Sunday, May 10, 2009

The pitiful Radio Rhema exposes its ‘insecure under-belly’ for all to see.

This is Christian Radio host, Rob Holding.

Rob host’s Radio Rhema’s afternoon slot, called ‘The Home Run’.

The station describes his show as ‘a fresh mix of positive music and lifestyle talk’.

Rob and Radio Rhema, are clearly an insecure bunch, at best.

Unsure of the strength, not just of their own faith, but that of their listening audience - as well.

Beset with fear and anxiety, Radio Rhema feels threatened by this lady……

Children’s author, local Cantabrain, Margret Mahy.

Her novels have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Catalan and Afrikaans. In addition, some stories have been translated into Russian, Chinese and Icelandic.

In 2006 Mahy was awarded the international Hans Christian Anderson Awaard in recognition of a ‘lasting contribution to children's literature’.

She is a global literary gem in my books, worth bottling.

But whilst you and I may see Mahy as a fun-loving, respected author – this is not the way Holding and his righteous team at Radio Rhema see her through their coke-bottle sized ‘god-goggles’.

These ‘fine stead-fast Christians’ have taken the radical steps of banning her, from their air-waves.

And what pray-tell has caused this consternation, and raised their ire?

Was, Mahy discovered belonging to a coven of witches?

If you read her books backwards, you’ll hear the words of Beelzebub himself?

No, you’d be wrong.

It’s her latest Kids book, which pokes fun (in cartoon form) of religious institutions in New Zealand, amongst every other fabric of our history.

This is a ‘light-hearted’ humorous book aimed at young readers.

Yet, the petrified and feeble Bob Holding, felt so threatened by the 73 year-olds latest book, he’s banned her from his show!

All Holding is doing is publically admitting he & his inadequate listeners, lack the fortitude to hear & read the words of a 73 year-old children’s author - without feeling threatened.

The, pitiful, cowardly & narrow actions of a radio-station with, all the spine of a jelly-fish.

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