Monday, June 1, 2009

Christchurch Skeptics in a Pub (their natural habitat)

What could be better, eh?

Un-superstitious Cantabrians mixing beer, with intellectual debate.

What do you mean -beer, intellectual debate, and the chicks in the poster, would be better?

As well as the reformed original line-up of Ultravox, playing a 2 hour impromptu concert in the same pub?

Christopher Hitchens, pops-in for a quiet-one?

Alright then, you got me.

This is up there, though.

The inaugural meeting of Christchurch Skeptics in a Pub, is a little over a week away.

Date: Monday 6th June

Venue: The Twisted Hop in Polar Lane

Kick-Off Time: 6 O’Clock

All the other gossip, on this fledgling group, can be found HERE, at their meet-up site.

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