Thursday, May 21, 2009

Britain has got Weirdo’s!

This is truly, truly tragic.

On ‘the tragic Richter-scale’ this is close to a 10.

Watch in awe (if you dare?) as one of a small select few, who call themselves a ‘Christian Mime Artist’, embarrasses herself, in front of millions of viewers.

It reminds me of being in an audience, where young children are doing a school-play. The young-actors on stage are so intense about what they are doing, and all you want to do, is burst out laughing!

Surely there must have been someone in her family, or church circles(?), who could have pulled her to-one-side and said “With due respect Cath, this mime thing you get up-to is a load of crap love”.

With the cost of running television programs of this nature, why didn’t the producers of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ go through some sort of vetting process, or even better build a trap-door on the stage – one which dropped performers, like her into a pit of crocodiles or vat of acid.

Note: I’m fairly liberal but I’m conscious of protecting my loyal readership, so I’m going to issue my very first ‘Viewer Discretion Necessary’ warning notice. For those with weak dispositions & anyone with a full-stomach – for pity’s-sake, please refrain from pressing play!

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