Friday, May 29, 2009

God the Ultimate Comic Book-Hero

Marvel Comics have a good grasp of the human psyche.

Create super-humans, with the appearance of common-man, but with powers we hairless chimps desire, yet can never realise.

Super-Humans, with moral a compass pointing only to good.

Modern-day Greek Gods, created by-in-large, for an audience that can read and write, fully aware of their humble place in the scheme of things – but which still craves that innate , eternal human desire, to ‘fly like a bird’ , have ‘the strength of an elephant’ etc.

Good to triumph over evil.

The desire to be ‘all-powerful’, more than, mere human.

Now, run-through-your-mind, the attributes of these Super-Heroes.

Then think-about what attributes, one would give a God, if you were on the project-team at Marvel creating ‘God, the Ultimate Super-hero’?

X-ray vision?

The strength of twenty elephants?

The power, to read minds?

The same-way a comic-creator plays on human-frailties in creating a super-hero, or villain for that matter, is virtually identical to the process all cultures, undertook when the human-mind came to hammering-out their god or deity.

With one important addition, no comic entity can match.

That’s the power to defy death.

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