Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Celebrities you would most want to see come back from the Dead.

The British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ has surveyed its readership, to ascertain their choices, as to celebrities they’d like to see make it back from the grave.

What a sad bunch, they proved to be, as evidenced by this list:

1.) Jesus Christ
2.) Princess Diana
3.) William Shakespeare.
4.) Albert Einstein.
5.) Marilyn Monroe.
6.) Leonardo da Vinci.
7.) Elvis Presley.
8.) Roald Dahl.
9.) Freddie Mercury.
10.) Martin Luther King

Naturally, believers in Christianity drove Jesus Christ into poll position, which is ironic.

I thought Jesus Christ was already a ‘living’ God??

Whilst his physical manifestation, was not available for mankind to view, he exists non-the-less.

An invisible Jesus was just as potent, as one reading tonight’s television news?

Moving from this quandary, it’s apparent to me, at least, where humanities priorities sadly currently sit, in an age of television and MTV.

Fuck me, a royal play-bunny, slapper extraordinaire, Princess Diana, is ahead of the greatest scientist the world has ever seen?!

And to keep Diana company whilst on the night-club circuit and bonking her way through the echelons of upper class society, she’ll be in good company with Marilyn Monroe.

Still I guess, the editors of women’s magazines will be salivating at the prospect of even a zombie Diana and Marilyn, gracing their pages again.

And why is it we can’t we get by with Elvis impersonators any-more? They are normally way better than, that wallowing whale Presley, was in his later-years.

Freddie fucking Mercury – please, get a life!

So here’s my list of, the 10 to reenact Lazarus, and since it’s my list, it is of course the bench-mark for all other lists to follow.

In no particular order, and strictly off-the-top of my head.

1.) Einstein
2.) Charles Darwin
3.) Issac Newton
4.) Archimedes
5.) Aristotle
6.) William Shakespeare
7.) Beethoven
8.) Da Vinci
9.) Galileo
10.) My Dad and my first dog.

Footnote: If I was being a self-indulgent prick, I would have also included some spots for Frank Zappa, Ian Curtis and selected Ramones.

So use the comments section, to list your own ‘10 Famous Zombies on Tour’.

I’ll let this one go a couple of days, so we can get some consensus, based on intellect & humanitarian reasons, rather than, the number one hits and the size of ones tits.


BathTub said...

It's hard to not just pick a list of great scientists and philosophers who deserve to see what we know now.

Da Vinci
Sagan (just because he's awesome)

Of course there are plenty of artists and such too, it's really hard to narrow to just 10. But I think people who made an attempt to understand the world around them would get the most out of another attempt.

BeamStalk said...

Yeah, that would be tough, but I would have Sagan in there too. I am not picking ten because I know I will leave someone out.

Rufus said...

Larry Brown
Da Vinci
The Real Authors of the Bible

Anonymous said...

I have grouped mine:

1 Darwin (ahead of Einstein cos so many people still dispute Darwin, and he would have loved to find out about genetics)
2 Einstein
3 Galileo- not the best scientist – but he really should get a complimentary trip to the space shuttle
4 Da Vinci(not really a scientist)

5 Mozart (ahead of the others because he died young and was just hitting his straps – Beethoven really composed everything he could)
6 Bach – cos you can’t get enough
7 John Lennon (more for amusement value)

8 Socrates
9 Jefferson
10 Confucius or Gandhi