Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sex Education for 10 Year-Olds is a Good-Thing

It is irrefutable, children are maturing younger than ever.

Coupled with this, today’s children often have access to the internet, social networking-sites, cell-phones etc exposing them to subject-matter & concepts, which were once the preserve of adults only.

Whilst it is fair to say ‘one size does not fit all’, it is also necessary to educate younger and younger children ‘the facts of life’.

The Sexuality Road, is a new resource for teachers of late-primary and intermediate-age children, being launched by Family Planning in New Zealand.

Part of the resource is not just the ‘birds and bees’, but also other relevancies, like protecting yourself from cyber deviates, as opposed to the traditional ones with boiled-lollies.

Teaching Kiwi 10 year olds about sex, has drawn condemnation from the predictable quarters.

Family First and The Catholic Church.

The national-spokesperson for Family First, Bob McCoskrie, is one of only a small minority of New Zealanders, ignorant enough to believe the third planet from the sun is 6,000 years old.

Why the fuck news-agencies would give him and his small group of Biblical literal-translators, any coverage what-so-ever is beyond me?

What credibility does a group which wants the rest of society to believe in unicorns, giants, six-day creation of the planet, 900 year old men etc, when it comes to educating children in the year 2009?

Now to the arch-revisionists, The Catholic Church, and their stand on sex-education.

Has no-one pointed-out the age-of-consent in The Vatican City is just 12 years-old? Therefore to start-with The New Zealand Catholic Church, would be better directing its moral outrage towards head-office in Rome rather than N.Z’s Family Planning Service.

Family Planning, have never attempted to legitimise 12 year-olds having sex – The Pope has!
Kids screwing kids is going-on under The Vaticans own roof!

Reading between the lines, perhaps there is another underlying reason, why The Catholic clergy would be up-set New Zealand children are maturing so quickly, and getting ‘boundaries’ established?

Curse those secular liberals for teaching Catholic children, sucking Father Patrick’s willy, isn’t normal behaviour.

Far better Catholic children are kept ignorant, for as long as possible, and in awe of the superstitious clap-trap, than coming to grips with modern-society & all its foibles.

Faced with a changing-world and social environment, both these ‘flat-earth’ groups show just how ignorant they are as to the realities of growing-up today.

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BathTub said...

I think if the complainers are people like Family First and The Catholic Church then you know you are doing something right.

Never trust an organization with Family in the title.