Friday, May 1, 2009

iPhone gives you the chance to play God!

Alright, fair cop, I’m obviously a technology hermit, because until this juncture in my life – I had never heard of an iPhone (by Apple).

This is hardly a surprise, since I was probably Telecom New Zealand’s last 025 cell phone-owner.

So when I first came across this intriguing article, I needed to get my bearings by asking around the office “what’s an iPhone?” to be told, by a younger member, “it’s an expensive cell-phone you can play games on and listen to music on”.

For iPhone owners, one of these new games to come out, is ‘Pocket God’.

This is what the touch-screen game ‘Pocket God’ looks like to play, so you getter a better idea of the game itself & what the controversy is all about.

Now before you go thinking the criticism of a game in which you play God, has to have come from theist groups – you’d be wrong.

To date, there hasn’t been a whimper of disquiet at a depiction of indiscriminate ‘Old Testament’ style slaughter, from within N.Z Churches.

No in-fact, its local Pacific Islander groups, that feel the brown-skinned men in hula skirts are ‘inappropriate’ and ‘racist’.

The obvious Easter Island references, seemed to have escaped them completely.

So, moving-on folks.

One can only presume the silence from Churches regarding ‘Pocket God’ mean the games creators were adequately able to re-create their chosen God in all his power & glory?

A realistic depiction of a God, that summarily burns, drowns, squashes his cowering creations in their thousands.

A genocidal God that has as much fun & pleasure dishing-out indiscriminate death, as iPhone owners have, with their harmless game.

Only, as far as believers are concerned, homicidal God(s) do this for real, every second of every day.

To believers in Gods – this is not a game.

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