Thursday, May 14, 2009

More bare-faced lies as The Vatican tries to hide the truth about Pope Benedict’s War Time-Record.

Just how stupid & ignorant does, The Rev. Federico Lombardi, an Italian priest who serves as the pope's spokesman, think you & I are?

Memo to Popes Spokesman:

Fred, this is no longer the middle-ages, where you can scare the uneducated peasants with false stories of devils & witches & where your friendly local church representative came with the name title ‘Grand Inquisitor’.

The plebeians have long-since risen-up Reverend Lombardi, & not all of us swallow ‘hook line & sinker’ everything told us as gospel.

The indignatious Lombardi wants sites like this to stop publishing, what he terms ‘a falsehood’.

This ‘falsehood’ is a the re-write of history, I alluded to yesterday.

Lombardi and his propaganda ministry, deep within The Vatican bunker, have demanded media to stop publishing allegations Pope Benedict was in The Hitler Youth.

Here’s what the bare-faced liar, Federico Lombardi, had to say yesterday:

“The Pope was never in the Hitler Youth: never, never, never”.

That’s right Fred, we all believe you and ‘the one true church’.

But why stop there?

Whilst The Vatican is undertaking this re-write of history, it would also pay for you guys to also include some of the other ‘falsehoods’, in the spotlight:

1.) Ratzinger, never manned that anti-aircraft gun in Munich in 1943. Never, never, never.

2.) Ratzinger, never belonged to a anti-tank battalion that served in Hungary & Nothern Germany in 1944. Never, never, never.

3.) Ratzinger, never wore a Nazi Uniform for 20 months or more in WW2. Never, never, never.

4.) Ratzingers, neighbour & the other witness’s on record stating he was a 'good little National-Socialist' - never, never, never told the truth.
5.) Never believe those U.S Army ‘prisoner of war’ records, that show Ratzinger was captured, imprisoned and interrogated – as a soldier. Not a civilian, priest or any other convenient profession, he dreamt-up, the moment he got ambitions to become the leading Christian on the planet. Never, never, never, doubt Pope Benedicts recollections, and disregard what is a completely unbiased written testimony from The U.S Army, showing they considered him to be an enemy soldier.

Last but not least, German scientists invented Photo-Shop in 1941 and put it to good use, by 'painting' a non-discript underling, like Joseph Ratzinger into a uniform, as you see in the above photo.

On behalf of the free-press: I apologise to The Catholic Church for publishing these ‘falsehoods’.

By the way Fred, can I get a dungeon, with a good view?

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