Friday, May 1, 2009

Bishops put Science before God.

It appears the local Catholic Church is running scared of Swine-Flu.

Strange I thought it was just that Jews that avoided pigs?

From this Sunday, New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops are stopping parishioners receiving communion wafers on the tongue, communion wine from the chalice, and from shaking hands at the sign of peace at masses in New Zealand.

Doesn’t anyone in The Catholic Church of Aotearoa, follow the teachings of The Holy Bible anymore?

The Bible is very specific.

Diseases like this are a condition of sin or demonic possession, fixable by ordering the person to be well, forgiving sin, casting-out demons, and among other methods - the creative use of spit.

What a sad-day it is for religion in this country, when bastions of Christianity like this, turn their backs on Gods-word, to follow that secular hocus-pocus called modern medicine.

The Bishops that approved this rejection of Gods-word & still lucid enough to know what day-of-the-week it is - should be de-frocked.

It’s a disgrace!

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