Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Irish Tax-Payers how lumbered with compensating victims of Catholic Church abuse – a salutary warning to all Western Nations.

>In total, Irish victims of Catholic Church abuse, have received compensation totaling around, 1.1 Billion British Pounds (or 1.75 Billion U.S Dollars).

Much of this was all part of a compensation deal made in 2002, encompassing 12,000 abuse survivors, who surrendered the right to sue Church or State in future.

Of this total, ‘only’ 127 Million British Pounds, came out of Rome’s bulging coffers.

Thousands of further claimants, either have their cases in front of the courts, or are expected to come forward, now the whole sordid affair is out in the public-domain, due to the recent report into organised child-abuse.

To recap, the nine-year report identified about 800 abusers, among them nuns, priests and monks, principally members of the Christian Brothers.

Only a handful have every, been prosecuted and convicted.

To add insult to injury The Catholic Church in Ireland, who are already harbouring over 700 known pedophiles – are now refusing to contribute towards any future compensation , for the 2,000 + plus victims who missed-out on the initial 2002 deal.

This leaves the Irish Taxpayer to pick-up the burden.

In typical callous fashion, that typified the abuse itself, The Irish Catholic Church is walking away from their financial responsibility to compensate victims of it’s own making.

Clearly they never had any morals to lose, in the first place, so there’s no use arguing for any moral responsibility from a bankrupt cult, like this.

Does any of this surprise you?

And what is Herr Popes ‘message to the victims’ on all of this?

Well as yet, he doesn’t think 30,000 victims of abuse at the hands of his Church, warrants that word we all would have thought, was the bare necessity.


In his last sermon Benedict, was more interested in imploring Catholics to use the internet to spread the churches word – than caring about the misery and starvation, rort-on innocent children, by members of his ranks.

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