Monday, June 15, 2009

More evidence of a Pedophilia Pandemic

Yet, again we see evidence of just how endemic, sexual abuse is within the Catholic clergy.

We all get to see the global natural, of this pandemic, one which goes untreated, because like a noxious weed – unless you destroy the roots, it will grow back.

In Melbourne last week, ex Catholic Priest, Desmond Gannon (sicko, is pictured above) was jailed for indecent assault, on an 11 year old boy.

This was the fifth time, he has been prosecuted for such abuse.

Like most other cases that find their way to court, Father Gannon refused to admit guilt, and in a galling attempt to avoid justice described the events of his perversion as “giving the boy an anatomy lesson”.

In another indictment of the sordid and callous nature of the moral-pestilence overseen by Rome, Gannon wanted the court to know “I won’t say it was sexual abuse, because at the time I didn’t know what sexual abuse was”.

The judge in the case, damned the serial abuser for his lack of remorse saying “You display a turpitude of character that borders on the scandalous, and is offensive to morality and the law”.

As we see in case after case around the world, it is left to the judiciary and police to act to protect children from serial-pedophiles like Desmond Gannon, whilst the very organisation that spawned and cultivated their deviancy, abdicates responsibility.

Not only did The Catholic Church in Australia, avoid responsibility in this case, they went to great lengths to ensure Father Gannon, kept his vow of silence.

Fearing an admission of guilt and contrition, would result in compensation, Gannon kept his code of silence.

Being a good-Catholic, Father Desmond Gannon wasn’t going to break the Church of Rome’s own ‘omerta’.

The reward for his loyalty, and silence, will be a church-sponsored retirement village.

A long black, window-tinted limo will be there to drive him away from the prison gates.

Catholics by and large, don't see any problem with any of this.

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