Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its sickening watching Christians acting like groupies at a rock-concert

I for one fail to see why normally intelligent people ‘go weak at the knees’ in the company of ‘men of the cloth’.

Why do these people in our society adulate another person to the point, they are willing to throw themselves to their knees in pathetic public displays of dribbling fawning?

Submit to the will of another.

Complacently paint themselves as secondary citizens, for no other apparent reason than tradition.

Yet place these very same individuals in another social setting, say to being asked by their employer to kneel in homage to him/her – they would present the same reaction as yours and mine.

It’s frankly demeaning to see grown-men throw themselves onto their knees, in front of another man, akin to a dog begging their master for a belly-rub.

Acting like horny teenage groupies, that can’t wait for the bands last song.

Why are they willing to compromise their individual pride & give automatic respect to a ‘man of the cloth’?

Given these individuals have no more powers than a witch-doctor, and by & large less life-experiences than your generic bone-thrower or entrail reader – they are frankly far less deserving of any adulation based on merit, than say a fireman.

Is their any evidence a pastor, priest or minister of the cloth have ‘magic’ stronger than any other person, who can pray & believes in suppositious intervention?

So, why this farcical fascination with priests, ministers and pastors being some-how the level above the rest of us chimps?

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Akin Nu An said...

I totally agree with this post! I can't logically see how educated people could bow to a pastor, preist etc - With no confirmed 'magical powers' or 'connection to God'. It's lunacy... and they think that we are the lost causes!