Monday, June 22, 2009

Christian Only Sporting Clubs in New Zealand create a Sectarian Divide

It’s been a considerable period, since I came to the conclusion Theists were largely from a distant galaxy, and I resided on another planet light-years away (one, that circled a Sun, rather than what The Bible has to say on planetary orbits)

We lived-in the same community but ostensibly lead separate lives, moved-in diametrically opposed social circles.

This vast space that separates our respective thought pattern’s, was best exemplified last week, as I pulled-up at the lights, behind a 4WD vehicle.

The spare-tire cover was sign-written with ‘Christian Surfers’ & a web-site address.

As I continued driving, my powers of lateral thinking engaged, I asked myself “Why would Christians want to separate themselves from the mainstream surfing fraternity?”

“What benefit could there be from Mister & Mrs. Christian, to distinguish themselves as a part of a distinct sub-culture, within a sub-culture?”

“What makes a Christian Surfer, any different from say a Buddhist Surfer or a left-handed surfer?”

“What do Christian Surfers do uniquely in our oceans, than say an agnostic wave-rider?”

I was unable to come to any logical conclusion, apart from one.


Christian Christians not only saw themselves as ‘different’, but more over ‘better’ than their peers.

This wasn’t a bonding exercise of ‘like minded individuals’, this was purely an exercise in aloof, ostentatious-ness using religion as the great justifier.

It was their mission to tell other surfers ‘we are right’ and ‘you are wrong’.

Irrespective of their motives, one wonders where this Kiwi sporting sectarianism will end & what ridiculous lengths will Christians go to, to separate themselves from ‘the great unwashed’ masses, doomed to burn in hells eternal fires?

Will this go from the sublime to the ridiculous, and we’ll end-up in New Zealand with ‘Snowboarders for Christ’?

Actually the answer on this is “yes”, and here happens to be their web-site.

No don’t tell me, there’s also an ‘Athletes for Christ’?

Tick that box as well.

It also looks like Christian Motorcyclists want to shun other bikers as well.

Then of course there’s Christian Football Association, where Christian teams play exclusively Christian teams, in their own little micro-tournament, minus all those evil atheists and followers of other Gods.

You’d like to think FIFA would ban competitions based expressly on ones religious beliefs?

The ‘them & us’ list of separatist sporting associations goes on.

So where will this move by Christians to segregate themselves from mainstream sport end?

Christian Table Tennis Association?

Underwater Hockey Players for Christ?

In any country sport, has unique the potential to unite peoples of different races, social strata & religious beliefs or lack of them.

For example the junior football team I coach, we have Muslims, Buddhists, South Africans, English, Saudi, Thai and even the odd Kiwi to fill the ranks. A true multi-cultural team where everyone is united in a common cause.

Conversely sport also has the potential to divide, and sadly for New Zealand Society, this ‘divisive road’ is the one taken by hard-line Christians in our country.


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Uroskin said...

How many millennia you reckon it took for Christian surfboards to evolve fins for better stability?