Thursday, June 25, 2009

The strange case of the naturist Governor from South Carolina and his Argy Tramp

Mark Sanford is the holy-rolling Governor of South Caroline, and a few days ago, he went walkabout without telling anyone close to him, or at least that was the original story.

For those of you unfamiliar with U.S Politics, Clement Mark Sanford is a man who has campaigned on ‘values’ and championed the cause of state-funding of religious education.

A bible-bashing George Bush clone, who looks to the same constituency to remain in power.

The U.S media have been full of the story of the missing Governor.

His dutiful wife (pictured above with her hubby)said she had no idea where he was, even though his disappearance coincided with Father’s Day.

Even his Lieutenant Governor claimed had no idea, and didn’t even know if he was Acting Governor or not!

It was first rumoured Sanford was on some sort of solo tramp in the Appalachians Trail.

This rumour also sparked another, more amusing line of speculation – that he was up in the hills naked, as one of the days he was off in the bush just happened to be ‘National Hike Naked Day’.

But all of this speculation, rumour begetting rumour, turns-out to be a load of crap.

Governor Sanford, was actually down in Argentina bonking some tart.

All of this came out at in a Press Conference, that bordered on the comical as the philandering Sanford rambled on about the laws of God. He said, “the laws of God are not oppressive rules”, but “are always put into place for our own protection”. He also said “that the laws of God were absolutes and that he had been attending Christian bible studies”.

For the benefit of the non-theists not into this laws of God , what Sandford is telling the world is fairly simple:

1.)His wife is frigid and didn’t put out enough

2.)The power of a standing-prick trumps Gods cards every-time.

You, can’t make-up crap like this!

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