Monday, September 6, 2010

When did The MythBusters and Disney-Channel become the same-thing?

MythBusters is an immensely popular programme in my household, amongst its joker (translation: male) population.

Where was way cool TV like this in my youth, eh?

But as I watched last nights episode I came to the realisation that despite its best intentions and topical ‘skeptical’ format - MythBusters is very much tabloid fodder – interesting, but strictly throw-away.

My balloon-burst when I came to the conclusion MythBusters never gets its teeth into the ‘good meaty stuff.’

There has been, and never will-be, episodes on homeopathy, chiropractors, The Mystical Order of Rosicrucian etc.

They will never explore the efficacy of say Vitamin C or St Johns Wart etc.

What about tackling the mammoth sized ‘myths’ that are passed-off by large sections of society as fact – like say Jesus’s resurrection and Muhammad's ascendancy to heaven?

If it is good enough to examine and dissemble elaborate You-Tube hoaxes, why not place the ‘blow-torch’ on a weird cult or say the ramblings of L. Ron Hubbard?
Absolute crap like this video from 'Indian Guru' Sri Chinmoy:

So a message to Adam and Jamie and those behind the programme: stop picking the comfortable middle-road and do some gutsy cutting-edge content or face losing your audience who grow-bored with the same PG content directed more at kids than adults.

Also last but not least, have a word to the crew in the wardrobe department and make sure that spunk Kari wears a lot more skimpy stuff in future. Pervs like me want more camera-shots of her like these:

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