Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Frees its last Prisoners

The South Island's only two chimpanzees, will jet off today for their new home in Australia.

But, this is no journey of freedom for Charlie (pictured above, looking a bundle of joy) and Samantha, both imprisoned at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve since 1985.

They are merely swapping the bars and cages of Christchurch, for the bars and cages of Mogo Zoo, in New South Wales.

The arrogant hairless monkeys of Australia, can take their turn demeaning them, athromorphising their characteristics.

Watching them play, eat, fight and fuck.

English-speaking Australian chimps, can continue to employ the wanky names, Charlie and Samantha, their antipodean brothers branded them with.

Not happy with destroying their habitat, slaughtering chimpanzees and great-apes in the wild, the talking bipedal chimps see it as their right to enslave their closest relatives as well.

Charles and Samantha, may well possess the same IQ as a 3 to 4 year old human-chimp, but none of their rights.

Why not be done with completing the dissent of man, by stripping naked some individuals with downs- syndrome, and placing them in a zoo, for our titillation?

Let’s have some Alzheimer’s sufferers as the front-people, on adverts for breakfast-tea.

But until chimpanzees get these things called souls, like their fellow hominidae, who just happen to make the rules on the planet - the hairy chimps are doomed to be treated like shit.

After-all it’s our God-given right.

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