Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Legacy of Aisha

Aisha was six almost seven years old when betrothed to her husband..

Her husband to be was middle-aged, and this was by no means his first or last marriage.

Nor was it her first engagement.

At her wedding, Aisha was more interested in playing play with her toys, than the ceremony.

She was fond of sweats and rides on swings, what we would consider normal childrens things.

The marriage was consummated when she was 9, he 54.

She would be one of eleven wives, his favourite.

Aisha’s husband is considered a messenger and prophet of God, over a billion people currently believe in his divinity.

The legacy of Aisha, still continues to this day.

The world sits on its haunches, too scared to act in case of offending those that practice the abhorrence of ‘men marrying girls’ under the guise of religion.

Too afraid, least they become recipients to its widespread vengeance.

In a grand irony, it is we in the West, that face castigation for ignoring ‘the real Islam’ and considered to be ‘insensitive to their faith’ for bringing-up things like Mohammed’s sexual-congress with a child.

Apparently it is you and me, that doesn’t understand the nuances of Islam – ‘the way it works’.

It is me that is wrong when I criticise Child Marriage, and by definition Child Sex, as being part of Islam & Arab Culture in 2009.

It’s me that has the problem with a legal code that permits men to marry children and engage in sexual congress the minute the ceremony is over.

I should simply forget, that in the majority of Middle Eastern countries, the age of consent is not dictated in law, you can be six and get married.

‘Being married’ is enough justification, under their way of thinking, which dates back to the time Mohammed wandered the sands & if it's good enough for a god-man, it's good enough for you and me.

Xenophobes like me, should simply, ignore the practice of under-age sex, and look at all the positive practices in Islam.

Islam is above admonishment, certainly above criticism from unworthy sods like me, someone they see as a covert, slave or enemy to be killed.

So mustn’t go up-setting ‘them’, in case they bite back or heaven forbid, they could turn-the-gauge-off the oil pipe-lines.

It’s much easier to simply ignore the wide-spread practice of pre-pubescent girls marrying men.

So that’s exactly what our Governments do, because we all run scared of Islam’s excess’s, and we need their oil.

What a sad world we live-in, when wide-spread child-abuse is ignored, for the sake of religious & political expediency.

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Tariq Khwaja said...

Let it be known that those who make allegations regarding his wives should realize the weight of what they are alleging. It is normally considered very offensive to make allegations about anyone's marriage or the marriage of one's parents without strong evidence to back the claim. So those who launch allegations against our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) should do ample research into their claims before coming to conclusions. Would they like to be called child abusers? Or that their mother was forced into wedlock with their father?

Credit to the gentleman, Reverend Bosworth Smith who stated in his book "Muhammad and Muhammadanism":
"It should be remembered, however, that most of Muhammad's marriages may be explained, at least, as much by his pity for the forlorn condition of the persons concerned, as by other motives. They were almost all of them widows who were not remarkable either for their beauty or their wealth, but quite the reverse. May not this fact, and his undoubted faithfulness to Khadijah till the dying day, and till he himself was fifty years of age, give us additional ground to hope that calumny or misconception has been at work in the story of Zainab."

He married at the age of 25 (upon insistence) to a 40 year old woman and remained loyal to his first wife till she died about 25 years later. What turn of psychology did this man undergo that suddenly he was interested in marrying several women? Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad.