Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Family Party finishes a sorry second at N.Z's Political Special Olympics.

It was the narrowest of finishes in the weekends Mount Albert By-Election.

But once the rhetoric had died-down, the people spoke via the ballot box & the numbers were there in black & white, for all to see - if they so cared to.

There could only be one winner in the battle between the forces lined-up on the sides of ‘good’, and those of ‘evil’.

New Zealand’s very-own Political Special Olympics.

The Christian ‘Family Party’, could garnish a paltry 71 votes.

The Aoteoroa Legalise Cannabis Party, managed little better, with 73 votes.

So ‘by a nose’ it was the Dope Smokers over the God Fearers.

Now, if only the motley-crew behind the impotent Family Party, would learn from these continued electoral drubbings - they would not only save themselves more embarrassment, but also stop wasting their time & money, to finish a sorry second to a bunch of giggling pot-heads, who’s major publicity stunt in the by-election, was the televised arrest of their candidate (refer You-Tube video)

The ill-conceived Family Party, remains the political equivalent of a two-headed illegitimate love-child.

The mutated off-spring, resulting from a back-street abortion - gone wrong!

Let’s not forget that even 'the parents' rejected The Family Party at birth.

Why does it take a heathen like me to point-out the bleeding obvious to the zealots remaining to the bitter-end, in the The Family Parties concrete bunker, deep beneath Brian Tamiki's mansion?

Can’t they see for themselves, their invisible magic sky-monkey has long-since forsaken their cause?

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Orion77 said...

Dumb bastards, they should move over here with the rest of you. Steve Fielding, sorry SENATOR Steve Fielding of Family First, a 6 year term on 2% of the vote. Gimme 10 dope-smokers in his place any day.