Monday, June 1, 2009

A Prophecy Each Day, Keeps the Straight-Jacket Away

With the advancement of ready to use web-building tools and off the shelf templates, it’s now a doddle for the masses, untrained in the complexities of html, to knock-up a fairly presentable web site.

Many of the early attempts at ‘do it yourself’ site building have also been long since deleted, and the makers of honest, but primitive attempts, left as amusing memories & anecdotes.

It’s very rare these days therefore to come across a crappy site, one so that’s so awful - it’s good.

Fittingly let’s list the attributes of a web-site I’m referring to.

The sites only a mother could love.

- Articles that make visitors question the sanity of the site creator
- A miss-match of random articles, cut & pasted on every page
- A site that is impossible to navigate
- Corny & often blurry photos

The New Zealand site, Prophecy of The Day, is therefore a ghastly gem to behold, seemingly a survivor from a more primitive time.

The internet equivalent of a pair of genuine bell-bottoms (worn by a follower of Charles Manson)
The site is big on quotes, some biblical in origin, the one that greeted me was: ‘Many experience being sucked-in by men of god, then hooked on sowing a seed’. Yes, it does require more than one take, and even then it’s hard to fathom exactly what David Taylor, the sites creator, is on about here (there, and everywhere-else for that matter)

That’s until you read his introduction, which kind of makes sense, in a Donnie Darko sort of fashion.

For your reading pleasure the introduction……

“In January 2003 I began preaching at the entrance to a shopping mall in Levin, New Zealand. Toward the end of the year I felt spiritually exercised to write prophecies. Each morning I would write a prophecy which I would read out in Levin. Sometimes I would have up to three to read during one preaching session as time and opportunity prevented me traveling the 52 km return journey every day to the shopping mall. After 93 or 94 had been written the inspiration began to wane and so after 100 had been completed I stopped writing. But I continued to preach and read an occasional prophecy. In all 100 were written and it is mostly these that are placed on the website. Some of the prophecies are new. That is they were written as I felt so directed. Each prophecy is sited at the end of each article. Some articles may have more than one prophecy included”

May be this statement is referring to this unfocused and somewhat provocative photo I saw on the home page?

‘Free speech let the eagles screech’ is another of the bemusing little ditties that appear on every page.

It’s also clear this site serves to release some of the frustrations Mr Taylor is having with staff at Work & Income (New Zealand’s equivalent of Social Welfare)

In the most un-christian tones he get’s stuck-into the department.

“I'll cancel this wanker's disability allowances and supplements without a change of circumstances”.

And it appears Mr David Taylor’s malicious treatment at the hands of welfare agencies is not just confined to Work & Income.

“The Ministry of Social Development seems never to run out of ways to bring frustration, paucity, and unhappiness to chronically ill individual's who through no fault of their own are disabled. As a result they are further disadvantaged in this high powered society in which it's politicians are concerned primarily with ensuring big business prospers, and at the same time employs devious means to deny its sick and disabled citizens their legislative entitlements

This conspiracy, or what Mr Taylor calls ‘tricky-dickey stuff’, continues, verbatim.

Then there are the thinly guised threats ,to said welfare staff.

"Micheal the Archangel is watching the mob".

Sleepless nights ahead, for some cowing public-servants, one thinks, awaiting the lords hit-man with wings.

And what about the connection between poverty, witchcraft, and the rapid growth of churches preaching an alluring mixture of Christianity and traditional African beliefs in Angola?

I mean who hasn’t asked themselves about the link between exorcisms and the warring factions in Angola. Just last night it was the lead story on BBC.

Yes, this site is a true treasure trove of the bizarre, but don’t let me spoil all the fun.

As you trawl-about, try counting the times, the words deceive(d) are employed.

Here you have a look.

Prophecy of the Day.

PS: David Taylor, mentions somewhere, his wife Sherlyl ,suffers ‘resinual schizophrenia’. What he meant to say was ‘residual schizophrenia’ – which is when an individual loses the will to live. Hmm, I wonder what could have brought those symptoms, on?


Orion77 said...

That really hurt to look at and partly read. "He's fucking nuts!"

Positive Atheist said...

Wow, that is fanstically gaudy and awful!
My favourite part was the article on greedy televangelists where is states: "Another flies around in a gold-plated jet."

I'm not sure the FAA would condone an aeroplane coated in one of the most dense and heavy metals known to man!!!

Anonymous said...

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