Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Atheist Countries Top Global Peace Index – New Zealand Comes # 1

The Global Peace Index annually rates countries against a set of criteria, including commitment to UN peace keeping, crime levels, political stability, and respect for human rights etc.

Their latest Global Peace Rankings are out, and yet again provide damning evidence, that it’s the Atheistic/Secular countries, we have most to admire.

Conversely, it’s the God-Fearing nations that are the most warlike, cared less for human-rights etc, and came-out bottom of the table.

Here, you have a look.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty typical, I read somewhere that the "Blue" states in America, where people value things like Universities, higher learning etc, the crime rates, divorce rates, standard of living, are higher than the "Red" states, with widespread fundamentalism. Read this well researched comment in one of Sam Harris' books

Glenn said...

Hey Paul, how come the predominantly Christian countries, as well as those that have strong Christian histories, seemed to be int he top half here? Not that it proves much, but thanks for highlighting it. Kudos!

Also, I thought I'd return the link favour:

Se especially this comment:

Gotta love those numbers huh?