Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama is Satan’s Puppet!

If this isn’t enough evidence, I don’t know what is?

After watching this clip, I for one am totally convinced The President of The United States is in collusion with Beelzebub himself.

I always knew he had a 'dark-side', but nothing could prepare me for this.

The sound-bite “hearing from the grandma” (1:04) is extremely frightening & sent shivers down my spine, similarly any English teacher, reading grammar like this.

“The Lord said to the Arabs sin is with them” is also specific, in its ominous over-tones.

As is “Sub-Earth the mark is now sooner” (1:48)

“Women don’t add its God name” (2:43)

“Selled by gambit” (4:04)

What exactly these statements mean, I’ve yet to work-out, but this is clearly one of Old Nicks tricks to fool us.

I always thought Zeus was in cahoots with the devil, and now my suspicions have been realised, through Satan’s mouth-piece - Barack Obama.

“Shneersh” (3:32) is clearly an anagram of Sylvester the Cats “Suffering Succotash” meaning our children are being exposed to Satan’s word every-time they watch a Warner Brothers cartoon.

The horror of this all, is too much to bear!

Will a silver-bullet do the job or do we need a wooden stake to finish him?

Just the other night I was playing my vinyl copy of Led Zeppelins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards, when I also heard similar demonic messages – these demons and their subliminal messages are all about us – if only humanity would listen and take this seriously – we can all be saved!

So remember to look over your should today, take extra care as “marker will lash you”.

I’m taking a crucifix and a clove of garlic every-where I go.

“I is honest” after-all.

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