Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Tamaki’s ‘spiritual’ father turns out to be a raving-homo!

The fallout-out (or would “blow-out” be a more appropriate term of phrase given the subject matter?) from Bishop Eddie Long rent-a-choir-boy affair has reached New Zealand.

And the stains (of the type not even modern washing-powers will remove) have reached the crocodile shoes of our own self-proclaimed bishop, Brian Tamaki.

Bishop Long, or as his rent-a-choir-boys got to call him ‘Big Ed’, journeyed down-under in 2003 after the year prior Tamaki had made it to Atlanta for some well-earned R&R.

2003 was a spiritual journey at the behest of Tamaki who runs New Zealand’s version of a mega-church, Destiny. Rather than being a double-meat wopper burger like say Longs ‘Birth Ministry’ Destiny would be better termed as one of those crappy small cheese-burgers McDonalds have. Soggy in the middle and with a tacky outer wrapping.

This trip and the ‘connection’ (not in a biblical sense one presumes?) Tamaki had with Long is out-lined in his autobiography. I think it’s in the section just after he admits fathering children out of wedlock?

In the chapter rather appropriately titled, given what now we know happens behind the scenes at The Birth Ministry, “Spiritual Father – a long time coming” Tamaki waxes lyrical over Long and his set-up. In case you get confused that’s the set-up of Longs organisation rather than the ‘set-up’ where he befriends teen boys, lavishes them with gifts and attention – then sodomises them.

"The instant that Bishop Long walked into the room our spirits connected without having said a word”

In the most Freudian of statements possible, Tamaki goes-on to say in his bio:

"I was a little taken aback by his embracing nature and the manner with which he greeted each and every one of us as if we were long lost brothers."

"I was impressed, yet the ease of our connection and the confirmation of a date was entirely in line with Kingdom principle - when God speaks, do it,"

Clearly when Longs felt the urge for “a connection” he didn’t have to look far to “do it.”

Tamaki is apparently going to issue a statement today about ‘Big Ed’ Long in which no doubt he’ll say he’s praying for him and to return the christening gifts.

I’ll be sure to do a follow-up on this.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Hey, dude, let's git past alla the hypocritical BS on religion, and focus on how long our weee existence is. 88ish years?? Q: What the #@!! happens after that if our souls are indelible which they are? A: We rise to face our General Judgment by Jesus --- I was called by God to make NINE, avant-garde-efficacious blogs BECAUSE of the experiences I've had in my sinFULL life. All I want you to do is read through'm. God bless.