lesson The Catholic Church will take anyone – murderers – no problem!

Footnote: The online version of The Christchurch Press is running a poll (Tues 19th May) asking it's readers, if it was o.k for the Police to stake-out a funeral. When I submitted my affirmative vote, the results were an overwhelming 87% of people, had said 'Yes' as well. Just, another indictment, how out-of-touch, priests are, to the folk they administer, and New Zealand society in general.


Anonymous said...

You'd have to be an absent minded half wit to write somethiing as stupid as that.. What kind of cult are you running? Does it have anything to do with the number 6??... How can you comment on a priest when you obviously never use a church. You're a sicko and maybe the police should be looking at your site instead of wasting their time at Catholic churches!!!

Canterbury Atheists said...

You are right of course.

Given I’ve personally never been in trouble with the Police before, and a priest at my local Catholic Church, St Teresa’s, was imprisoned for being a child-abuser, the constabulary will need directions to my place, since they are more than familiar with where to find the offending church.

I’ll call the coppers to clarify where to find me.

Thanks for your heart-warming and intuitive comments.Great to see Christianity is in such noble hands, but I think it’s time mum put you to bed.


greendayfreak003 said...

I don't believe I ever stated that i was catholic!!!! You don't have to be catholic to be disgusted with your write up. But given that I have also never been on the wrong side of the law I think it is poor that you should use that as an excuse to comment on a whole lot of crap that you have only READ about. Would like to know
was Rizzo the priest at your school that was locked up???? Or is this just a cheap shot??? child abusers can be found in all walks of life doesn't make all priests child abusers. What is it exactly you think you know about Rizzo, Tasi, Tala and their families or've made your own version of events based on what????

Canterbury Atheists said...

Now you have had the courtesy of identifying yourself, rather than hiding behind anonymity, let me address your points:

1.)I never stated you were a Catholic. Is English a second language?

2.)Being the nice young chap you clearly are, it was you that said I was a sicko and should be locked-up, and I merely wished to point out, the Christchurch Police would be more familiar with the address of my local Catholic Church than my own –having arrested a genuine sicko, Father Paddy Thwaites there, for child abuse.

3.)Where you get this other stuff from, is on a tangent I don’t want any part of, rather I prefer the safety of the Police reports/statements I accessed.

If you can name me, a profession with a higher rate of child abuse than a Catholic Priest – then I will personally buy you the new Green Day album (out this week from memory?)

So get your thinking-cap on.

Now, here’s a piece of musical advice for free.

If you wanted to listen to genuine punk music, rather than the watered down crap we get nowadays, start listening to: Slaughter and The Dogs, Anti-Nowhere League, Buzzcocks, Lurkers, Eater, 999.

You-Tube these groups, ask for them by name at your record store.

See you get more than an ear-bashing around this place!


greendayfreak003 said...

First of all your comment about Catholism quote "Great to see Christianity is in such noble hands, but I think it’s time mum put you to bed." - one could only take as a direct comment to me. If English is your first language maybe you should state things more clearly!!

2.) What the hell does your pedo priest have to do with this case? You stand by the police, but wasn't it just last year that they were splashed all over the news for violent sex offending? So it's alright to categorise Catholic priests, but the police you claim you get your statements/reports from are categorised on a "they're not all like that" basis. My point being you slang priests but clearly use police to your advantage. In the real world, that makes you a hypocrit.

3.) In your "article" no where did you refer to the "profession" of priests, it was only Rizzo that you were thrashing.

4.) If i wanted to listen to crap screamo music of bands that scream the shit out of a microphone because they dont know how the hell to sing in tune, then yeah i'll listen to ya shitty arse jukebox satan slang bullshit selection.. Tell me what messages do those bands deliver to people these days that doesnt include killing yourself or taking drugs. Maybe you should listen to some Green Day, then you'd learn a thing or two about what real music sounds like..

And last but not least what is it exactly you atheists believe in? Bagging on other peoples religions?? Never come across such a dysfunctional website that has nothing better to do than put shit on other people! If you're not into catholism thats algood but you should keep your remarks to yourself coz to some it is highly offensive

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hello again,

Boy, where do I start here, addressing your issues (not being a psychologist and all)

Firstly, Atheists don’t believe in gods, devils, Santa or the tooth-fairy – so I’m hardly likely to be in collusion with Satan –if you stopped to think about it.

If you want to listen to light-weight ‘boy-bands’ like Green Day rather than real punk music – that’s your choice.

I guess it’s not your fault you are born into a generation that can’t find its own musical movement and steals the stuff from their parents.

And the greatest surprise of all (to you at least, and no one else) is an Atheist Blog site has articles bagging religion!

Wow! Shock! Horror!

Atheists have the right to free-speech, these-days, what next women will get the vote?

What did you expect to find on an Atheist – Bible passages? Popes message to his flock?

This is the nature of blogging, people speak their mind, so you are entirely permitted to exercise your opinion and tell the world your appalling taste in music, and love of a zombie death cult.

See ya.


PS: In case you haven’t noticed Catholics don’t happen to be the only people calling themselves Christians.

Orion77 said...

Looks like I missed all the fun over here, apparently, another non-catholic outraged at the "persecution" of the poor old Catholic Church. Like flies to shit!