Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pope Benedict – Self Confessed Coward or Defender of his Homeland?

Undeniably Joseph Ratzinger, fought for Nazi Germany in WW2.

Let me define, the word ‘fought’ in this context, so we are all singing off the same script.

- Ratzinger, was a part of an anti-aircraft battery, manned by Hitler Youth, defending the BMW plant, near Munich

- Ratzinger, later trained in the army and served in an anti-tank battalion, in northern Germany and Hungary.

Irrefutable historic records show, Ratzingers units saw action in WW2, at the same times/dates Ratzinger was present.

Now if one believes Ratzingers recollections, he never fired a shot himself, even if everyone around him was engaged in defending their country, and at the very least, protecting their own lives.

Making tank traps, carrying a weapon as part of being a trained soldier, being part of an ac-ac crew – seems to me at least, to be low level participation, in the context of the times.

But, active-service, never-the least.

If you believe Ratzinger (as per his biography), rather than fight, every-time there was ‘action’, he skulked-off back home, or hid-out in a forest until it was time to surrender to the Americans.

The later ascertain, flies in the face of U.S Army records, which show he was captured as a Wermacht soldier.

So at the very least, by his own admission, Ratzinger was a self-confessed coward.

The current Pope is happy for the world to know, as a teenager, he did not even have the fortitude, to protect his own family, nor his own countrymen against attack.

Catholic revisionists who like to paint Benedicts war-record as ‘lily-white’, have painted themselves into a corner.

Either Ratzinger was a cowering coward, who didn’t want to fight for his country, when it was under attack?

Dropped his weapon and ran, whilst his countrymen stood their ground and fought.

Either that, or he was merely following orders along with millions of his countrymen, who were not necessarily national-socialists, but simply Germans fighting for Germany?

Which one is it?

You can’t have it both ways.

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