Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Join Family Fist Today!

Family Fist, is concerned about the breakdown in community standards in New Zealand, discriminating against anyone who is not heterosexual, married in a church, or enjoys sex.

Unlike our namesakes, Family Fist, is proud to say, we are a Christian organisation, fighting for the principals outlined in The Bible.

We are big-on Slavery and Polygamy.

New Zealand is a country founded on these principals of Christianity, and this heritage is being threatened by liberals, socialists & atheists.

Boy, I’d love to see their faces when they get to hell.

Don’t start us, when it comes-to Muslims, they’ll burn for eternity as well.

New Zealanders need a voice, when it comes, to maintaining ordained Old Testament values, like parents beating children with rods, or what-ever you can lay your hands-on, when you get in a rage with your two year old.

If the thought of two men-kissing or Helen Clark turns-your-guts…..Family Fist is for you!

Join Family Fist today and receive a King James copy of The Bible at no extra cost!

But wait there’s more!

All new members go in a draw for a trip for two to Israel, as part of our ‘End-Times’ Tour!

1 comment:

Kerri Love said...


Did you know that New Zealand is number one on the most peaceful country list :)

You vote all the non peaceful people off the island don't you.

I see how sneaker you Kiwi's are, but at least you didn't send Ray Comfort to Canada ;)