Friday, May 22, 2009

Join the Campaign to Stop the Worldwide Order of Christian Brothers knowingly harbouring pedophiles!

One thing that the Irish Inquiry has highlighted is the desperate & expensive lengths, the Catholic Church will go to shield, priests and nuns from prosecution.

Even before the shocking results of the Irish Church scandal were made public, The Catholic Church was callously protecting its own, from justice.

In 2004 The Congregation of Christian Brothers, from Ireland successfully sued the Commission to prevent its members being named in the report.

The Congregation of Christian Brothers as it turns out in the report, were guilty of more excess’s than any other functionary.

Using an analogy, The Irish Christian Brothers were the equivalent of Hitler’s SS, callously abusing innocent victims – all of which are children entrusted into their care.

The difference of course was this wasn’t a war, even if the crimes are strikingly similar in their barbarism, and the complicit German SS troops, concentration guards etc got to face justice at the end of WW2.

Not one of the low-life Irish Priests or Nuns, guilty of their own ‘crimes against humanity’ will face cross-examination and punishment for their deplorable actions.

I am calling on all of those who feel repulsed, these criminals will continue their cosy-‘feet-up’ lives, courtesy of The Catholic Church, to contact their local Christian Brothers organisation and tell them directly - it’s time they lived-up to their name.

Time, for The Christian Brothers gave justice to their thousands of victims.

Time, they handed-over the hundreds of priests, they know damn well were guilty of child abuse.

Here’s that worldwide list of who to contact.

NOTE: New Zealanders can leave their views in the comments section and I will make sure Brother John O’Shea (N.Z Contact) receives them.

Brother William T. Flood, C.F.C.419 Parkside DriveToronto, ON M6R 2Z7(416) 604-7992FAX: (416) 604-8443

United States
Brother James R. McDonald, C.F.C.10001 S. Pulaski Road, Room 111Chicago IL 60655-3356TEL: (773) 429-4496FAX: (773) 429-4381
bromaccfc@yahoo.comPara más información comunicate con:
Br. Gennaro Sullo111 East 164th St.Bronx, NY 10452718.293.3993 ext. 124
Brother Jim Hamilton, CFC111 East 164th St.Bronx, NY 10452TEL: (718) 293-3993 ext.

South Africa, Zimbabwe
Brother Michael Burke, C.F.C.26 Fifth StreetLa Rochelle 2190 RSA
Brother Alfred Banda, C.F.C.International Spirituality CentreP.O. Box 310300Lusaka

Brother Tommy Samuel, C.F.C.St.Columba’s SchoolAshok PlaceNew Delhi, India

Ireland, Northern Ireland
Brother Fergus Reilly, C.F.C.Cluain Mhuire274 North Circular RoadDublin 7
Brother Chris Glavey, C.F.C.Christian Brothers"The Moorings"13 Charleville MallNorth Strand, Dublin 1
Brother John Hearne, C.F.C.Christian BrothersArmagh RoadCrumlin, Dublin 12

Brother Dominic Sassi, C.F.C.Fratelli CristianiVia Marcantonio Colonna 900192 Roma - Italy

Brother Dominic Sassi, C.F.C.WoodeavesHale BarnsAltrincham,Cheshire, England

New South Wales
Brother Phil Redding, C.F.C.Private Box 154Balmain NSW 2041Australia
Queensland, North Territory
Brother Ted Magee, C.F.C.70 Kate StreetP.O. Box 923Indooroopilly Q4068Australia
Victoria, Tasmania
Brother Sean McManus, C.F.C.Christian Brothers Community79 Parsons StreetSunshine Vic 3020Australia
Western Australia
Brother Bernard White, C.F.C.51B Redmond St.Salter Point WA 6152Australia
South Australia
Brother John Webb, C.F.C.103 George St.Thebarton, SA, 5031Australia

New Zealand
Brother John P. O'Shea, C.F.C.24B Wharenui Rd.Christchurch, NZ

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Anonymous said...

I am disgusted and saddened by the appalling treatment of the children in the care of the Christian Brotherhood in Ireland. I feel a deep shame for belonging to the same species that would treat their own in such a way and then use the law to weasel themselves out of trouble. I can't begin to understand how the perpetrators live with themselves and reconcile their supposed faith with their actions. To me this is just more proof of the inanity that you stand for. If you were really half as compassionate and loving as you say you are then you would not be shielding those guilty of these repulsive acts from justice. But then again this is what the world has come to expect from the members of the Catholic Church.