Monday, May 25, 2009

Anti-Semitic Kiwi Priest Escapes Conviction

Some countries take anti-Semitism seriously – sadly, New Zealand isn’t one of them.

In this country, all one does is don the loose easy-to-wear badge, ‘peace-campaigner’, and you can get away with desecration, amongst a range of odious criminal activities.

Today we learnt, Father Gerard Burns, the Catholic priest who defaced an Israeli monument during an anti-Zionist protest in January, has escaped conviction after completing tasks set by police earned him diversion.

Father Burns is still totally unrepentant for his actions.

He still wants to see an end to the state of Israel.

Hardly a big surprise, Burns is still happily employed by the Catholic Church in New Zealand.

As I’ve highlighted before, there a strong ‘common denominator’ amongst the protagonists in the anti-Israeli movement,in New Zealand.

Here you look down the list and ‘pick it’.

Bernard Minto (Catholic & Political Activist)
Tyler Culpepper (Catholic & Anarchist)
Leslie Bravery (Religious affiliation unknown, Political Activist)
Father Gerard Burns (Catholic Priest, Political Activist)
Keith Locke (Atheist, Green MP, One time supporter of Pol Pot)
Mike Treen (Religious affiliations unknown, Unionist, Political Activist)
Joe Carolan (Catholic, Unionist, runs a blog called Socialist Aotearoa even though he’s Irish)
Cat Noakes Duncan (describes herself as a Christian Volunteer)
Sahar Ghumkhor (Religion and profession unknown, but someone will know)
Dr Margaret Mayman (Presbyterian Minister)
Janfrie Wakim (Catholic, Director of Child and Poverty Action)

Similarly, in the past I’ve also raised the points, about a socialist rabble that likes to be seen, superficially at least, as interested in global peace, yet:

- Failed to undertake any protest action, a single letter to the editor, when 2,800 innocent people from 91 nations (including Kiwi’s) were murdered by Islamic terrorists on 9/11.

- Only seems to bait those nasty Christ-Killing Jews & Yankee Imperialists, never key-players like Iranian, Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

So everytime you see or hear these names mentioned, be fully aware, their ideal future map of the world, is one that comes minus the State of Israel.

On this map, Israel along with the rest of The Middle East comes together, like a congealed ‘black blob’, with the title ‘Radiation not fit for human inhabitation’.

That’s when these so-called peace campaigners will be most happy.

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