Monday, May 11, 2009

Dishonest Pope continues to perpetrate yet another historic falsehood

If you believe what you read, yesterday the Pope, visited the baptism site of Jesus, in Jordan.

The fact is, this is one of two major sites that claim to be Jesus baptism site (there have been more) and no one actually knows, where the actual event occurred, or if it even happened in the first place.

As I’ve gone to pains before to highlight – no where outside The Bible is there any mention of Jesus of Nazareth – full stop.

As an historic record, The Bible is full of gaps, ones which Christians see no problem in filling-in, retrospectively and with little or no basis to known facts.

Christians shamelessly do this, revisionist history lesson, to suit their own purposes.

Christians have been making-up holy-sites and fictitious dates, to suit their story-book tales, for centuries.

When it comes to re-writing history and letting the story become fact, David Irving is a light-weight compared to say The Catholic Church.

Christian leaders know the billion plus suckers, that keep them in power – will believe these fictional stories, irrespective of the facts.

Jesus Birth Date – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Exact Birthplace of Jesus – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Date of Death & Resurrection – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Jesus Baptism location – create a falsehood in the name of religion

House of The Virgin Mary – create a falsehood in the name of religion

Christianities list of make-believe sites, and fictional dates is extensive.

So here we have the leader of the world’s largest Christian denomination, proving this very point.

Making a pilgrimage, to a so-called site, which has no more verifiable credibility, than any other lump-of-land, bordering Jordan River.

Unabashedly perpetrating - this historic deception on a grand scale.

This shameful exercise in re-writing history, is a damming indictment on the principals of Christianity, and its followers - that happily & complacently turn-the-blind-eye to bare-faced lies & share-fantasy, when it suits them.

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