Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bailey Junior Kurariki: 'Natural Born Christian'

Kim Workman (left) is project leader of the Rethinking Crime and Punishment Project, and director of the Prison Fellowship, a Christian agency which last year claimed to have turned around the life of New Zealand’s youngest convicted murderer Bailey Junior Kurariki.

Workman, in The Hearld article (15th March 2008) made bold claims that Kurariki's church attendance in prison, and baptism in 2007 "has really helped him to mature".

Kurariki was released from prison under strict parole conditions in May 2008, four months before his seven-year sentence was due to end.

The Prison Fellowship claimed to be provided Kurariki support on the outside, and wanted the authorities & the public to believe he was ‘born-again’.

So, how has this ‘natural born Christian’ got on since he left jail?

Just two months after release Kurariki was re-called to prison for allegedly breaching a condition banning him from using or possessing alcohol or illicit drugs. The recall was then overruled by High Court judge Justice Rhys Harrison who, said Kurariki was being unlawfully held in Auckland's Mt Eden Prison. So let’s say he walked free on that one, due to a technicality.

February this year, this poster-boy for Christian prisoner reform, was back in court again on three charges of breaching his strict parole conditions, not to drink alcohol or take drugs.

Apparently the hand signals used by Kurariki in this photo, taken outside the Court, is the way all Christians greet each other.

And to cap this off - only a month or so later he was arrested on a charge of assaulting a woman, believed to be his girlfriend.

Yesterday, he was released on bail, after pleading guilty to that assault charge.

Guess who was there to literally chauffeur him up from outside the Manukau District Court?

It was Bailey Kurariki’s fellow Christian buddies.

These ‘ostrich like’ brothers-in-Christ are seemingly oblivious to why he is in court for the 4th time since his release.

They still hold faith in the rehabilitation abilities of their god, when anyone with half-a –brain-cell, can tell the guy is an unfettered scrot.

Their beliefs have blinded them to the fact, the scum-bag standing in front of them - will never turn his cheek.

Frankly, these Christian do-gooders are a danger to society.

For the safety of others, Bailey Kurariki should remain behind bars.

Sadly, my prediction is, Kurariki will go on to savagely beat, or murder another poor innocent New Zealander.

When the inevitable happens, Workman and his feeble-minded, liberal Christians will have this ‘innocents’ blood, dripping from their very hands.

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Anonymous said...

I know how he feels. Trusting no one.