Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canterbury Atheist Blog in Hibernation

Attention All:

My blog is ‘off the air’ indefinitely as at 01st July 2009.

I need to concentrate on finishing a book I started writing earlier this year, and is currently ‘stalled’ about a third-of-the-way through.

It’s a black-comedy, by the way.

So I’ve made the hard-decision that becoming a published author is a far worthier goal comparatively, than ‘a mere blogger’.

The investment in time and mental output, spent writing articles for this blog, would be better invested in the pages of my book.

The pay as an author is also miles better.

Can’t say when, or if, I will be back?

Depends on how the book goes.

May the blessings of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, fall upon you.



Note: Advice for first time authors is appreciated & can be left in the comments section.


peterquixote said...

Dude,where on earth did you find that Roger Whittaker
you say,
"The pay as an author is also miles better"
I suppose you mean the pay for a published author is better.
good luck.
I think you should come across to the your blog site every week to give us updates and snippets of your writing,

Anonymous said...

I have also been doodling on a book, it is more or less of a "philosophical" commentary on the modern world.

I have enjoyed reading your blog, and it is a shame that you wont be posting any more, but such is life.

=) hope you get properly published.

John Morales said...

Seriously, watch, those, commas! ;)

Ken said...

Sorry to hear you are stopping the blog.

Can't really speak as a book author but I have heard that running a blog while writing a book (even posting pieces as they are completed0 can be a good way of writing.

peterquixote said...

no don't watch the commas dude just make your work free flow people can read

Orion77 said...

When you hit a writing brickwall, come back here and vent your rage on Ratzy!

stuart said...

I am writing this post to all atheists who have a vested interest in debunking the myth of Jesus Christ. I am sorry if it bothers anyone that I am not continue the discussions that are going on your blog. Please contact me at the email address below and I promise I will never post on your blog again.

Here's what's up. A number of fundamentalist Christian blogs have come out swinging against a new book by Stephan Huller called the Real Messiah. The most recent being:


But there are many others. The only allies he seems to have on the web are a bunch of Jewish bloggers who like him because his mother was a Frankist (see wikipedia for more about this sect).

In any event Huller's book presents evidence that a two thousand year old throne in Venice proves that Jesus was not and never claimed to be the messiah.

Huller is going to appear on CNN in two weeks as part of his promotion of the book. As a big fan of his work I wanted to alert my fellow bloggers about this interview and have as many of us who have read the book to direct questions which challenge the existence of God and the whole Christian-fascist paradigm.

If you are interested in getting more information about his appearance please contact me at mastersonstuart@yahoo.com. If you haven't read the book here is a blog posting to familiarize yourself with his basic points when you do the phone in show:


Thanks again


Prozac said...

I find it humorous to watch atheists and religious people attempt to contract one another, honestly. It has to be among the most entertaining things in the world, though I must admit the atheists make a whole lot more sense.

Anonymous said...

Time warp it's 2011, weeeoooowww! The internet wooo.!11

I have to do a stupid assignment by Thursday because my girlfriends flying up from Melbourne on Friday and i want it done by then. But it sucks ass because it's about religion. It's so dumb.

I thinks it's time for some porn then i might get some sleep.

Hello 2013, how was the apocalypse in 2012, oh yeah, oh,...yeah cool...right so his dick just exploded...yeah wow. anyway 2013 g2g, nice seeing you.

I still haven't got my firewire running yet.

also this is weird but i collect rubber bands of newspapers! thats so odd. i just noticed like, a billion in front of me. yeah..

Anonymous said...